Best Chapsticks With SPF That’ll Keep Lips Moist and Protected

As the temperatures continue to rise, more and more people have been going hard on the sun protection — especially the best chapsticks with SPF. Whether it’s slathering the thick sunscreen all over your body or shading yourself under an umbrella, keeping you and your loved ones safe from the sun is very important during the summer months.

Beyond taking care of our backs, arms and legs, we shouldn’t ignore our lips. “Lips have almost no melanin (the color is derived from tiny blood vessels beneath the skin),” according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. So it’s important to protect your pout with one of the best chapsticks with SPF.

If you’re still skeptical, the Skin Care Foundation also reported that “90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers and about 86 percent of melanomas” are cause from being overexposed to ultraviolet sun rays.

So what do you do? Look through your makeup bag to see if you have any lip balms or chapsticks with SPF. If you do, then that’s awesome.

If not, then find out which are the best chapsticks with SPF below.

10.) ChapStick Sun Defense SPF 25 Sunscreen Skin Protectant

ChapStick Sun Defense SPF 25 Sunscreen Skin Protectant -best chapsticks with spf ChapStick brand

Let’s start with the basics when looking for a best chapstick with SPF. ChapStick, which inspired the name of this piece, is probably one of the most popular lip balm brands. Not only has been many people’s go-to for years, it is also sold just about everywhere. Whether you’re Walmart or your local convenience store, Chapstick is always available. Despite the fact it is a common brand, not every Chapstick is meant to protect your lips from the sun — until now.

ChapStick Sun Defense Sunscreen Protectant is the drugstore’s answer to keep your lips protected. It is made with aloe and Vitamin E and has SPF 25. But even though, Chapstick is a reliable brand, you need to remember to reapply the lip balm throughout the day.

ChapStick Sun Defense SPF 25 Sunscreen SkinProtectant: $5.48