The 5 Best Exercises for Men in Their 50s

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Stay in shape by exercising a half hour every day, or get into better shape with some outdoor sports or longer workouts several times a week. When men reach their 50s they sometimes get so caught up in family life and work that they neglect to stay in good physical shape. Check with your doctor first to make sure you will survive the change of pace, and then get into the habit of being physically fit.

5 Zero Budget Fitness

Stretch muscles gently when preparing for any kind of workout, and start out with a few basic standby routines when you are first getting started. Push-ups and abdominal crunches offer core strength training, and jogging in place has been known to work up a sweat in a really short amount of time. Just avoid trying to do pull-ups on the shower curtain rod, or one of those bars you hang in a doorway unless you weigh under 90 pounds.

4 I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Tour around town on some two-wheeled transportation that leaves no carbon footprint, and get in great shape while you are at it. Bicycles are not just for drivers who have lost their driver’s license anymore. Riding a bike allows you to control the pace, and it offers a bonus of getting outdoors during nice weather. Download Queen’s “Greatest Hits” to your MP3 player, and don’t forget to mount a cool bell to the handlebars. Ring, ring!

3 Take a Hike

Leave the car in the garage and walk to the store or to work, and take the long way home to stretch out those legs. Walking at a brisk pace can be as much exercise as jogging, mile for mile, without all that impact on your bones and joints. As you progress in your walking ability, consider a hike in the woods or a few trips up and down the stairs, carrying a box of rocks.

2 Dancing, Without the Stars

Dancing is a great form of exercise for anyone, and especially so for men in their 50s who are just getting back into physical activity. Start off slowly, and work your way up to some Saturday Night Fever once you get the hang of it. Of course, you will need a partner for a proper dance, and that can lead to some very interesting exercises for later in the evening that we won’t be covering here.

1 Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Paddle a canoe around a lake at sunrise to experience one of the most peaceful forms of exercise known to exist in the modern world. Once you master the rowing motion, take on a more challenging watercraft activity such as a sea kayak on a lake. Just be sure to wear a life preserver and don’t forget to bring a paddle. Boats of several shapes and sizes can be bought or rented from nearly any marina.

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