The 5 Weirdest Looking Animals in the World

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The phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” rises to a whole other level when you consider the entire animal kingdom. Although animals look perfectly normal to each other, some look funny, weird and even downright disgusting to us. It might be a tad immature to make fun of animals that look a certain way, but so what? Who doesn’t want to see some of the weirdest looking animals in the world?

5 Fish with a Strange Head

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You know how sometimes men don’t think using their brains; they make certain decisions using a different body part? Well, there’s a particular fish from Vietnam called the Phallostethus cuulong, and it just cuts to the chase. It doesn’t make any bones about it. This fish has a penis on its head—actually, its chin. And as if that isn’t weird enough, the organ has a hook on the end that the fish uses to grab a female fish during mating.

4 The Aye-Aye

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The aye-aye looks like a cat in the process of transforming to a vampire. This primate, related to lemurs, chimps, apes and humans, has teeth like a rat that need to be worn down because they constantly grow. An interesting feature of the aye-aye is its extremely long, thin middle finger that it uses as a tool. Did I mention the aye-aye was related to humans? People of Madagascar, where the aye-aye lives, consider this animal to be bad luck (or bad mannered when it flashes that weird middle finger) and kill the poor animals. Because of that, the aye-aye is endangered, but laws now protect it.

3 The Sloth

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The sloth, from the rain forests of Central and South America, moves so slow that algae have time to grow on its fur, which makes the sloth even weirder looking than it already is with its ultra-long arms and little round head. The sloth resembles Chewbacca, the Wookiee from “Star Wars.” (Why do so many strange animals resemble “Star Wars” creatures, anyway?) Because it’s related to the aardvark and the anteater, two weird looking creatures themselves, the sloth is bound to look odd, especially when it tries to travel on the ground. Its long curved claws on its toes prevent it from walking on the ground; it needs to crawl on its belly and use its claws to pull itself around, which is the reason the sloth lives mainly in trees.

2 The Tarsier

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A tiny primate in the same family as monkeys, lemurs and humans, the tarsier, from Southeast Asia, looks like a combination of a “Star Wars” Ewok and Yoda. When opened all the way, its eyes—that are enormous—look as if the poor thing just sat on a pencil or something. The eyes are so big, they cannot move; they can only stare straight ahead. The little creature must rotate its neck Exorcist style to see its surroundings. But the eyes, while strange looking enough, don’t compare to the weird fingers this freaky animal has. Those look like ET’s. Instead of using them to phone home, this tree living animal uses them to grip branches. The tarsier is endangered from habitat destruction.

1 The Tapir

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The tapir, mainly from Central and South America, looks like a strange conglomeration of many animals: a pig, an elephant—although one with a nose job—a bear and a hippopotamus. Viewing one with its mouth open reveals big, crooked horse teeth. The tapir, related to a horse, is kind of the ugly cousin. It’s also related to a rhinoceros, not an animal known for its good looks, but the tapir still would fall behind. The tapir doesn’t care about any of that, though—its penis is so long it touches the ground. The tapir, an animal more than 10 million years old, is sadly, now endangered from predators and habitat encroachment.

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