The Best Toys for a 1-Year-Old

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When a baby reaches the one-year milestone, a lot of important changes happen, both physically and cognitively. A great toy – whether it’s a puzzle, book or tool – can do wonders for a child’s development over the next year. Use the first birthday as an excuse to shower new toddlers with all the accoutrements they need to grow.

5 Best “Toy” for Baby’s Future

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While it may not be something they can play with right away, one of the best gifts you can give a child is not a toy, but an investment in the future. Celebrate your baby’s first birthday by opening a savings account. A 529 plan is a savings plan that grows tax-deferred, and as long as the funds are used for educational purposes, and is withdrawn tax-free as well. It’s an easy plan for others to contribute birthday gifts and can be used at any age.

4 Best Toy for Her Mouth

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As babies develop, feeding time gets more complicated. Colorful plastic plates, bowls, spoons, dull forks and other accessories are toys toddlers can use to keep up with their new diets. Toddlers will happily imitate Mommy and Daddy at the table when they upgrade from breast milk or formula to solid food. These toys help the child transition to actual adult utensils down the road.

3 Best Toy to Help Language

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Toddlers aren’t about to start sounding out Moby Dick, but books can be used as toys to help babies build their vocabulary and understanding of the world around them. They won’t read along, but they will play with the pictures—particularly if the book has a tactile element. Look for books with things to touch on the pages to give the child something to play with while learning. Throw in a set of finger paints and paper to help children begin their own opus.

2 Best Toy for Cognitive Development

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The body isn’t the only part of babies’ growth that is about to go through huge changes; the brain also improves at a surprising rate after the first year. Now that the their eyes are becoming more adept at focusing, they will begin to inspect the world around and try and make sense of it. A great gift for 1-year-old children is a colorful stacking toy to help them understand shapes. Bowls or cubes that stack and toys with parts that are organized by color are great examples.

1 Best Toy to Help Walking

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Between 12 months and 20, a child progresses from crawling to running. Unfortunately, ambition can outstrip balancing abilities, which makes walking a dangerous task. Help the kid out by gifting a push toy. These come in a variety of types, but anything with four sturdy wheels and a short handlebar make this an ideal gift that sometimes also doubles as toy storage.

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