The 5 Most Visited Sites of All Time

People want answers, and they want them now. Of the top five most-visited websites of all time, three primarily function as search engines. Websites compile their own data on unique visitors to their sites, and so do Internet marketing companies. They track the number of clicks, registered users and social participation of nearly every website on the planet. Yes, the planet. That’s how you can figure out the top five websites.

5 Baidu

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If you have never heard of the fifth most visited website of all time, don’t be too hard on yourself. Baidu is the leading search engine in China. In fact, three of the top 10 sites of all time—, and—are dedicated to the Chinese market. Hailed for its simple results, the search engine resembles Google in look and function. Non-Chinese-speaking users can log on and search using standard English search terms. The results are displayed in English and Chinese, but mostly Chinese.

4 Yahoo

Mix one part search engine, one part email server and one part pop culture slide show, and you have the perfect cocktail known as This super site may be fourth in the overall rankings for most visits, but its lethal combination of the day’s hottest news and celebrity gossip stories,, along with a super user-friendly web-based email platform, keeps users coming back and clicking its partner links every day.

3 YouTube

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Part of the Google collective, YouTube is the third most-visited site of all time. Thanks to the site’s software, which allows users to share videos via other social media sites, you can watch a YouTube video without actually going to Does that count? Of course it does. Each time a video is watched, it counts. So, what is the most viewed YouTube video of all time? Glad you asked. With 1.6 billion views and counting, Psy’s pony-prancing anthem “Gangnam Style” takes top prize, as of May 2013.

2 Google

Wikimedia Commons may be the No. 2 site worldwide, but it’s the most visited site in the United States. On any given day, nearly 40 percent of Internet users log on to search for news or the latest viral video. Google, in a series of bold moves, expanded its Internet empire far beyond search results. Its game-changing Google Maps does not give just turn-by-turn directions, it provides an on-the-ground image, complete with 360-degree touring capabilities, of most streets in the United States. Creepy or brilliant? You decide.

1 Facebook

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The honors for the most visited website of all time goes to With more than 1 billion active users every month, this social networking site is “liked” more than any other site on the web. Facebook may have started out with the college crowd, but its use has exploded. Families use it to keep in touch over the miles. Businesses, who have learned the hard way that folks do not like spam in their email inboxes, use Facebook to stay in contact with their customers. Even Uncle Sam has a Facebook page—several pages, to be exact.

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