The 5 Most Dangerous Carnivores

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The top five carnivores are dangerous to humans and some other animals. A tiger is dangerous, but sharks don’t have to worry about them, and neither do you if live in the ‘burbs. Animals have reasons for being dangerous. Very few are just mean bullies. Nature has equipped them with finite resources. They can’t waste energy working on their self-esteem issues; they need their energy to satisfy their hunger, raise their young and court the opposite sex. By far, the No. 1 most dangerous animal roaming the Earth today is the animal known as Homo sapiens.

5 Komodo Dragon

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The komodo dragon is so dangerous because it is cunning and selective about which murder method to use. The komodo dragon can snatch a passing deer, kill it and eviscerate it all in a day’s work. Yawn. But the way it can kill a water buffalo is quite impressive. It delivers a bite that releases more than 50 types of deadly bacteria within a 24 hour period. The victim is doomed as it goes on its merry way, never realizing it’s being stalked by a hungry dragon patiently waiting for the bacteria to kill it and turn it into dinner. People who live in areas where komodo dragons also live have learned to avoid them by building their homes on stilts and keeping a sharp eye out when outside their homes.

4 Scorpions

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Scorpions dine on the meat of small mammals, and are considered carnivorous arachnids. They can administer a nasty sting which can kill. Not all scorpions are that toxic, but about 25 to 50 species carry lethal potion to kill several thousands of people annually in Africa, the Middle East and India. The bark scorpion, found in Arizona, New Mexico and parts of California is highly toxic and can cause fatalities in children. In Mexico, an estimated 1,000 people die every year from scorpion bites, a problem the government of Mexico is having a hard time addressing due to the substandard living conditions of many Mexican people. U.S. fatalaties from a scorpion bite may be on the decline thanks to anti-venom treatments, but envenomation from a scorpion bite can cause symptoms bad enough to make you wish you were dead. These carnivores are so dangerous because they are small and easily overlooked, and unless you get medical treatment immediately, your life could be at risk.

3 Alligators

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If you don’t share your community with alligators, you will never even see one in the wild, let alone be attacked by one. But those of us who live in the Sunshine State live with the threat of alligators every day. We have a saying here in Florida; wherever there’s water, there’s an alligator. Alligators are most prevalent during mating season, when they are frequently found in backyard swimming pools while on the hunt for love. Alligator fatalities fluctuate from year to year. During an 18-month period between May 2006 and November 2007, five Floridians were killed by alligators. Many dogs and cats living in homes along canals, ponds and rivers go missing every year, presumably having become alligator food. Alligators are dangerous in part because they are so misunderstood. Many believe they are slow and clumsy on land, can’t climb and are almost blind. If you believe these fallacies, you may find yourself in big trouble. Alligators are fast and agile runners, good climbers and can see just fine. However, most won’t give chase unless you approach them to feed them or bother their nest.

2 Venomous Snakes

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If that snake in the grass slithering silently at your feet is venomous, you better be near a good hospital. Human deaths have drastically decreased due to anti-venom medications, but venomous snakes are still dangerous carnivores. Rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, copperheads, coral snakes and water moccasins are all indigenous to the U.S., while cobras, vipers and mambas are found abroad. Snakes are known for choosing flight over fight, but if you try to catch or kill them, they can strike so fast you’ll never see it coming. Not only that, but snakes are true zombies: They can still bite and kill you after they are dead. Though snakebite fatalities have decreased due to advances in medical care, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports an estimated 8,000 people annually are on the painful receiving end of a snake bite, which is not fatal unless left untreated, accounting for the 9 to 15 deaths each year. Virtually all of these encounters were as a result of the victim trying to kill or capture the snake.

1 Man

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Human beings are arguably the most destructive and dangerous carnivores on the planet. Unlike other animals, humans are proficient at eliminating mass quantities of animals outside their own species. Current agricultural methods destroy the environment most efficiently, making the world a more dangerous place due to climate change. Furthermore, humans use sophisticated weaponry against which other animals, and some humans, cannot defend themselves. Few red-blooded Americans give up their red-blooded meat, and that’s why man is, far and away, the most dangerous of carnivores. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 600,000 people die of heart disease in the United States annually. Even though most Americans are aware of the dangers of overeating and overindulging in meat, they continue to consume it in large quantities. So, we humans are not only wiping out other species, but also ourselves. A violent species, we have designed ways to kill other humans on the other side of the planet as well as in our own backyard.

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