The Most Expensive and Ridiculous Celebrity Purchases That Will Make You Say, Really??

Celebrities make the big bucks but does more money lead to better spending habits? Mmm, we think not. Hollywood’s elite has proven notorious for making insane celebrity purchases. We’ve seen them drop A LOT of cash on multiple occasions. These include expensive engagement rings, multiple mansions and solid, high-end wardrobes — but that’s not the fun stuff. Sure, the amount of money spent on these items can well surpass an average Joe’s yearly salary but sometimes it’s the wackiness of the purchase that makes us say, what?

We’re talking about outrageous, nonsensical, big buys. You know, the kind your parents warned you against when you got your first credit card.

Here are the top expensive and ridiculous celebrity purchases that will make you want to type SMH (this list will also make you feel a lot more responsible, too).

29.) As a Child, Daniel Radcliffe Purchased a $17,000 Mattress


At first glance $17,000 is still within the realm of reasonable spending money (the average car and wedding cost is about $30k). But really, it’s not reasonable. Let’s put it in perspective.

At the time, Radcliffe was legally a child. Also, $17,000 is about (or more than) what most of us spend on rent a year. Still, think Radcliffe’s buy isn’t that bad? Just imagine your annoying 16-year-old cousin spending this amount for a place to lay their head at night. Yikes.

To the Harry Potter star’s defense, this was no ordinary bed. It was a custom-made Savoir mattress from Savoir Beds. We’re still not sure how customization adds up to that price tag but okay, Harry.

28.) Johnny Depp Has a MONTHLY Wine Budget of $30,000

celebrity purchases Johnny Depp

Kento Nara/Perez Hilton

This one should come as no surprise, at least not the wine part. Die-hard fans are well aware Depp has a “Wino Forever” tattoo on his arm. They also know it covers the original “Winona Forever” (talk about bad choices, right?).

This information comes from court documents obtained during Depp’s lawsuit against his former business managers. He accused them of gross misconduct, stating they mishandled his money. They said Depp blew it after several warnings. All we know for sure is that his role as Captain Jack Sparrow makes all the more sense now … and he blows a lot of money on wine.

Depp has been known to ship wine internationally to movie sets and his former home had a Pirates of the Caribbean themed wine cave with skulls, candles and brightly colored fabric.

27.) Victoria Beckham Spent $33,490 on an iPhone Because It Was Gold Plated

celebrity purchases Victoria Beckham

We’re talking about Posh Spice here, the Spice Girl who loves high-end, hella-expensive items. Nonetheless, the majority of us common folk think upgrading to the latest iPhone is expensive enough, let alone adding gold to it.

Welp. Let’s hope Beckham insured both phone and gold plate.

26.) Lady Gaga Bought a Ghost-Detection Machine for $50,000

celebrity purchases Lady Gaga

Niki Nikolova/

Once again, are we really shocked by the this? This is Lady Gaga, a pop star known to push against norms after all, and this is definitely not the usual buy.

The $50,000 device measures electromagnetic fields to detect ghosts. Lady Gaga has talked openly about her ghost infestations. In one such occasion, she told the media that Ryan, a detected ghost, followed her while on tour. Apparently, that was too much for the eccentric singer because she had a seance performed to get rid of Ryan the not-so-friendly ghost.

Hey, at least she’s getting her money’s worth!

25.) Kendall Jenner Decorates with a $52,000 Blue Blob Couch

celebrity purchases Kendall Jenner

Lola032016/Wikimedia and Edra

Decorating usually comes with a price tag — but our price tags usually have a Target logo on them. This $50k+ couch from Edra is a wee-bit out of most twenty-something-year-olds’ budgets.

Kendall Jenner must have thought there was something special in this odd contraption. We’re feeling more Devil’s Snare vibes from the first Harry Potter (you know, the vines with the magical ability to strangle anything they touch).

The model stated on her blog: “[It’s] all woven and a really groovy navy with purple shimmer. It works perfectly in the space!”

As long as you like it, Kendall …

24.) Paris Hilton Paid $325,000 for a Doghouse Modeled After Her Own

Paris Hilton Dog House

Since her height of fame, American reality TV star and heiress of the Hilton Hotel fortune, has shown her love of all things furry. Her first dog, Tinkerbell, was always on Hilton’s arm — more famous that 99.9% of the world.

Hilton has a dedicated Instagram page for her pets. The “Hilton Pets” page showcases the pups adorable but costly “Doggy Mansion”. Hilton told Twitter: “My dogs live in this two-story doggy mansion that has air conditioning, heating, designer furniture, and a chandelier.”

Having 6 dogs, you need this extra space right? Wowza. Those dogs are living the good life!

23.) Beyoncé Bought $312,000 Diamond-Encrusted Heels (and $100,000 Leggings)

celebrity purchases Beyonce

Sasha Fierce is a woman who knows what she wants. And she goes out and gets it.

Like in 2015 when Beyoncé wanted to dazzle in her latest music video. She took no precautions and bought $311k diamond-encrusted stilettos. *Dazzled.*

The stilettos were part of the very bougie House of Borgezie’s Princess Constellation collection (that sounds bougie, indeed). The heels had over 1,300 diamonds encrusted AND a 1,000-year warranty.

But this wasn’t the only time Queen B was willing to drop big bills for fashion. In 2007, she decided to upgrade her BET Awards leggings — this time with gold. The Balenciaga leggings cost her $100,000.

We’ll let ya upgrade us, too, Yoncé!

22.) Brad Pitt Spent $960,000 on a Painting By German Artist Neo Rauch

celebrity purchases Brad Pitt

Stefan Bohrer

Brad Pitt is a classy, artful man. At least his well-known art collection tells us to come to that conclusion.

In 2009, Pitt visited Switzerland’s Art Basel, an art fair that presents leading modern and contemporary art. Turned out his love for art was priceless. Well, almost. Apparently, his limit was $960,000 — the small price tag for the Neo Rauch (a famous German artist) painting Etappe. The David Zwirner Gallery called the painting of a race car “enigmatic and dreamlike.”

We think spending almost a million on anything is surreal indeed.

21.) Nicolas Cage Spent $1 Million on a Comic Book Collection

celebrity purchases Nic Cage

Nicolas Cage is a collector of many things. Awards, cars, a stolen dinosaur head that could’ve made the list (Cage did have to return it) and comic books. The actor has been a fan of superheroes since childhood. It influenced him so much he decided to change his name to Nic Cage (originally Coppola) after Marvel’s Luke Cage when he first started in Hollywood. Woah. And he named his son after Superman’s original homeland.

It’s safe to say Cage is a fan boy, for sure. That’s why we’re not really shocked to hear of his $1 million geeky collection. Unfortunately for him, a few of his most valuable comics were stolen, like the very first ever Superman comic that was worth $1 million alone. This seemed to deflate him and in 2001 he auctioned off his collection for a hefty sum — $1.6 million to be exact.

At least this expensive celebrity purchase turned out to be profitable. Good for you, Nic!

20.) Magic Johnson proudly owns 30 Burger King franchises

celebrity purchases magic johnson

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Like many others, Magic Johnson decided he wanted to be much more than an extremely successful athlete. Instead of tying his fame to a healthy image, he decided to expand his fame his own way by going into Burger King Franchising in 2004. When this wasn’t enough for him he also built and sold 105 Starbucks franchises.

While he easily sold off the many Starbucks, he still holds onto those profitable Burger Kings.

19.) Katy Perry tried to ship off Russell Brand with a $200,000 ticket to space

celebrity purchases katy perry russell brand

Michael Buckner/WireImage

While many dreams of going to space Katy Perry decided to be the best wife ever and buy her then-husband, Russell Brand, a $200,000 ticket to space aboard Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

All signs now point to the idea that it may have been a one way ticket as they are now divorced and would probably enjoy seeing him floating through space.

18.) Celine Dion brought water to the desert with a $2 million humidifier

celebrity purchases celine dion

Eric Jamison / Invision / Associated Press

It appears that Celine Dion really hates humidity. So much so that she had a $2 million humidifier installed during her three-year stint at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

When asked, she claimed that it was to “preserve her singing voice in the harsh desert climate.”

17.) Kelly Rowland helped Blue Ivy bathe in crystals with a $5,200 tub

celebrity purchases blue ivy


Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s new baby Blue Ivy was living the high life before she was even born when Kelly Rowland brought a Swarovski-crystal-studded baby bathtub to the baby shower.

Her parents continued the lavish lifestyle when they dressed her in a $11,000 gown for the MTV VMAs.

16.) How do you improve a $100 million jet? Add a golden bathroom

celebrity purchases donald trump

Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images; right, by Christina Horsten/AP Images

After buying a $100 million from Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen, Donald Trump decided to give it his own flair.

He did this by adding a gold-plated sink and other golden features to his now famous flying Throne Room.

15.) Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Bought a Candy-Filled Room for Their Kids

mariah carey nick cannon

Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

When this couple was still together, they decided to spoil their kids!

They knew exactly what their kids wanted and filled their room up with candy. What great parents.

14.) George Lucas Bought Firefighters

george lucas

AP Photo/Eric Risberg

The Star Wars creator paid $100 million for the Skywalker Ranch in California. To protect his prize, he pays 12 full-time firefighters plus a few volunteers.

He must really love this piece of property.

13.) Bono Bought a Plane Ticket For His Hat

bono hat

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

When the singer was flying to Italy for a charity concert in 2003, he forgot his favorite hat. He decided he needed to ASAP so he bought a plane ticket for it, plus cab rides, insurance, and tips.

The ticket is said to be over $1,500.

12.) Oprah Bought a Bathtub Carved Into the Shape of Her Body

oprah on red carpet

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

One of Oprah’s favorite things is to take a bath. She loves it so much, that she decided to purchase a hand-carved tub made out of marble and onyx.

It can only fit a few people!

11.) Ashton Kutcher Bought a $200,000 Ticket to Space

ashton kutcher

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

The actor purchased a ticket from Richard Branson’s spaceship company, Virgin Galactic.

In 2012, he was the 500th passenger to purchase this.

10.) Justin Bieber Wanted a $5,000 Gold Grill

justin bieber

Jack Fordyce / Shutterstock

Buying grills in Hollywood is not new. But the amount that Justin Bieber paid for these grills to put on a Halloween costume is ridiculous.

This means he only wore it once.

9.) Miley Cyrus Wore $24,000 Hair Extensions

miley cyrus

Press Line Photos/Shutterstock

When the singer was 17, she was always wearing hair extensions. Fans were so happy when she finally took out her extensions.

Little did they know that the hair extensions were going to come back in full force. Cyrus spent $24,000 in Italy on fake hair.

8.) Rachel Hunter spoiled her dogs with a $30,000 dog house

rachel hunter

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

This supermodel wanted her dogs to live the best life. Most people would go to a regular pet store to get their furry friend a house.

Hunter decided to hire a company and have them build a doggie mansion.

7.) Jay-Z got a $55 million racehorse


Debby Wong / Shutterstock

In 2014, Jay-Z purchased the racehorse California Chrome, a Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner.

It’s definitely a totally different venture for the rapper who has dipped into sports but never on this level.

6.) Kesha Spend a Few Thousand Dollars a Month on Glitter


Jamie Lamor Thompson / Shutterstock

Kesha said in an interview that she was spending thousands of dollars a month on glitter. A small vial of glitter is usually $1. This singer was using glitter at most live shows.

She even put it on her body!

5.) Holly Madison Insured Her Boobs For $1 million

holly madison


The former Playboy playmate has to make sure her boobs are insured since it is her job to show them off.

Madison took a policy out to ensure that she is covered no matter what happens to her body.

4.) Kim and Kanye Have $750,000 Gold-Plated Toilets

kim and kanye

JStone / Shutterstock

Similar to Trump, Kim and Kanye get to go to the bathroom in style! When the couple purchased their mansion, they wanted gold toilets!

They spent close to a million dollars to put this in their bathroom.

3.) Rihanna Spends Over $1 Million A Year On Her Hairstylist


JStone / Shutterstock

Rihanna always looks amazing, and now we understand why. She spends over $1 million to have her hair look perfect every day.

Ursula Stephen is her stylist and she pays this seven-figure salary.

2.) Steven Spielberg Bought A Sled From Citizen Kane For $60,500

steven spielberg

Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock

Spielberg paid a high price for a piece of cinematic history. He spent $60,500 on one of three “Rosebud” sleds that were used in the classic film.

He purchased this in 1982 and has owned it for over three decades now!

1.) Courtney Cox gifted a $12,000 Chanel bike for her friend

courtney cox

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

The Friends star purchased a $12,000 Chanel bike for her pal Jennifer Aniston after hearing her mention she’d like to start biking.

The bike had a leather seat, the classic Chanel logo, and jeweled pant clips to keep your pants from getting caught in the bike chain

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