The Best Automatic Fish Feeder Products and How They Work


78% of American pet owners recently revealed that they travel with their pets when they go on vacation. But what do you do if you have an aquarium? You can’t take that with you, so what do you do then?

Going away on vacation can be expensive enough without adding in the cost of hiring a pet sitter to look after your fish, especially if you’re going to be away for more than a day or two.

This is where an automatic fish feeder can help. Working on a pre-set timer, you can leave for your trip without worrying if your pets are being fed. Read on to learn how they work and which ones are best for you.

What Is an Automatic Fish Feeder?

An automatic fish feeder is a device that dispenses food into your fish tank at set times. These times can be set to feed several times a day with 21 to 99 programmable days, depending on the model. They can be battery operated or electrical with a power cord.

These devices are made for ponds, freshwater aquariums, and salt-water marine tanks. Additionally, you can also incorporate macroalgae into your marine tank for nutrition purposes. Click to learn more about how it works.

How Do They Work?

Most automatic fish feeders have multiple chambers, which you need to pre-fill with fish food. Once the timer is set, the feeder rotates the compartments slowly, which empties the food into the tank at the correct times.

Additionally, having multiple chambers allows feeding fish several different foods at one time.

Automatic Feeders: Options to Look For

Let’s discuss your options when choosing an automatic feeder for fish. Most of these options are applicable for freshwater and marine tanks; however, an automatic pond fish feeder may differ slightly.

Feeder Type

There are two types to choose from, each giving you control over the amount of feed dispensed.

Rotating Barrel Feeder: great for simple tank setups that only need one type of food, with some models able to hold up to 6 weeks’ worth of food

Portion Control Feeder: better suited for tanks that require several foods for different fish; however, you’re limited to a maximum of 14 days’ worth

Power Source

Automatic fish feeders can run off electricity or batteries. Batteries are ideal if the tank is not near a power source; however, using electricity means you don’t risk running out of battery while you’re away.

Mounting Options

Your mounting options are model specific but typically hook onto your aquarium’s side via mounting brackets. They can also be placed freestanding with the barrel situated over your tank.

Extra Features

Not every model of automatic feeder is made equal. The best automatic fish feeder will have extra features, such as:

Feed Now Button: useful for on-demand feeding and to test how much food is being dispensed

Memory: get a feeder with built-in memory so you don’t lose settings when you change your batteries or when the power goes down

Multiple Feedings: if you prefer to give smaller, more frequent meals, then look for a feeder that can be set for several times in one day

Time-Saving Convenience at Your Fingertips

Having an automatic fish feeder can be helpful whether you go on vacation or not. Keeping your fish on a scheduled feeding routine can ensure your fish are being adequately fed as often as they require, even if no one is at home.

There’s a fish feeder for everyone, so which one will you choose?

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