The 9 Best Pickup Lines Ever

Pickup lines are often corny and pretty ineffective at snagging the man or woman of your dreams. Use the best pickup lives ever to be succesful.

Pickup lines are often corny and ineffective at snagging the man or woman of your dreams. Many people seem to think these lines are supposed to seal the deal all by themselves. However, the best pickup lines merely break the ice and get the object of your desire to notice you. Most of the best lines are the old classics.

Never underestimate the power of a great opening line, and never forget just how utterly and completely you can ruin your chances for romance with a terrible line (think: “Hi there, ugly!).

Try one of these best pickup lines next time you want to impress someone in person or on one of the best dating sites.

9.) Make Them Laugh

man and woman laughing together

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Most women say that the best way to make them feel attracted to a man is to make them laugh.

Humor is going to win out over “smoothness” in almost every case. If you’re a funny person, then be yourself.

If you’re not so funny, maybe try one of these babies:

  • “I’ll bet you $20 you’re about to reject me.”
  • “Hey, does this napkin smell like chloroform?”

Actually, don’t try that last one. Ever.

Just relax and open yourself up to having fun with the person you’re trying to impress.

8.) “Can I Buy You a Drink?”

bartender pouring a drink

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If you want to get at least a few minutes of someone’s time, offer to buy them something.

Because you’re likely trying out these lines at a bar, we recommend you make that offer for a drink and not for a lampshade or a wind chime. One of those items would be weird.

Most people like free stuff, so they will probably accept. You will buy yourself at least a minute or two to prove yourself either awesome or wildly unlikable.

7.) “Did It Hurt When You Fell From Heaven?”

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“Did it hurt when you fell? From heaven?”

“Is it hot in here, or is it just you?”

Most people like to hear that they are attractive; it’s as simple as that. If you can think of a way to call a girl pretty or a man handsome without objectifying them or making them feel uncomfortable, do it.

After all, you’re paying an honest compliment.

6.) “Hello.”

saying hello

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“How you doin’?” worked how many times for Joey on Friends. Enough said.

Okay, so Joey is a fictional character and abnormally cute, so no matter what he said, he’d have gotten the girl. However, the logic behind his famous pickup line is that a simple greeting like “Hello” is often the only line you’ll need.

Believe it or not, the most effective way to strike up a meaningful conversation with a person to whom you’re attracted is to use these strange things called “manners” and to be “friendly.” Just say hi. Introduce yourself.

Greetings work because they’re honest. You don’t come off as aggressive or cheesy, and more importantly, you don’t look like you’re trying too hard. Ladies and gents both appreciate the classics, and saying hello is as classic as it gets.

The fact is that you’re not ever going to trick someone into being attracted to you. They either are, or they are not. So, keep it simple and go for it. And if that fails a few times, then go ahead and get clever.

5.) “You Look Familiar.”

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Although this line seems too easy to see through, its simplicity is what works.

You can offer it in a few ways so that it suits the situation, which helps make it less contrived. For example, instead of saying the woman of your dreams looks familiar, ask her if her name is Michelle. Tell her that she looks like a Michelle you knew in high school. When she says no, introduce yourself. Ice officially broken.

Follow up with the offer of a drink and show genuine interest in who she is.

4.) “What’s Your Sign?”

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Now, you probably think that this line is the worst, most cliché, and loser line you could ever utter — and you’d be right.

However, it works for a couple of reasons. If your intended answers with an astrological sign, you gain valuable information about their personality. If you like the sort that consults their horoscope daily, that’s fantastic. If not, you know to avoid this person in the future.

If you get another answer, such as “stop” or “no trespassing,” then you can laugh, your would-be beau will laugh, and you’ve opened the lines of communication. After that, you bring it on home with your stunning intelligence and witty humor. Don’t forget to avoid the things never to say on a first date. It applies to the first meeting too.

3.) “What’s Your Dog’s Name?”

dog and a man sleeping

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It’s boring. Practically vanilla. However, pets bring folks together. Plus, you shouldn’t spend all your time looking for love in a bar.

This is a line that’s been used forever because it doesn’t feel like a line. It’s not creepy, and most would-be significant others will respond. Asking a simple question shows genuine interest, and few pet owners don’t love to talk about their furry little pride and joy.

Keep in mind that this line can work for other situations too. For example, if you’re in a café and spot someone reading a book, ask who wrote it and whether they’re enjoying it. The ice is broken, and you’re having a conversation now. With any luck, you’ll be able to start planning your first date. Avoid these terrible first-date ideas.

2.) “Nice Shoes.”

woman wearing green dress and pink shoes

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This can work for any article of clothing or accessory. Pick one and compliment it.

Unlike lines that don’t work, this one isn’t generic. You’re picking something special about someone and asking about it.

The shoes are an example. Maybe she has an unusual hairstyle, or perhaps his shirt has a slogan that’s hilarious or provocative. These are things that your would-be beau wants to show off, so when you point them out, you show that you’re paying attention. That always wins points.

It also helps prove you’re not just tossing out cheesy lines to every attractive person in the room. Plus, everyone likes to hear compliments on a first date or a first meeting.

1.) “I’m Not Going to Try Any Cheesy Pickup Line or Anything.”

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See what that is there? Just a little bit of reverse psychology, baby!

By referencing a “pickup line,” you make your intentions clear, but by saying you’re not using one, you won’t come across as sleazy or sneaky. This is the ultimate non-pickup pickup line, friends!

A variation on this that borrows from the line above: “You’re so pretty you made me forget my pickup line.”

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