Ten Days After Giving Birth To Triplets, Mom Feels Huge Pain In Her Chest


They Had To Go Back

The moment she went into labor, he made sure to get her to the hospital as soon as she could. The moment had finally arrived, and he couldn’t believe how lucky he was to be able to share it with her.

They got to the hospital in record time, and within moments they welcomed their children. The delivery was smooth, and they encountered no problems. However, something would soon happen that would bring them back to the hospital emergency room.

They Were Ready

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There was nothing special about Kansas residents Ken and Tammy. They recently tied the knot, and they were ready to expand their little family. They did everything in their power to make sure that they had a comfortable life.

Their careers were going great, and they were finally ready to have children. They had no clue that something so simple would change everything that they worked so hard for.

From Friends To Partners

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Ken and Tammy met each other in high school. They started off as friends, and they soon became best friends. They spent every weekend together, and their friendship soon blossomed into something more.

Ken asked Tammy on a coffee date after two beautiful years of friendship. They immediately realized that they both had feelings for each other, and they had been together ever since.

The Next Step

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Tammy graduated from college, and after she settled, Ken got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. He was a successful software engineer, and Tammy was a real estate agent.

Once they got married, the pair discussed their future together. They felt like they were in the perfect place to have children. They attempted to conceive but eventually, a problem would occur.

Things Were Looking Bleak

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After a year of trying, Ken and Tammy learned that they were not able to have children. Ken was more affected by the news than Tammy, as the doctor confirmed that he was the source of the problem.

Despite the fact that everything appeared to be going wrong, the doctor proposed many solutions that might result in them having children. Tammy’s decision would leave Ken stunned.

What She Wanted

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Ken knew from the beginning that Tammy wanted to be a mother more than anything in the world; however, he was not prepared for what she wanted to do next. “Artificial insemination,” she said excitedly. She paused for a moment and questioned the procedure with the doctor.

The doctor described the procedure in detail, emphasizing that it would improve their odds of having a child. Ken and Tammy returned home and had a lengthy discussion about the situation. They went forward with the treatment a week later. They didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.

Good News

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Ken and Tammy decided to go forward with artificial insemination. Tammy was inseminated with two embryos by their doctor to increase her chances of becoming pregnant, and the indicators of pregnancy arrived just several weeks later.

When the couple learned they were expecting a child, they were overjoyed. Ken did everything in his power to make sure Tammy was comfortable and happy. He did his best, but they would soon realize that it was not good enough.


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Tammy’s belly became larger as the months passed. The couple had received some incredible news. Both embryos were successfully inseminated, but one of the embryos had divided into two, resulting in twins.

Ken and Tammy were now expecting triplets, a startling announcement that brought them both to tears. However, these tears of delight would quickly change to tears of anguish.

Going Into Labor

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One week before Tammy’s due date, she called for Ken. They realized that her water had broken and that the triplets were ready to come into the world.

Ken tried his best to keep his composure, and he made sure that his wife got safely to the hospital. Tammy’s delivery went off without a hitch. Trouble would, however, appear sooner or later.

A Worsening Situation

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After the hospital gave Tammy the all-clear to go home, Ken took his family back home. But it wasn’t long before Ken, Tammy, and the kids were back at the hospital.

Tammy and Ken’s lives were the busiest in the days following the delivery. Tammy’s condition worsened when she began to experience moderate chest aches.

A Big Mistake

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At first, the couple had brushed the pains off, thinking it was a side effect of Tammy’s body acclimating to not having the triplets within. If only they knew how wrong they were.

As the hours passed, the pain morphed from mild to acute, and it was then that the couple knew it was serious. One look at Tammy and Ken knew he should’ve taken her to the hospital as soon as the pains started. 

A Heartbreaking Sight

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Tammy’s face was drenched in sweat and leached of color. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she couldn’t talk correctly. Although she was quiet, Ken knew she was stifling cries so as not to worry him. 

Since they didn’t have a nanny yet, he dressed the kids as fast as possible and helped them and Tammy into the car. They’d reach the hospital if it’s the last thing they did. 

Driving Back To The Hospital 

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Ken drove to the emergency room as fast as the city’s road rules could allow him. Tammy and his kids were his everything. He didn’t know what he’d do if he lost them. 

Although he had no idea what was going on, he was sure it was tied to either the pregnancy or delivery. The doctor would tell him which. 

The Emergency Room

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Ken paced outside the emergency room as the doctors began their extensive check-up on Tammy and the kids. An hour passed, then two. The doctors and nurses were all quiet, rushing quietly with their eyes avoiding Ken’s.

It was almost three hours when one of the doctors came with an update. Ken shot to his feet, equally furious and worried. The doctor’s news would leave him in tears. 


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“There was a blood clot in your wife’s lungs resulting from her delivery,” the doctor began, and immediately, Ken’s eyes flooded with stinging tears. “The triplets are fine,” continued the doctor. “But we have to get their mom into an emergency operation.”

The doctor presented a few papers for Ken to sign before Tammy’s surgery which was successful after three additional gruesome hours. As Ken drove his family back home a week later, he couldn’t help but thank the heavens for how lucky he was.