Veteran Stops Teen From Getting On Bike After Seeing What’s In His Basket


Completely Shocked

Mr. Peters couldn’t believe what he was hearing. During the time that he had observed the boy, he had come up with a ton of explanations. But nothing came close to the truth.

As he stood there, listening to the officer explain the situation, he couldn’t help but feel guilty. What had he done? How could he not have seen it?

His Daily Walk


It was the 3rd of March, and the day was like every other. Mr. Peters woke up early, had some breakfast, and got ready for his daily walk.

He never expected that this day would end up leading him down a path of discovery that would have him questioning everything he thought he knew. What happened that day?

Needing The Exercise


At the age of 79, Mr. Peters needed all the exercise he could get. It was something his wife had always reminded him of before her passing. And it was something that he would never be able to forget.

But it wasn’t just because his wife spent the last 30 years reminding him of it. If only he knew what that day had in store for him.

During The War


Mr. Peters got injured during the Vietnam War. He was making his way through the forest when something exploded, and a piece of shrapnel ended up piercing the muscle in his thigh.

The damage it caused was so severe that it not only ended with him being pulled from the war. It also had him attending therapy for years to follow.

Constant Maintenance


Even though the injury healed after years of treatment, the muscle never really recovered. The doctor told Mr. Peters that it would need constant training and exercise. Otherwise, it would harden and eventually become unusable.

That was something Mr. Peters was trying to avoid it at all cost. So he spent an hour every morning training that muscle and making sure it never hardened.

He Picked Up On Something


On this specific day, as Mr. Peters was taking his walk, he picked up on something he found rather suspicious. Mr. Peters wasn’t usually the observant kind, but this was so obvious it caught his attention.

What did he see? And how would it affect the rest of his day? He would find out soon enough.

A Young Man


As Mr. Peters was strolling through the city, he noticed a young man with a bicycle. The teen was standing in front of a pawn shop, and he was having a discussion with someone over the phone.

That wasn’t enough to make anyone suspicious, but for some reason, it caught Mr. Peters’ attention. Why was that?

Looking A Little Shabby


Mr. Peters found his own observation a little strange. But the more he looked at the young man, the more he seemed to be drawn to him.

The teen was looking a bit shabby in his torn jeans and dirty hoodie. Yet he had an expensive phone and a new bicycle. Did he steal those things? Or did he earn them?

Small Details


This had Mr. Peters’ curiosity shooting through the roof. He never believed in judging a book by its cover, but for some reason, he couldn’t stop himself from doing exactly that.

He found himself judging the young man, and in the process, he picked up on a few of the smaller details. He saw that the bike was incredibly shiny, and the phone was well-preserved. What did that mean?

Two Words


Unable to stop himself, Mr. Peters got a little closer to the boy as he passed by him. And that was when he heard something he shouldn’t have.

“It’s done,” the boy said before hanging up the phone and getting on his bike. What was he talking about? And who was he talking to? Would Mr. Peters ever solve the mystery?

Constantly Thinking


The boy rode off, and Mr. Peters continued his walk, but he couldn’t get his mind off the young man or what he heard. What did he mean?

The question consumed the veteran. He was constantly thinking about those words and their meaning. For some reason, he wanted to research the matter and find out what it was about.

Was He Missing Something?


For the rest of that day, Mr. Peters’ mind was consumed by what he saw and heard. He loved mysteries, and this was one worth solving. At least, that was what he thought.

But Mr. Peters would soon learn that not all mysteries ended the way he hoped they would. And that would have him rethinking everything he thought he knew.

The Next Day


That night was a restless one, and when Mr. Peters woke up the next morning, he was exhausted. He simply couldn’t get his mind to shut down. But he would follow his routine nonetheless.

But as Mr. Peters walked past the pawn shop, he realized that the boy was there again. It was almost like he was having Déjà vu.

Same Events


Mr. Peters stood there, frozen in place by how similar the events were to the previous day. The boy was wearing exactly the same clothes, and once again, he was on his phone.

What was going on there? Mr. Peters couldn’t help but wonder what he had walked in on. And that was what had the boy on his mind once more.

Getting Suspicious


For some odd reason, Mr. Peters was starting to get suspicious about the situation. He didn’t know why that was or how he would explain it to a stranger. But he knew his suspicions were rising, and he simply couldn’t let it go.

What would the veteran do about his suspicion? Would he act on it? Or just let it go?

A Whole Week


At first, Mr. Peters decided to ignore his gut feeling and move on with his life. He tried to suppress his thoughts about the boy and his need to solve the puzzle.

But that turned out to be harder than it seemed, as the same thing kept happening every single day for the whole week.

What Could He Do?


At this point, Mr. Peters was consumed with intrigue. Solving the puzzle had become his main goal, and he so desperately wanted to find the answers.

But what could he do? He was just another citizen with no right to even approach the teen. Was there any other way for him to solve the case?

Something New


Just as Mr. Peters was about to give up on his quest, something new happened. The boy was next to the store, talking on his phone as he did every other morning, but he didn’t cover the contents of his basket properly.

As Mr. Peters walked past, he managed to get a glimpse of what was inside it. And it raised even more questions.

What Was In His Basket?


Mr. Peters couldn’t believe his eyes. The entire basket was filled with $100 bills. The boy had always been careful about concealing them, but it seemed like he was in a hurry on that day.

He forgot to cover the money properly and because of that Mr. Peters had more questions than ever before. What on earth was the teen up to?



After seeing what the basket contained, Mr. Peters became even more curious. His puzzle had just become more complicated, and he wanted to find the answers before it happened again.

Would he be able to uncover the truth? Or would this quest lead to nothing but questions? He would find all the answers before he was ready for them.

He Wanted To Know


At first, Mr. Peters tried to ignore what he saw. But once again, he failed to control his curiosity. He couldn’t help but try to link the money with the words he had heard on the first day.

He wanted to know if the two were connected. And if that were the case, how were they connected? Was the boy a thief? Or was the situation worse than that?

Driving Him Mad


The questions that were constantly roaming through Mr. Peters’ mind was driving him mad. With each day that passed, he became more curious. And the puzzle was starting to gnaw at him.

All he wanted was to uncover the truth. He had no idea how it would affect him or his future. But his urge for the truth would lead him down a path he could never return from.

He Needed Answers


Mr. Peters just wanted to find out what the boy was up to and how he got his hands on the money he was riding around.

Had he pawned something to earn it? Had he stolen it? Did he make it in some sinister way? And what was he doing with it when all was said and done?

Was He A Threat?


But there was something else as well. Something that had Mr. Peters wondering what he had gotten himself caught up in.

Was this boy a threat to Mr. Peters, his neighbors, or his community? It was something Mr. Peters didn’t even want to consider. But it was also something that he couldn’t ignore. It was a possibility that needed to be explored.

A Drastic Choice


So when Mr. Peters was on his walk the following day, he decided to do something drastic. He walked past the boy as he always did, but instead of taking his usual route, he hid around the corner and waited.

When the boy pulled off, he followed. He decided that he would find the answers one way or another. If only he knew what he was walking into.

Through The City


The boy was faster than Mr. Peters thought, and he ended up putting a lot of pressure on his once-damaged muscle. But he wouldn’t give up.

He had finally gotten his chance, and he would not be losing it. So he kept pushing through and followed the kid through the entire city, hoping he’d finally uncover the truth.

Into The Woods


The kid drove from the one side of the city to the other, and then he went out into the vast forest that enclosed the area. Mr. Peters found this action rather strange, but he followed nonetheless.

The pair went deeper into the woods, and at this point, Mr. Peters was starting to doubt his decision. What on earth did he get himself caught up in?

A Long Journey


The journey seemed endless. Mr. Peters had almost given up multiple times, but he had come so far that he couldn’t just turn back now.

The answers were at his fingertips. But he’d have to survive the rest of the walk if he wanted to uncover the truth. Would he manage? Or would he give in before he could reach the end?

Would It Ever End?


Mr. Peters was breathing heavily. Miles had passed beneath his feet, and his thigh was killing him. It was so bad that he found himself praying, begging the lord to let this torturous journey end.

What he didn’t know was that he just had to hold on for a little while longer. He was almost at his destination. And he’d have the answers before he knew it.

End Of The Road


About ten minutes later, Mr. Peters had reached the end of the line. He stumbled to a halt as he took in the sight before him. Where was he? And what did he find?

Mr. Peters was looking at a massive trailer park, and he could see the boy’s bicycle leaning against one of the trailers. Was this where he lived?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.