Top 5 Ways To Test Your Wedding Look Before The Big Day

Hair and makeup are a huge part of your nuptials. Use these inventive ways to take your wedding look for a spin before the big day!

The months and weeks leading up to your wedding day can be incredibly stressful, especially if you have taken on the bulk of the planning. With Pinterest and other fun apps, it has become less necessary to hire wedding planners, as people opt to go DIY on many facets of the event itself, whether to cut costs or to add a personal flair to it all. After all, this is a ginormous day for you, and you’re entitled to make it as personalized and comfortable for your guests as possible.

But what about you? There are so many things to keep track of – moments to plan to perfection, and people to worry about – that it can be difficult to keep in mind that your wedding day is for you and your significant other. (If we’re being honest, everyone else is there to support you first, and then to enjoy a free party. The details you stress over probably aren’t even noticeable to most.) With that in mind, it’s your day to shine as brightly as ever, but you can’t necessarily do that if you’re going in blind with your wedding look. So, we’re here to save the day. If you’re gearing up for what is presumed to be the most important day of your life, it’s high time to check out our top 5 ways to test that wedding look before the big day arrives! (Treat yourself!)


5.) The Night Before


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Are you a procrastinator like we are? Super into the idea of testing out the look for your main day, but really didn’t think about it until the last minute? That’s alright! A new trend in wedding prep is creating a similar look for the dress rehearsal. Many women have been testing their ideal makeup look – at the very least – the night before, gauging reactions to it at their rehearsal dinner and talking to their bridesmaids about what they can do to enhance their natural beauty and the quirks in their features. It is the most formal way to do a test run, and to really learn how to play up your features from the people who know you best.

Though this does work for makeup prep, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend a full-blown updo test the night before unless it’s something a little less fancy than you expect to wear as part of your official wedding look. After all, we would never want to suggest you ruin the surprise of your look the day before, or that your rehearsal dinner photos are identical to the photos of your wedding.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is not to stress. As much planning and delving into the project as you can do in advance, your Big Day will undoubtedly have a few hiccups. Let things roll off your shoulders, go with the flow, and keep in mind that the day is about you and your partner.

4.) Test Your Wedding Look On An App

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If you’re facing any type of dilemma in your life, keep in mind that there’s probably an app to solve it. The most comprehensive app we have found is YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie, which allows you to complete real-time virtual makeovers so you can try on makeup, add accessories and run a skin analysis. Alternatives include MakeupPlus, YouFace and InstaBeauty; however, none of them will complete your wedding day look entirely, as you can’t add your wedding dress, accessories or hair fastener into any of them. (But don’t worry. You probably have a friend who is “really good” at Photoshop and can work some magic for you.)

General warning: Don’t rely on these apps for your everyday look. The ones listed above show pretty accurate representations of the people who are trying out new looks before purchasing product or booking a vendor, but it can be really easy to get sucked into them and to start overanalyzing your appearance and comparing yourself to others. Keep in mind that this is meant to be a fun and carefree exercise to give you a better idea of the aesthetic of your wedding.

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3.) Host a ‘Treat Yo’self’ Night With Your Bridal Party


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The Bloomin’ Couch

For decades, women have been treating their bridal party members to wonderful gifts and good tidings, as bridesmaids are known to bear the brunt of the work leading up to the big day. To be fair, these women are your biggest support and have been chosen for a really important reason to stand by you on the day of your nuptials. So why not show them some love AND test out some wedding styles ahead of the big day?

Whether you host the evening as part of your bachelorette weekend or the week before the wedding, there is so much fun to be had! Work with your color palette and test out makeup looks on each other. (Delve into Pinterest for more fun makeup and hair ideas!) Dig out that old curling iron you don’t have the patience for and see what you can come up with for hair. Or simply consume some wine with your best friends and give each other pedicures while browsing ideas online together so you all have an idea of what to expect on the big day. (There’s also the option of having your official consultation that evening, so your ladies can help you decide which service provider to go with!)

Trust us, there’s nothing worse than a bridesmaid showing up and realizing she has committed to an unflattering look. Work WITH your ladies for a successful and easy-going day!

2.) Schedule A Beauty Trial Run

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Many hair and makeup artists who have a more DIY setup and offer to travel for weddings are also available for trial runs of your ideal wedding look. Before you book your artist, consider reaching out to a handful (we suggest three to five) to book trial runs so you can make sure the person you work with on your big day has chemistry to work with you and – if you so choose – the rest of your bridal party. Plus, it’s good to have an idea of how much time it might take any one stylist to complete a look, so you can factor that into your prep time on your wedding day. Trial consults such as these can range anywhere from $20 to $200 on the reasonable end, though you’ll want to do a little bit of research before booking.

For example, ask your potential stylist questions like: Are trial runs done exclusively in your studio, or can you travel for those? Does this trial run fee count toward my total cost if I do choose to hire you? How much time do you think we should allot for hair and makeup the morning of? What type of products do you work with?


1.) Hang Out At Your Local Beauty Bar

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Who said you have to be doing something fancy to head into your nearest shopping or outlet mall location and get your makeup done? Chain stores such as Ulta, Sephora, and Beauty Brands hire customer service representatives not only to help you match makeup to your skin and help you find options that are safe and healthy for your skin type, but to aid you in applying makeup. That’s right! Many employees specialize in the product carried specifically at their store and – though the bulk weren’t professionally trained at beauty school – have acquired the tools necessary to help you prep your perfect wedding look.

This might just be our personal experience, but while the aforementioned store representatives are still utilizing products and suggesting ones you might purchase, we have also found a bevy of helpful information when hanging out at their beauty bar counters. Be it inexpensive alternatives to the high-end products used in the trial run, quick finish tips for the big day or suggestions for beauty consultants to help you out the morning of your wedding, these professionals know what’s up. And they’re not necessarily in it for a commissioned paycheck like you might find at daunting high-end department stores.

What do you think of our list? Let us know below, and then start prepping your hair to be bouncy, healthy, and amazing with these tips!

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