The 5 Best Al Pacino Movie Quotes

Al Pacino is the star of dozens of films, spanning five decades. His characters have been praised by critics and loved by the public. One thing that contributes to his lasting fame is the large number of memorable lines penned for Pacino by screenwriters. His best quotes are integral to learning about the characters he plays and the stories that surround them on screen.

5 On Any Given Sunday You’re Gonna Win or You’re Gonna Lose. The Point Is, Can You Win or Lose Like a Man?

Al Pacino stepped toward a second millennium of acting with 1999’s “Any Given Sunday.” A new generation of fans saw him as the outspoken Tony D’Amato, a football coach with personal baggage and daunting professional challenges. This not only gives the film its title, but also cements Al Pacino as an actor capable of playing even the toughest, most hardened characters, even at an older age.

4 Just When I Thought That I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In

Michael Corleone is one of Pacino’s most well-known and reprised characters, including in the trilogy-concluding “The Godfather: Part III” in 1990. As the aging Michael works to secure his family’s future, he also struggles with guilt from his past deeds. This quote represents his ultimate frustration when he realizes that he can never leave the past behind.

3 Attica! Attica!

Another selection from the American Film Institute’s 100 honored quotes, Al Pacino yelling “Attica!” over and over is among the central images from 1975’s “Dog Day Afternoon.” Pacino plays bank robber Sonny Wortzik, whose daylong standoff with police slowly turns the assembled crowd in his favor. Invoking the name of Attica prison, where a controversial killing of inmates had recently made national news, grounds the film in reality and makes Sonny a counterculture anti-hero.

2 Say Hello to My Little Friend

As Tony Montana in the 1983 gangster classic “Scarface,” Pacino shouts this famous line during the film’s climactic shootout. His “little friend” happens to be a machine gun, and the bloodbath that follows this quote is memorable for its length, as well as the level of gore. The quote has been parodied and copied in a number of other films, but Pacino said it first, and best.

1 Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Enemies Closer

Al Pacino’s advice as mob boss Michael Corleone in 1974’s “The Godfather: Part II” summarizes his character’s cunning, ruthless nature. As Michael’s relationship with his family crumbles, the line between friends and enemies becomes suspensefully thin. This quote was ranked Pacino’s best, and the 58th best of all time, by the American Film Institute in 2005.

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