The 5 Strangest Smart Phone Apps

Hundreds of thousands of smart phone apps are on the market—so many that the catchphrase “There’s an app for that!” has been coined. You can check your checking account balance, and if you have something to sell, you can list your item using your phone. But those tasks are normal. If you’ve really perused deep into the AppStore or Android Marketplace, you probably have discovered you can do more than you thought you could—or should—do on such a slick, small device. Here are five apps that you might not have known, but now that you do, you might wonder how you got along without them.

5 Star Trek Captain’s Log

The iPhone has replaced daily planners with built-in calenders and to-do lists, along with tie-ins to email. And then came more robust organizational apps. But what if you want to record your thoughts and activities Captain Kirk style? There’s an app for that, too. Think Evernote for Trekkies. Star Trek Captain’s Log, at $1.99, allows you to record an audio entry, take a photo, type a note or find your current coordinates. You then can upload, email or share your notes, as well as read logs from other nearby captains.

4 Cover Up

We’ve all been there: you know, just about ready to make an extended visit to the office restroom when the door opens. You check the shoes to see if it’s a work buddy, but it’s usually someone in whose presence you wouldn’t dare pass gas or, worse, excrete something explosive. Those embarrassing moments can be covered up with the aptly dubbed app, Cover Up, for 99 cents. Bring it along to the stall next time and flush that phobia down the drain. The app masks unpleasant noises by playing other common bathroom sound clips such as running water or hand dryers. However, we hear, this will not mask any smells.

3 Sim Stapler

Admit it. You’ve always had an affinity for that quick crunching sound made when two or more pieces of paper become one—that moment when that a staple emerges from the stapler, hugging its prongs onto a few sheets of eight-and-a-half by eleven. The free Sim Stapler replicates that familiar office noise and keeps a count of how many times your press down on it.

2 Hold On!

Ever play the Quiet Game on a road trip? This challenge is usually initiated by parents—a clever substitute for “Shut the heck up!” Hold On! is in the same vein, because it also involves just sitting there and doing nothing. Except, of course, for perpetually pushing a button. Try to beat your own time or play over Bluetooth with your friends.

1 Melon Meter

If you carry a watermelon all the way to a party, like Baby in the movie “Dirty Dancing,” you most assuredly want guests to bite into red, ripe, juicy slices. But how can you tell what is inside these oblong, green-shelled fruits? We’ve all picked fruit that was too mushy or too hard, too tart or too covered in fruit flies. In fact, 60 percent of watermelons are bought under- or over-ripe. That’s according to the makers of Melon Meter, a $1.99 app that tests the summer staple for ripeness. The app is easy as knocking on a melon near your phone’s microphone.

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