The 5 Hottest Female Celebrity Chefs in Existence

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The words “chef” and “hot” aren’t usually used in conjunction unless describing some spicy cayenne-related concoction. When most of us think of a celebrity chef, we picture someone from the Julia Child, Martha Stewart or Paula Deen category (ideally without the bigoted speech patterns of the latter, of course). At best, the casual kitchen enthusiast might think of Rachael Ray when asked to picture an attractive female chef and we at least think she deserves that honorable mention. There are, however, a few flat-out fine females turning up the heat on more than just that pot roast. Or soufflé or soup or whatever; here are the five hottest chefs.

5 Cat Cora

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Ms. Cat Cora was born into a family of restaurateurs. By the time she was a teenager, she had become committed to following in the footsteps of both her father and grandfather. Also, she is a tall blonde with fine bone structure. We’re thinking that both those latter attributes, combined with her upbringing in the family business of food and her professional education as a chef, contributed to her success on the show Iron Chef America, where Cora secured her path to fame.

4 Kim Barnouin

OK, so Kim Barnouin is a former model who later became an author, cook, lifestyle coach and so on. Thus, the fact that she is attractive is not the surprise. The fact that Barnouin has managed to become an immensely successful author, chef and general celebrity, that’s the more impressive part of this story. The books (and blog and website and so on) she has authored and co-authored, mostly in the Skinny Bitch series, have launched this model’s career higher gear than her looks ever could have, fine though they are.

3 Rory Freedman

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Rory Freedman (yes, that’s a woman’s name) is the second half of the dynamic, spunky duo behind the Skinny Bitch sensation. The funny thing is, when she and her collaborator Kim Barnouin met, Freedman was working as a modeling agent, and Barnouin as a model. In reality, the two women are almost equally as attractive, and certainly some of the finest dishes to be found in the world of the celebrity chef (if you’ll pardon a horrible pun).

2 Giada de Laurentiis

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Italian-born Giada de Laurentiis is arguably the most famous person who is both a successful chef and a highly attractive female. She has published plural cook books, she has her own television show and she is a regular guest on myriad programs. While at some point her face is going to explode after years spent constantly flashing that huge, almost painfully bright smile, until that happens, men all over the world can continue pretending to care about the best recipes for homemade cookies or fruit tarts or braised pork cleavage—or… chops. Pork chops.

1 Katie Lee

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When you take on the surname “Joel” by marrying superstar musician Billy Joel, you can pretty much count on becoming a celebrity [insert noun here]. For Katie Lee Joel, rather than becoming a celebrity gardener or celebrity taxidermist, she became a celebrity chef. Being 22 and gorgeous at the time of that marriage may have helped. While Billy and Katie’s May-December fling lasted only five years, her career as a famous foodie has grown longer legs, landing her book deals and TV appearances.

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