These Are The Sexiest Male Celebrities of the Last Century

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OK, choosing just five gorgeous men is both difficult and super easy. It’s difficult because I have to wonder: Do I go back to, like, the Dark Ages, or stick with the last two centuries? Can these be comic book characters, or do I have to stick with real, live humans who walk around and drive cars and go to awards shows? In the interest of simplicity and street cred, I’ve decided to stick to the last two centuries and pick regular old flesh and blood dudes. It just makes more sense. You might have a totally different set of five, and if so – please sound off in the comments. It takes all kinds, as they say. One person’s George Clooney is another person’s Elmer Fudd. So, here goes…

5 Ryan Gosling

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I know, I know. Gosling overload. Everyone loves Gosling, there are Tumblrs devoted to his hotness, and all of your best friends want marry him. Whatever, he IS that hot so stop hating. It’s not just Gosling’s crazy muscles and manly jaw line. He’s also talented, and he has that strong silent thing going on. His face isn’t perfect, but the whole package is pretty awesome.

4 Warren Beatty

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OK, maybe he’s not the hottest granddad on the block today, but back in the 60s and 70s? Move over Cruise and Clooney. Beatty had black hair, puffy lips, and gorgeous eyes and if you just do a little Google search of, say, “Warren Beatty Splendor in the Grass” you might just swoon. He was a total womanizer but finally settled down with Annette Bening. Back in the day, he was the hottest guy around. Besides Paul Newman.

3 Taye Diggs

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He’s physically gorgeous, but the thing about Taye Diggs is that he wears those eye glasses that make him look so refined and intellectual, and then he also looks… sweet. He almost seems nerdy hot in a way, which is an irresistible combo, right? Yes, yes it is.

2 Paul Newman

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Even in black and white photos Newman’s piercing blue eyes look amazing. The star of Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and a million other amazing flicks was a classic leading man, and pretty much perfect looking. Plus he stayed married to the same woman (Joanne Woodward) forever, which in Hollywood never, ever happens. Even Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are splitting after thirty years. Watch his old movies and see if he doesn’t make you melt.

1 Ewan McGregor

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That’s right. This Scottish import is my number one sexiest male celeb. Why, you ask, when we have Brad Pitt and DiCaprio? Because those guys are obviously gorgeous, but they don’t have McGregor’s mischievous grin. Every time he smiles and gets that little twinkle in his eyes it looks like he has a little sexy secret. You saw Moulin Rouge right? He can sing, too, and he’s still masculine and hot when he’s being all theatrical. And don’t get me started on the accent.

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