Teen Returns Lost Purse Full Of Cash, Couple’s Reward Leaves Him Speechless


Tough Times

Emit wanted to find a way to help take care of his grandmother, so he took a job at the grocery store. He has two younger siblings and was raised by his grandmother when his parents died in an accident.

His life wasn’t always easy, but his grandmother made things better. However, things took a turn for the worst once he graduated from high school.  He was completely unaware that his big break was approaching.


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Emit has always been a self-sufficient child. His grandmother taught him the value of perseverance, integrity, independence, and having a compassionate soul.

He already embraced these fundamental characteristics when he was younger and used them to establish a life for himself. Nobody knew what would happen to his life in the future.

A Bright Future

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Emit had a stellar GPA when he graduated from high school, which would get him into any university he wanted. The problem, though, was that his family lacked the resources to pay for college tuition.

Emit, though, was not the type to give up so quickly. He instantly got to work, looking for alternative ways to go to school without being a burden to his grandmother. His request would be granted in due time.


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Emit has been seeking ways to pay for his college tuition for a few months. He had learned that he could possibly qualify for a number of bursaries, each of which had different advantages.

However, qualifying wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Even though Emit was making every effort to obtain one of them, things were not going well for him. However, his life would soon change.

Helping Her Out

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When it occurred, Emit was a cashier at a supermarket. He accepted the position to help his grandma, a nurse at the time.

He couldn’t handle the thought of her bending herself backward for him and his siblings any longer. He wanted nothing more but to help her. If only he had known how drastically their lives would soon change.

Doing His Job

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It started out like any other. He quickly searched on the internet to see if any new scholarships were available before making his way to work.

Things were going smoothly when he spotted a brunette woman approaching the register to pay for her items. He didn’t give her much thought as she gave him a smile. But it took him only a half-hour after she left to know that something was very wrong.

A Strange Item

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After ringing the woman’s items, Emit wished her a nice day. As usual, he went about his business until he saw something odd close to his station. It was a green handbag.

It had exquisite leather and golden accents, giving it an upscale appearance. At first, Emit didn’t pick it up because he assumed a customer had left it there to return for an item in the aisles. But as the seconds passed, he realized that whoever had left it had left the establishment.

Opening It Up

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Emit considered whether to open the bag as he reached over for it. But because whoever left it had already left, he realized he would need to look inside for any signs of identification. It might help him to find the owner.

Emit inhaled deeply, hoping the bag didn’t hold anything dangerous that could endanger his life and the lives of everyone else in the establishment. But when he opened the zipper and peered inside, his jaw dropped open.

The Solution

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Emit was faced with stacks of cash. Rubber bands encircled the bills tightly, which were stacked against each other. It is estimated that there were hundreds of thousands of them. As Emit’s life troubles suddenly began to dissolve, his throat ran dry.

He imagined paying off his college debt, purchasing a car, and buying his grandmother and siblings gifts. He considered using the funds for an investment or a business venture. But one notion torched his head as his thoughts raced and his hands began to perspire.

The Right Thing

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The huge cash in front of Emit could solve all of his troubles. But he considered how concerned whoever had left the luggage at the counter must have been. He was aware that he had no choice but to find them.

He rummaged through the money during his lunch break. As luck would have it, he discovered three credit cards belonging to the same individual. Would he be able to find her in their dense city?

Searching For Her

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With the cards in hand, Emit did a simple Google search of the owner’s name. He found her social network accounts and, after a few digging, discovered where she might be staying. 

Emit got into the first bus he saw, heading to the neighborhood he suspected the bag’s owner lived. He could only imagine what hell she was going through right now. If only he knew who he was dealing with. 

Finding Her Neighborhood

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It didn’t take long for Emit to reach the neighborhood he was searching for. It was already evening, and he knew he needed to be fast, or nightfall would find him still looking for the bag’s owner. 

He asked around a few houses for the woman’s address, saying she forgot something at the store he worked in and he wanted to give it back. One of the woman’s neighbors pointed him to where she lived.

Her House

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The house was a beautiful mini-mansion, with an exotic car parked in its driveway. Emit didn’t waste any time. He hurried to the door and pushed the doorbell. A minute passed, and a woman opened the door for him. But it wasn’t the same woman in the social media accounts he’d used to get here. 

He asked her if he could talk to Danny Hernandez, and the woman invited him in. It was then that the bag’s owner stepped out. Emit recognized her right away.  

Recognizing Her

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Emit remembered the woman instantly, seeing that she still had the same clothes from when she came to the store. But she looked distraught as if she’d been crying. 

He offered her the bag, telling her everything he’d been through to get it to her. The woman couldn’t believe it. She’d been searching throughout the day, trying to retrace her steps so she could find the bag. Her identity and reward would leave Emit speechless.

A Good Deed Deserves Another 

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The woman was a high-ranking official for a non-governmental organization specializing in education. She offered Emit two thousand dollars on the spot and, after hearing how he struggled to get to college, recommended and vouched for him to get a hefty scholarship from her organization.

The gesture robbed Emit of all his words, and for a few days, he and his family couldn’t believe what was happening. He’d only wanted to do the right thing, and now the universe had repaid him in ways he couldn’t explain. 

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.