Textastrophe: Our Top 5 Pranks

The practical joke. It’s age-old. We’re all familiar with well-known gags as the Whoopee Cushion and prank phone calls. But with the rapid advancement of new technology and the development of innovative forms of communication, what kind of practical joke will emerge next?

Prank text messaging. You knew it was going to happen someday. It was inevitable, almost destined. And now that day is here. Textastrophe.com is a way of revealing the spectacle and hilarity behind the future of practical jokes.

From corkboards at your local supermarket, all the way to Craigslist, people trustfully place their phone numbers for the rest of the world to see, in hopes to communicate, share, or conduct some form of business. Textastrophe uncovers the hilarious relationships one can have with these unwary strangers. Spanning from absolute frustration to joining in on the joke, the responses we receive are nothing short of hysterical.

5 Subs and Amp

4 The Taco Costume

3 The Man Cave

2 The Grill

1 The Bulldozer

Coming soon: Textastrophe‘s guide on how to prank your friends!

Maybe you don’t have the panache to contact people like the bold Textastrophe guys, so here are 5 Hilarious but Harmless Pranks to play on your friends.

It almost seems like a prank when you hear these 5 Most Unfortunate City Names On the U.S. Map!


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