The Most Famous NBA Power Couples in 2022


Power Couples

Hollywood is filled with famous couples that are often the talk of the town. Ultimately, it’s impossible to not love couples like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds or Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Unfortunately, NBA power couples rarely get the recognition they deserve. In order to identify the NBA couples flourishing in both on- and off-court situations, we’ve compiled a list of the best couples.

Joel Embiid and Ana de Paula


The 76ers’ center has developed into a dependable all-star. Embiid will need to maintain his condition, something that has escaped him throughout his career if he is to ascend to the top of the Eastern Conference ladder.

Embiid’s romance with Brazilian model Anne de Paula is one romance that is progressing smoothly. The two appear to have traversed the globe together based on Embiid’s Instagram. Before they started dating formally, Embiid acknowledged in an article that he had conducted a “background check” on de Paula. Better safe than sorry!

Trae Young and Shelby Miller

Instagram : @shelby_danae

Trae Young expects to continue terrorizing the postseason for coming years after (nearly) single-handedly dragging the Hawks into the playoffs a couple seasons ago. Hell, he already knows how to rile up Knicks supporters.

Whether he’s on the court or off, Young never misses his shot, and he landed it on cheerleader Shelby Miller. Since Trae was a player at Oklahoma, the two have been together. While the playoffs are in full swing, she will certainly travel to see her partner when she can.

Kyrie Irving and Marlene Wilkerson


One of the most elusive and underestimated players in the NBA now is Kyrie Irving. Truthfully, it has been like that for some time. Irving is definitely a valuable player for the Nets.

Irving and Marlene Wilkerson have been engaged for more than a year. She describes herself as a YouTuber and Instagram model. Nobody has mentioned what she believes the shape of the Earth is.

Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner

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Booker had a significant role in the Suns’ thrilling success in recent years. Booker has turned the Suns into one of the league’s top teams with a little assistance from Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton.

It doesn’t happen frequently, but Devin Booker is with someone who is significantly more famous than he is, Kendall Jenner.  While Booker has established himself, Jenner has been well-known since she was a young adult. Initially, as a part of the Kardashian family, she is now one of the most well-known models in the entire globe.

Jaylen Brown and Jacqueline Hawileh

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After being selected third overall in the 2016 draft, Jaylen Brown is now starting to live up to the fanfare surrounding him.

Jaylen Brown has been linked to the stunning Jacqueline Hawileh for more than a year.  Ms. Hawileh is a past “Wild N’ Out” girl, but that is about all that is revealed about her.

Al Horford and Amelia Vega


There is no better option than Al Horford if you need a dependable experienced leader in your locker room who can still perform when necessary on the court. He will represent the Thunder in Oklahoma City this season, providing those seasoned key attributes with him.

Al Horford and Amelia Vega got married on Christmas Eve in 2011, and in February of 2015, they had their son Ean. Vega’s best known work is her 2003 Miss Universe victory. She was the youngest winner since 1994 and the very first Dominican woman ever to take home the honor.

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Mariah Riddlesprigger

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Another spectacular year for the Greek Freak is underway. The Bucks won a championship last season under the leadership of the two-time league MVP, who is eager to win another. Giannis has the assurance to carry the Bucks to another championship, so Milwaukee’s previous postseason failures are firmly in the past.

The relationship between Giannis and Mariah Riddlesprigger, who have been together for approximately 4 years, has recently progressed significantly. The couple made the news of their son’s birth public last winter. Undoubtedly a “Junior Freak.”

Ja Morant and Kadre Dixon


With his smooth passing and powerful drives to the basket, Ja Morant has enlivened the NBA in his brief time there. While smack-talking some of the greatest players the game have to offer, he led Memphis to the playoffs last year and is primed to do it again this year.

Due to the arrival of his first child in August with girlfriend KK Dixon, Morant had more than enough “father duty” to make up for during lockdown. The two are constantly featured on each other’s Instagram pages and have been dating since 2018, when Morant was still a student at Murray State.

Luka Doncic and Anamaria Goltes


The Slovenian appears to be a future MVP after being named an all-star in back-to-back seasons. In his debut season, Doncic completely dominated the league, and he hasn’t stagnated since. The Mavs are in a solid position to return to the playoffs, where he scored over 35 points per game the previous season, which is more significant.

Since 2016, Doncic has been seeing Slovenian lingerie model Anamaria Goltes, and there are reports that the two may soon get married. Doncic and Goltes have known one another since they were young, despite the connection only beginning recently.

Zach LaVine and Hunter Mar


Zach LaVine, who was notably left off the 2019–2020 All-Star team, is scoring 25.3 PPG, 4.8 RPG, and 4.1 APG through the first half of the season. He has won the Slam Dunk Contest twice.

This season, this NBA power couple will watch the festivities from their couch, but it shouldn’t have an impact on their bond. Despite attending different high schools, the two were sweethearts throughout high school. Mar participated in athletics as well; she played soccer for Seattle University.

James Harden and Olla Naber

AFP | Getty Images | Instagram

Even with only one ball available in Philadelphia, “The Beard” has continued to put on outstanding performances. Even with Joel Embiid leading the charge, the former MVP and league scoring champion is still scoring more than 22 points a game. As he tries to complete his trophy collection with an elusive NBA championship, keep an eye out for a stellar performance from him in the final stretch.

Harden has been linked to multiple celebrities throughout the years, including, singer Ashanti and person Khloe Kardashian. Lately, he has been seen with Instagram model Olla Naber who goes by _arabmoneyy on the app. She has over 58 million followers on Instagram, which is about as many shots as Harden will be taking once the league resumes play.

Ben Simmons and Maya Jama

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Ben Simmons can do everything on a basketball court except shoot. That’s an old joke at the star’s expense, but if he wants them to stop, he needs to hit a jumper. He also needs to get on the court, which is something he hasn’t done all season. Maybe things will change in Brooklyn.

Off the court, Maya Jama is the woman in his life. Like most beautiful women these days, Jama can best be described as an Instagram model. Despite the pandemic, Rae has flown cross-country from her home in Cali to see her man in Brooklyn.

Jrue Holiday and Lauren Cheney


A beloved member of the New Orleans community, everyone from the Pelicans organization and their fans sent their very best of wishes to Lauren Cheney, the wife of point guard Jrue Holiday.

Cheney is a former star midfielder on the U.S women’s soccer team Holiday in the stands of a UCLA women’s basketball game. Cheney was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2017, but thanks to the support of everyone in the Bayou, she appears to have fully recovered.

Nikola Jokic and Natalija Macesic


“The Joker” is putting up monster numbers again this season as the Nuggets look to keep building on their recent success. No one knows what the rest of the season will bring, but Jokic gives the Nuggets a fighting chance to get to the playoffs and make some noise.

Jokic and his girlfriend Natalija Macesic have been together since both were 16 years old growing up in Serbia. The young love was real, and Macesic followed Jokic to America when he entered the league.

Jayson Tatum and Ella Mai

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Jayson Tatum is having a tremendous year as he assumes the mantle of “Boston’s next star player.” The all-star forward is the leading scorer in a talented Celtics lineup and has been rewarded for his performances. But will it be enough to get the Celtics to the playoffs this year?

Tatum has had some very public issues in his dating life. He was lit up on social media by his former girlfriend, a Duke volleyball player, when he left her for his baby mama. In 2019, he moved on from the mother of his child in favor of singer Ella Mai (yes, the one that sings “Boo’d Up!”). Let’s hope he can find some stability with Mai.

Donovan Mitchell and Deja Lighty


The 2018 Slam Dunk Contest champion, Mitchell, is averaging big numbers again for the Utah Jazz. He remains one of the most lethal scorers in the NBA right now. The Jazz is once again among the best teams in the Western Conference, although getting to the NBA Finals won’t be easy.

Mitchell is dating Deja Lighty, who is an account executive for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This means that if Lighty attends a playoff game, she’ll be the only Cavalier to appear in the postseason. Just kidding, Cavs fans. The pair have been doing the long-distance thing for a while, as Salt Lake City and Cleveland are a few time zones away.

Chris Paul and Jada Paul

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Chris Paul isn’t the player he used to be. However, he’s averaging a double-double with over 10 assists per game this season with Devin Book by his side. He’s helped to make an upstart Suns team a championship contender yet again.

Chris Paul and Jada Paul make up one of the most fashionable sports celebrity couples. The couple is so fashion-savvy that Jada gives away prom dresses each year in Winston Salem, North Carolina, through the couple’s charity. The prom dress, shoe, and purse giveaway is just another way the couple gives back to the community they grew up in.

Blake Griffin and Francesca Aiello


These days, Blake Griffin is trying to extend his NBA career in Brooklyn. After a few injury-plagued seasons, Griffin appeared to be getting things back on track. He’s become mostly a member of Brooklyn’s supporting cast but could still help the Nets compete for a championship.

One person who will be hoping it’s not the beginning of the end is his girlfriend, Francesca Aiello. The Southern California native is probably more thrilled with Blake’s move out of Detroit and into Brooklyn than he is. She owns her own line of swimwear called Frankie’s.

Kevin Durant and Monica Wright

WNBA: Getty Images

Kevin Durant is healthy and killing it in Brooklyn. The most hated man in the NBA had yet another dominant season in the regular season. He’s the biggest star on a team full of stars, helping turn Brooklyn into one of the teams to watch closely in the Eastern Conference.

No, Kevin Durant is not in love with his burner accounts. Well, he is, but he’s also in love with a woman. Monica Wright is the lucky lady, a former WNBA player with the Minnesota Lynx and Seattle Storm. These days Wright is on the staff at the University of Virginia.

Jamal Murray and Harper Hempel


Just when Murray was starting to figure out the league, he went down with a torn ACL last April. However, the Nuggets have survived without him, so Murray could provide Denver with a big boost if he can come back healthy later in the season after averaging over 21 points per game last season before getting hurt.

Harper Hempel was a dual-threat student-athlete at the University of Kentucky, where she undoubtedly met future NBA Draft Lottery selection Jamal Murray. She was an integral member of the Wildcats’ women’s volleyball team and started a self-run photography business even before arriving in school in Lexington.

Jimmy Butler and a Mystery Woman

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The hardest-working player in the NBA made his 5th All-Star Game last year and is leading the Heat in scoring this year, averaging more than 23 points per game. Butler also has Miami within striking distance of the top teams in the Eastern Conference.

Jimmy Butler has dated numerous women during his time in the NBA. Some of their names we know, but we know all of those relationships are over. However, early in the current NBA season, Butler missed a couple of Heat games due to the birth of a child. Who is the mother, you ask? No one knows.

Kyle Lowry and Ayahna Lowry


Kyle Lowry adjusted quickly to life without Kawhi Leonard last season, and has continued to cement his legacy as one of the greatest Raptors in the club’s history. The Raptors guard is a hero in Toronto and one of their all-time greatest players. How far can he take the Raptors in the bubble?

But Lowry isn’t the only baller in his family. His wife, Ayahna, played basketball in college at St. Joe’s and was named their Best Offensive Player for two straight seasons. These days she is Lowry’s biggest cheerleader, she’ll be a big loss in the bubble.

Khris Middleton and Samantha


Khris Middleton is a two-time All-Star and an unsung hero when the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA title last year. While his Greek teammate gets all the headlines, Middleton is no scrub. He averaged over 23 points during the playoffs last year and is giving the Bucks more than 18 points per game this season.

Middleton is dating a woman named Samantha, and despite knowing that she is a first-grade teacher we don’t know what her last name is. The couple did welcome their first child, a girl, during the 2019 NBA Playoffs.

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry


Ayesha isn’t nearly as famous as her husband Stephen Curry, but she’s had a few ventures into show business herself. Mrs. Curry has recently spent time trying to parlay her show business fame into trying to land a television show for the couple’s famous daughter, Riley.

After attending a performing arts high school, Ayesha appeared in several independent films and modeled as well. She met her future husband at a youth church group when they were teenagers, and the couple married while they were in college. She now has her own cooking show called “Cooking with the Curry’s.”

Mike Conley Jr. and Mary Peluso

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Mike Conley is one of the good guys of the NBA. He quietly goes about his business playing good basketball in markets where people don’t pay too much attention. That’s why it was such a big deal that Conley finally got the call to the All-Star Game in 2021. He remains Utah’s starting point guard, but can he help the Jazz achieve playoff glory this year?

Sweethearts since the days the two of them called themselves “Buckeyes,” Mike Conley Jr. and Mary Peluso were married in 2014, and welcomed their son named Myles Alex in 2016. Conley’s wife maintains an active Instagram account with over 25k followers, largely devoted to fitness and her family life.

Draymond Green and Hazel Renee


The NBA player popped the question to the Basketball Wives star with a $300,000, 6-carat diamond ring in January 2019. The CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills, where he bought the ring, told TMZ that Draymond was “very involved in the design process.” Reportedly, the proposal also included a helicopter and a yacht.

Draymond Green seems to be the lucky one in this relationship, but he’s found his own success as a Golden State Warriors power forward. In fact, he’s qualified as a 3x NBA Champion and an NBA All-Star three times each, on top of winning the title for NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 2017. The Michigan-born athlete is routinely considered one of the emerging most versatile players in the NBA

DeAndre Ayton and Anissa Evans


The Phoenix Suns are out to win a title after falling short in the NBA Finals last year. If that happens, former number 1 overall pick, DeAndre Ayton, will be a big part of it. While the jury is still out on whether he’s lived up to the hype of his lofty draft position, Ayton is averaging a double-double once again, serving as a nice complement for a dynamic Phoenix backcourt.

Ayton’s girlfriend, Anissa Evans, hails from the same place as he does. That’s right, like the big man, Anissa Evans is a native of the Bahamas. Not a ton is known about Miss Evans, but we do know she is currently a student at Queen’s College in Nassau, Bahamas.

Charles Barkley and Maureen Blumhardt


Nowadays, when Barkley isn’t working as a TV analyst, he’s a family man. He and his wife Maureen Blumhardt have been married since 1989 when Barkley was still playing with the 76ers. Blumhardt attended college in Philadelphia at Villanova and the two met in the City of Brotherly Love.

While she’s had several jobs in her life, Blumhardt has long been a philanthropist and activist, spending much of her life advocating for women’s rights. Together, the couple raised a daughter named Christiana, who was born in 1989, just 10 months after Barkley and Blumhardt married.

Shaquille O’Neal Couple and Annie Ilonzeh

Shutterstock | Instagram @annieilonzeh

Unfortunately, Shaq hasn’t had much luck in long-term relationships. He was married to Shaunie Nelson, an executive producer of reality shows like Basketball Wives LA and Baller Wives, for seven years. The two had four kids together and each had a child in a previous relationship.

The couple married in 2002 but filed for divorce in 2009. Since then, Shaq has had multiple girlfriends, including reality TV star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, model Laticia Rolle, and author Karrine Steffans. The Diesel has been linked to other women over the years but has repeatedly been dating actress Annie Ilonzeh since 2019.