The 5 Best Offshore Snorkeling Destinations

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So the groundhog lied and spring still seems a long way off. Are you ready to escape the cold and explore the crystal clear waters of some exotic paradise? The best places to snorkel are the places with the most diverse sealife and the most interesting landscapes. Don’t forget your underwater camera when you visit these top snorkeling destinations.

5 Huahine, Tahiti

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Explore a reef swarming with colorful fish begging to have their picture taken. Or relax as you drift along the lagoons, also abundant with interesting sealife. Either way, you’ll enjoy the peace and beauty of Tahiti in an area that isn’t as well known as some other snorkeling destinations.

4 Belize, Central America

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Belize has everything a snorkeler could dream of – 185 miles of barrier reef, colorful fish, magnificent corals, nurse sharks, turtles, rays and even dolphins. There are also wrecks to explore. Combine this with tranquil waters with excellent visibility and you have found your paradise. Some areas are suitable to snorkel right off the beach, but the most amazing and memorable snorkeling is offshore around the reef.

3 Utila, Honduras

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If you’ve thought about going on a shark dive but had second thoughts because of all of the teeth involved, head to Utila, Honduras. Here you can snorkel with whale sharks, which are the largest fish around. Measuring as long as 50 feet, whale sharks offer you the thrill of getting close to an incredibly large animal without the possibility of becoming lunch, because, thankfully, whale sharks eat plankton and krill. For the best chance of viewing, visit from March to May or August to October.

2 Antigua

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Antigua boasts stunning beaches, a coral reef with an abundance of fish, shipwrecks and warm water with visibility as far as 140 feet. What more could you ask for? The southern and eastern coasts of this Caribbean nation are ideal for snorkeling and shallow diving. Go right off the beach or book a tour.

1 Cayman Islands

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner who wants to practice your snorkeling skills off Seven Mile Beach or an experienced explorer ready for the challenging Smith Cove, which drops 60 feet, you’ll see swarms of marine life and coral formations sure to thrill at this Caribbean destination. Want a little more adventure? Try the wrecks of Grand Cayman. You won’t be disappointed.

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