The 5 Hottest Female Olympians of All Time

When it comes to Olympic rings, we just wish these super-hot super athletes had our numbers. Because we find fit women to be so irresistible, we haven't be
When it comes to Olympic rings, we just wish these super-hot super athletes had our numbers. Because we find fit women to be so irresistible, we haven’t been able to get all of those 2012 athletic specimens off our mind—you might even say we’ve been carrying a torch for them. So we decided to take a look at the 5 Hottest Olympians, to give them another medal from the bottom of our hearts. Think of this as a stop gap to Rio in 2016, the next time some of these hotties will be on sport’s largest stage again.

5 Amanda Beard, United States, Swimming

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Even though she failed to qualify for the London Olympics, we don’t think Amanda Beard is past her prime. Since she won Gold medals in Atlanta and Athens, we’ll forgive her for not making it to the 2012 games. Especially since she’s been busy making appearances in FHM, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and (brace yourself) Playboy. She also helped create one of the most memorable PETA advertisement we’ve ever seen, baring it all to convince people to be comfortable in their own skin. We’re convinced! (And ready to recreate that photo shoot.)

4 Melanie Adams, Australia, Pole Vault

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Hot chicks holding javelins, field hockey sticks… How much more overt could we get? Come and say G’day to Australian pole vaulter Melanie Adams and her down under good looks. This lovely lady puts a prawn on our barbie. Speaking of Barbie, this awe-inspiring Aussie bears a striking resemblance to the busty action figure, especially with her doll face and rocking curves. Melanie also wins extra points for her someday-dream of appearing in the Miss Universe pageant. Coincidentally, she already appears in many men’s every daydream.

3 Ellen Hoog, Netherlands, Field Hockey

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A member of the legendary Dutch women’s field hockey team, just as renowned for winning medals as they are for turning heads, Ellen Hoog is a true champion and a true beauty. With eyes as blue as the North Sea, this knock-out Nederlander can show us her trophy case anytime. In addition to looks that kill, this dirty blonde also has killer instincts: in the process of helping her country capture back-to-back Olympic Golds for her homeland, Hoog became the first player to decide a major championship match with a penalty shootout in the semifinal round against New Zealand—also winning our hearts in the process.

2 Kim Glass, United States, Indoor Volleyball

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A superior athlete and superior beauty, Kim Glass has served up plenty of hot action in her day. One of the best players in the history of college volleyball, Glass took her talents (and our hearts) to Beijing, helping the U.S. take home the Silver against the infamous Brazilian team—who are also worth an image search sometime. But it’s Kim’s Amazonian frame that has us the most stunned, definitely giving her plenty of avenues to pursue after her volleyball career. Fun fact: she tried out for America’s Next Top Model five times while she was in college, which might be why so many men and Olympic judges want to put her on a pedestal.

1 Leryn Franco, Paraguay, Javelin

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Her full name is Leryn Dahiana Franco Steneri, but you can just call her, “humminah- humminah- humminah-duuuuuuuuh!” Winning lots of South American Championships medals, Leryn hasn’t won any Olympic medals. But we decided to give her a little extra competitive edge, because she also competes in beauty pageants. In fact, she was runner-up in Miss Universo Paraguay 2006… leaving many openings for us to make jokes about certain body features being out of this world. Corny jokes aside, we think her leggy and buxom frame was exactly what the Classical Greeks had in mind when they invented the javelin.