The 5 Best Black Friday Websites

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Maybe you hate crowds, or the thought of being trampled by one. But you still have to shop for holiday gifts. And if you want the latest and greatest gizmos, toys and knickknacks, you have to shop for them on Black Friday, the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season on the day after Thanksgiving. What to do? Kick back, relax and sit in front of your computer, e-shopping to your heart’s content. With the help of these Black Friday websites, you’ll be on top of all the bargains, whether you stay home and click to buy, or brave the rush and hit the mall.

5 stands out because, unlike many other shopping sites, it focuses specifically on the big day—no daily deals here, just Black Friday information. It also takes full advantage of the Internet and links to the products and ads so shoppers can get all the details they need. Although the site’s design is crowded, it categorizes deals in a variety of ways, including listing major retailers by name, and offers preset searches by product type.

4 (“Where every day is Black Friday”) is another site for year-round bargain hunters that features a section devoted to the big shopping day. Some of the features that help it stand out include retailers’ phone numbers, in case you want to call ahead and make sure a product is in stock or a deal is available. Like, the site also offers a shopping strategy guide and an iPhone app.

3 BlackFriday by BradsDeals is a year-round coupon code and discount tracker that ramps up its coverage for the biggest shopping day of the year. Like, BradsDeals’ Black Friday site offers leaked ads, but it ups the ante with Black Friday news items, its own shopping guide and an iPhone app aimed at savvy consumers. Founder Brad Wilson told USA Today in 2012 that Black Friday really does offer better bargains for shoppers than everyday specials.


Some Black Friday websites don’t sell products directly, instead providing hardy shoppers with lists of the best coupons and deals offered by retailers. The best sites, like, leak the ads early so shoppers can compare Black Friday sales and know ahead of time just where to camp out overnight for the most impressive deals. They even compare online savings, for those who want to use the Internet to get a jump on holiday shopping.


The king of e-commerce has an entire page devoted to Black Friday shopping deals on books and everything else it carries—offering even more cuts to its usual discount prices. And it hopes you’ll click away on Black Friday, even if it also wants you to go shopping for bargains on Cyber Monday, and every other day of the year. When it’s not Black Friday time, the page points you toward Amazon’s regular daily bargains and other good deals on the site.

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