Teen Refuses To Clean Her Room So Mom Puts ‘Special’ Gift Under Her Pillow


The Problem

Veronica watched from the kitchen as her daughter messily tossed her bag on the floor, papers and pencils spilling all over the place as she walked off. She was at her wit’s end, but she hoped that after today, she would never have to deal with this problem again.

Her teenage daughter, Marli, wasn’t listening to her, but now, she was going to learn a valuable lesson.

Veronica waited until she heard her daughter’s bedroom door close, smirking silently to herself. Just a minute later, it happened.

Act Fast


Veronica’s hands shook as she snuck into her daughter’s bedroom. She looked at the small clock on the wall and nodded.

Marli would be home from school at any minute, she had to act fast.

Creeping closer to her daughter’s bed, she stumbled over multiple piles of clothes and trash. She had enough of this.

The Container


She slowly tossed the duvet to the side before reaching for the small container.

She was terrified of what was inside, but she knew that this was the only way to get her daughter to finally listen.

She opened the tub, holding her breath as she caught sight of the moving legs. Mortified, she turned the tub over and watched as it crawled into the covers.

A Prank


Veronica placed the duvet back where it was and quietly slipped out of her daughter’s bedroom.

She couldn’t help but wonder how the teenager would react to her little prank. She just hoped that it had some kind of impact on the girl.

Rushing to the kitchen, she removed ingredients from the fridge. She tried to play it casual by making her daughter a sandwich for lunch.

A Special Surprise


Before long, she heard the front door open and shut with a loud bang.

Marli was home from school, and soon, she would find a special surprise among her bedsheets. Veronica tried her best to suppress her smile.

“Hey Mom,” The old girl said as she walked by the kitchen. “Hey honey, I made you lunch,” She called back. Marli had no idea what was in store for her.

The Pattern


Veronica glanced out of the kitchen, watching as her daughter tossed her school bag aside, papers and pencils spilling out onto the floor. “I’m not hungry,” Marli responded, rolling her eyes before approaching her bedroom.

“Hey, come back here and clean this mess!” Veronica called, but her daughter ignored her and headed for her bedroom.

This had been the pattern for far too long.

Far Too Long


Veronica hoped and prayed that her little prank would get her daughter’s attitude in control.

She had been dealing with a stubborn teen for far too long at this point. She knew that the prank might be a little too much, but it was necessary.

She stood staring from the kitchen as the door shut behind her daughter. All she had to do now was wait.

Things Fell Apart


When Veronica Smith first had her daughter, Marli, she thought her life was finally complete.

She and her husband had been in a turbulent marriage for years, but she thought that a baby would dissolve the tension between them.

For the first few months, everything seemed to be fine. Marli brought them closer together, but things fell apart after a while.

A New Life


When Marli was one year old, Veronica finally gathered the courage to leave her husband.

As soon as the divorce was settled, she took Marli and moved to Omaha, Nebraska. After the move, life got easier for the single mother.

But as Marli developed into a teenager, she developed a nasty habit. No matter how much Veronica begged and pleaded, her daughter refused to clean up after herself.

A Single Mother


But as she got older, this habit only seemed to get worse. Eventually, Veronica would have to threaten to ground Marli just to get her to make her bed.

It was hard being a single mother, but she still loved every second of it.

But one day, after finding a week-old bowl of pasta in her daughter’s bedroom, Veronica decided that enough was enough.

She Was Ill


On that day, Marli was at school while Veronica had taken the day off of work. She was feeling rather ill and needed a day to lounge in front of the television with a nice cup of tea.

But as soon as she settled on the couch and looked around her, she noticed how messy the place was.

Marli’s things were sprawled all over the place. Veronica couldn’t rest knowing that the house looked like a pigsty.

Her Job


She huffed as she got up from the couch and began gathering her daughter’s things. She had shoes, coats, homework, and random little items all over the floors and counters.

Veronica’s blood was boiling as she stacked the items on top of each other.

She had asked her daughter to clean this mess the day before, but as usual, she ignored her. Now, it was her job to clean it all up.

Cleaning Up


A prominent frown sat between her eyebrows as she trailed through the house, picking up random items of trash that her daughter had dropped and just left on the floor.

She was fifteen years old, and she was refusing to do the chores her mother had set out for her.

With a trash bag in hand, the tired mother ventured into her daughter’s bedroom, sighing aloud at the state of the small room.



But as she walked further into the room, she noticed the bowl of spaghetti. The spaghetti she had made a week ago.

Her stomach dropped as she got closer to the bowl. Part of her wanted to dump the entire thing into the trash.

But it got a lot worse when she looked into the bowl and shrieked. There, on top of the spaghetti were two, large cockroaches, eating the old food.

Getting To Work


Veronica knew that she had to sort this problem out immediately, and she had to start with the cockroaches first. Not being the type to hurt living things, she decided to grab a container.

This way, she could catch the cockroaches and set them free outside, somewhere far from their home.

Once they were secure in the container, she took the bowl to the kitchen and washed it with soapy water.

She Tried Everything


She spent two whole hours cleaning up after her daughter, and by the end of it, she was tired and fed up.

She had tried everything to get her daughter to start cleaning up after herself, but what could she do?

All her daughter ever did was say “no” and walk away. But as she began cleaning her daughter’s room, the cockroaches came to mind, and suddenly, she had a plan.

A Plan


Dropping her cleaning supplies on the floor, she quickly made her way back to the living room where she had placed the tub with the two cockroaches. She slowly walked closer to it and picked it up.

She couldn’t help but wonder what her daughter would think seeing two cockroaches in her bed.

Was this the way to get her to finally start cleaning her room?

She Had To Be Quick


Taking the container into her daughter’s room, Veronica’s hands shook. It was almost time for Marli to come home from school. She had to be quick.

She approached her daughter’s bed, nearly stumbling over the piles of clothes that lined the floor.

She had had enough and it was time to teach her daughter a valuable lesson.

Tucking Them In


She placed the first one under her daughter’s pillow before moving on to the duvet.

She pulled it back, gently tossing the second cockroach onto the bed. She felt sick as she watched it crawl into her daughter’s sheets.

She then placed the duvet back where it was a second ago and quickly slipped out of her daughter’s room.

Positive Impact


She wondered how Marli would react to her punishment.

She just hoped that it had some kind of positive impact on the girl, she was just trying to teach her daughter a valuable lesson.

Rushing to the kitchen, she removed ingredients from the fridge and tried to play it casual by making her daughter a sandwich for lunch. As soon as she was done, she heard the front door open.

She Was Home


Marli walked right past the kitchen, greeting her mother with a quick “hey” as she made her way into the living room.

“I made you some lunch,” Veronica informed her from the kitchen, trying to act as normal as ever.

“I’m not hungry,” The teenager shrugged, tossing her school bag messily on the floor before heading straight for her bedroom. Veronica wondered how long it would take her to notice the bugs.

Far Too Long


Veronica had been at her wit’s end for far too long. She hoped that after today, she would never have to deal with this problem again.

Marli wasn’t listening to her, and now, she was about to learn a valuable lesson.

Veronica waited until she heard her daughter’s bedroom door close, smirking silently to herself. Just a minute later, she heard it: a high-pitched scream.

It Finally Happened


The scream echoed through their home, and Veronica had to cover her mouth with a hand to stop herself from laughing aloud. A second later, Marli’s bedroom door opened. “Mom!” she called.

Veronica composed herself, pretending to be worried as she ran to her daughter’s bedroom. “What’s the matter, honey?” Veronica knew that her plan had worked.

A Shocking Discovery


Marli stood frozen near her bedroom door, her face drained of color. She pointed at her bed, stammering, “There are… there are bugs in my bed!” Her eyes were wide with horror.

Veronica pretended to be surprised, her heart racing with a mix of guilt and satisfaction. “Bugs? What are you talking about?” She feigned ignorance as she approached the bed. Her acting skills were put to the test.

Facing the Consequences


Veronica decided to play along and gasp. She didn’t want Marli to find out that it was her just yet. Her surprise appeared genuine. “Oh my goodness! How did they get here?”

Marli, trembling with fear and disgust, had tears in her eyes. “I don’t know, Mom! This is so gross! We need to get them out here immediately before they start breeding!”

A Pang Of Guilt


Veronica maintained her façade, but inside, she felt a pang of guilt. She had hoped this prank would teach her daughter a lesson about cleanliness, but now she was starting to question whether it had been too extreme.

It was not her intention. She just wanted to teach her daughter a lesson she would not forget.

Something Had To Do Done


But Veronica knew that something had to be done. She was no longer even listening to her, and now she had to learn that if you didn’t listen, there were consequences.

She wanted to see what exactly her daughter was going to do about the mess. Would she finally realize that she could no longer sleep in a messy room?

All For Nothing?


Or was all of Veronica’s effort for nothing? Only time would tell. She watched as her daughter scrunched up her face in disgust.

She waited. It would only be a matter of time before Marli would have to clean up. Veronica hoped that Marli would realize her mistakes and finally take charge of her room.



“I can’t believe I have cockroaches in my bed! Look!” She stepped out of her doorway and let her mother glance into the room, and there they were. The two cockroaches had reunited and were now sitting on the duvet, staring at them.

“I’m not surprised! Look at the state of this bedroom!” Veronica gasped, “Who knows what other bugs could be living in here? You have to clean it right now!”



Marli rubbed a hand across her worried face as she nodded at her mother’s words.

“You’re right, what if those two had babies?” She was completely freaked out and Veronica had to hide her satisfaction.

“Come on, strip your bed, and toss the sheets into the wash. It’s time to sort this mess out,” Veronica told her.

Marli’s Lesson


As Marli reluctantly began to strip her bed and gather her dirty sheets, Veronica felt a mixture of relief and triumph. It seemed her prank had finally gotten through to her daughter.

Over the next few hours, mother and daughter worked side by side to clean Marli’s room. They vacuumed, dusted, and organized, making the space look more inviting than it had in months. Veronica used this opportunity to talk to Marli about the importance of responsibility and cleanliness.

A Heartfelt Conversation


“Marli,” Veronica began, “I didn’t do this to be mean. I did it because I want you to understand that taking care of your space is important. It’s not just about keeping bugs away; it’s about creating a comfortable and healthy environment for yourself.”

Marli nodded, still embarrassed by the cockroach incident but starting to see the lesson in it. “I get it, Mom. I’ll try to do better.”

A Mother’s Relief


Veronica smiled warmly at her daughter. “That’s all I ask, sweetie. We’re a team, and we need to keep our home clean and safe for both of us.”

As Marli cleaned, Veronica couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief. Maybe, just maybe, this experience would mark a turning point in their relationship. She knew that being a single mother was tough, but with open communication and patience, they could navigate the challenges together.

Communication Lines Open


Veronica just hoped that Marli would be able to keep her room clean at all times. She didn’t want to be forced to do something even more drastic next time.

Even though the communication lines were a bit more open between mother and daughter, Veronica knew that teenagers were still unpredictable. She didn’t know if the room would be staying clean for the foreseeable future.

Taking It Seriously


But Marli seemed to really be taking the job of cleaning up her room seriously. Veronica hadn’t seen her like this before.

She was determined to make her space spick and span. It looked like the cockroaches had given her a good and thorough scare. But Marli had no idea of what her mother had done behind her back.

Down To Business


For the next few hours, Veronica sat happily in front of the television with a warm cup of tea while her daughter cleaned her room. She folded her clothes, swept, and washed the floors until everything was spotless.

For the entire time, Veronica sat on the couch, smiling at the scent of soapy water in the air. It worked this time, but would Marli finally learn her lesson?

Posting About It


Proud of her accomplishment, Veronica went onto her favorite app, TikTok, and posted an entire video about the situation.

She gave every last detail and waited for some kind of response.

When Marli was done with her bedroom, she joined her mother in the living room and sat beside her. “Mom, that was so disgusting. I can’t believe I let my room get to that state,” She sighed.

She Agreed


With a smile on her face, Veronica scooted closer to her daughter and threw an arm over her shoulder.

“That’s okay, honey. This is how you learn. From now on, you should keep your room clean so that this never happens again,” She told her with a soft smile.

Marli nodded, for the first time, she agreed with her mother about cleaning her bedroom.

A Viral Video


The following morning, Veronica awoke to thousands of notifications on her phone. Sitting up in her bed, she opened TikTok and found that her video had gone viral overnight.

The post had thousands of likes and comments. The majority of the comments were from mothers calling Veronica’s idea “brilliant” and “genius,” but others weren’t as positive.

It All Worked Out


Many people seemed to think that she had gone too far with her little prank. But that didn’t really matter to Veronica. She did what she had to do.

As far as she was concerned, everything worked out. Since that day, her daughter kept her bedroom spotless at all times.

Veronica would still have to get her to pick up after herself, but the entire situation improved thanks to her little prank. But what would Marli do if she found out about the video?

Not Happy


It was long before Veronica’s household would be turned upside down once again. The moment Marli found out that her mother had recorded and posted the whole thing online, she flew into a rage.

“How could you do this to me? How could you come into my room, violate my privacy, and still post my room online?” Marli yelled.



Her face was red with anger, and she hated that her mother had done this to her. Now, everyone could see her messy room and how it was overrun with cockroaches.

She felt a wave of embarrassment flood over her. She couldn’t face going to school. She was convinced that everyone would find the video and make fun of her.



“My life is over! It’s all because of you, Mom. You weren’t thinking about me at all. All you were thinking about was going viral!”

Veronica stood looking at her daughter in shock. She couldn’t believe that she was accusing her of not caring about her. All she ever did was care about her, and now she was furious.

No One Knows


“Calm down, honey. No one knows that it’s me, and no one knows it’s your room. I made sure not to show your whole room. If you watch the video, you’ll see I only recorded the bed,” Veronica assured her.

At that moment, Marli composed herself. She listened to what her mother was saying this time. Maybe it wasn’t so bad, she thought.

Realizing Her Mistake


When Marli eventually watched the video, she realized that her mother had not exposed her at all. Instead, she usually captions and subtitles instead of using her own voice in the video.

She felt bad for doubting her mother. In the end, she knew she was only looking out for her and only wanted the best for her.

Disclaimer: This story was handcrafted with love by a creative novelist to thrill and entertain, mirroring real-life situations to awaken your imagination and evoke profound emotions. All events, places, and characters are products of the author’s imagination, and all images and videos are used for illustrative purposes only. We hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it!