The Internet Just Figured Out Major Brad Pitt News, and It’s About His Girlfriends

The internet is the world’s greatest tool when it comes down to calling things out. Like, literally the second anything suspect happens, you can expect social-savvy users to dig deep and reveal the truth. You know what I’m talking about. Remember Vogue‘s Photoshop fail? The one that gave birth to Reese Witherspoon’s third leg? Another of their photos introduced the world to Oprah’s third hand. But there was nothing to freak out about. The internet did its job in calling it out. We laughed and moved on, waiting for the next online blowup. But, something unusual has been going on for YEARS, and it has to do with one of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers.

Alert: This is major Brad Pitt news.

It’s been quiet for far too long. The internet has been sleeping on a phenomenon worthy of a Twilight Zone episode. Guys, Brad Pitt is truly one of the most skillful actors of our time. Not only does the multi-award-winner know how to play the part in fictional roles, it seems he also likes to do a bit of method acting with his past girlfriends.

Ladies and gents, let’s see what the internet has been sleeping on for far too long: Brad Pitt transforms himself to look like every single girl he’s dated.

Brad Pitt and One of His First Famous Girlfriends, Shalane McCall

Brad Pitt newsBrad with Shalane McCall

Kathy Amerman / Coleman-Rayner

Here is the first account of Brad matching one of his beloveds. This photo is mild compared to the following lookalike encounters, but it is the first, after all. The couple has similar ’80s waves and both rock a jean and lavender look.

Shalane is a former child actress and model. Pitt himself also did a bit of modeling before he landed his breakout role in Thelma and Louise. She and Pitt both acted in CBS’s soap opera Dallas. Hmm, looks like the two were very similar indeed.