These Are the Sexiest Male Celebrities of the Last Century

OK, choosing just fifteen sexiest male celebrities is both difficult and super easy. It’s difficult because we have to wonder: Do we go back to, like, the Dark Ages, or stick with the last couple of decades? Can these be comic book characters, or do we have to stick with real, live humans who walk around and drive cars and go to awards shows? In the interest of simplicity, we’ve decided to stick to the last few decades. We picked regular flesh and blood dudes. It just makes more sense. You might have a totally different set of fifteen, and if so – let us know! It takes all kinds, as they say. One person’s George Clooney is another person’s Elmer Fudd.

Here Are Our Sexiest Male Celebrities:

15.) Michael B. Jordan

michael b jordan sexiest male celebrities

Ethan James Green / WSJ. Magazine

You may recognize him from Black Panther or Friday Night Lights, but he is able to make a lot of hearts melt. He has a handsome presence that you won’t be able to miss on the small or big screen.

Fun facts:

  • Jordan’s favorite actress is Meryl Streep.
  • He took tap-dancing lessons as a child.