The Most Expensive and Ridiculous Celebrity Purchases That Will Make You Say, Really??

Celebrities make the big bucks but does more money lead to better spending habits? Mmm, we think not. Hollywood’s elite has proven notorious for making insane celebrity purchases. We’ve seen them drop A LOT of cash on multiple occasions. These include expensive engagement rings, multiple mansions and solid, high-end wardrobes — but that’s not the fun stuff. Sure, the amount of money spent on these items can well surpass an average Joe’s yearly salary but sometimes it’s the wackiness of the purchase that makes us say, what?

We’re talking about outrageous, nonsensical, big buys. You know, the kind your parents warned you against when you got your first credit card.

Read along to see which of your favorite celebrities need a serious reworking of their budget plan. More importantly, what items these spendthrifts think are so “worth it.”

Here are the top expensive and ridiculous celebrity purchases that will make you want to type SMH (this list will also make you feel a lot more responsible, too).

9.) As a Child, Daniel Radcliffe Purchased a $17,000 Mattress


At first glance $17,000 is still within the realm of reasonable spending money (the average car and wedding cost is about $30k). But really, it’s not reasonable. Let’s put it in perspective.

At the time, Radcliffe was legally a child. Also, $17,000 is about (or more than) what most of us spend on rent a year. Still think Radcliffe’s buy isn’t that bad? Just imagine your annoying 16-year-old cousin spending this amount for a place to lay their head at night. Yikes.

To the Harry Potter star’s defense, this was no ordinary bed. It was a custom-made Savoir mattress from Savoir Beds. We’re still not sure how customization adds up to that price tag but okay, Harry.

8.) Johnny Depp Has a MONTHLY Wine Budget of $30,000

celebrity purchases Johnny Depp

Kento Nara/Perez Hilton

This one should come as no surprise, at least not the wine part. Die-hard fans are well aware Depp has a “Wino Forever” tattoo on his arm. They also know it covers the original “Winona Forever” (talk about bad choices, right?).

This information comes from court documents obtained during Depp’s lawsuit against his former business managers. He accused them of gross misconduct, stating they mishandled his money. They said Depp blew it after several warnings. All we know for sure is that his role as Captain Jack Sparrow makes all the more sense now … and he blows a lot of money on wine.

Depp has been known to ship wine internationally to movie sets and his former home had a Pirates of the Caribbean themed wine cave with skulls, candles and brightly colored fabric.