Teen Squatter Living In Man’s Garage Gets Invited For Dinner Unaware It’s A Trap


In The Dark Night

The man walked over to the window and watched the light dancing across the lawn. He was sure that he had put the garage light off that afternoon. It was pouring rain and windy too, he couldn’t go back out there now.

He squinted into the darkness and suddenly a loud crash was heard from inside the garage. He jumped back in shock. What was happening out there?

His Own Space


For years, George Michals had inhabited his quaint home, nestled at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac Parkland. Time had transformed his abode into a repository of memories, brimming with the relics of yesteryears.

The quiet man had lived cocooned within the walls of his cluttered home. Over time, he had amassed an ungodly amount of junk, his garage a testament to the hoarder’s paradise he had inadvertently cultivated.

Things To Do


The 42-year-old was a loving father to 3 children. His wife Larissa was a nurse at the Florida hospital and he was a construction manager. They were both busy people.

Piles of forgotten belongings, dust-covered furniture, and stacks of old newspapers had gradually consumed his garage, an organized chaos of possessions that had taken root over the years. Despite harboring a constant intention to clean it out, the task had always managed to evade him.

Alone At Home


Every intention of cleaning it had crumbled beneath the weight of procrastination, leaving the dusty relics untouched. He wanted to enjoy some time to himself but he knew he had chores to get to.

One night, a flicker of movement in the darkened recesses of the garage shattered George’s complacency, sending his heart pounding against his ribcage like a wild drum.

Way Out There


As the stars shone brightly overhead, George’s gaze fell upon his garage. An eerie stillness hung in the air, disturbed only by the occasional rustle of leaves.

But then, movement flickered in the dim light emanating from the garage. His heart quickened, and a shiver ran down his spine. He strained his eyes, staring intently at the shifting shadows within.

Noise In The Night


A sudden cacophony erupted from the garage, a symphony of creaks and rattles that echoed through the night. George’s breath caught in his throat, his imagination running wild with dark possibilities.

His wife and children were away at her parents for the weekend, leaving him alone in the midst of this unsettling enigma. Should he go outside to check?

Nobody To Call


Frozen in place, eyes fixed on the shifting shadows, George’s mind whirled with possibilities. Fear clenched his gut, gnawing at the fringes of his thoughts.

Strange, unsettling noises erupted from the garage, crashing through the silence of the night like a discordant symphony. Alone in the house, his wife and children away at her parents’, George’s isolation intensified the eerie ambiance that enveloped him.

Being Brave


Determined to uncover the truth, George clenched his flashlight and cautiously approached the garage. His trembling hand held the beam steady, revealing a mysterious white fabric billowing in the wind, its eerie dance casting ghostly silhouettes across the walls.

Cold sweat formed on his brow as he contemplated what could possibly be causing this unsettling phenomenon.

Who Are You


His trembling hand held the flashlight, its feeble beam slicing through the obscurity. Drawing courage from the quivering light, he approached the window overlooking the garage.

What met his gaze was inexplicable—a tattered white fabric billowing in an unseen breeze, its ghostly dance hauntingly captivating. Questions churned in his mind, terror whispering tales of the supernatural. Before he could summon the authorities, a resolve grew within him to confront the enigma himself.

Face Your Fears


A sense of dread coiled tightly within him, but he resolutely chose to confront the enigma rather than retreat. His fingers gripped the door handle, his knuckles turning white as he swung the door open.

The flashlight’s beam pierced the darkness, revealing the unexpected: a shower curtain, its pale fabric undulating like a spectral presence in the night. There was nobody there.

It’s Out There


The hair on George’s neck prickled as he strained to hear, his senses on high alert. Then, softly, almost imperceptibly, a woman’s voice wafted through the air.

A chill ran down his spine, his heart pounding as the spectral whisper carried a haunting melody. Panic and disbelief warred within him, and he was on the verge of fleeing when a flicker of movement caught his eye.

One Step Closer


Torchlight cutting through the inky blackness, George moved inch by cautious inch, every step amplifying the pounding in his chest. Closer he came, and the eerie sounds coalesced into a murmur, a voice almost drowned by the darkness.

His breaths echoed in the void, overlapping with the distant whispers. Then, as if conjured by the night itself, a shape took form—a figure emerging from the shadows, a silhouette veiled in enigma. There was something at the back of the garage.

It’s Real


A small, dirty figure emerged from the depths of the garage, stepping hesitantly into the moonlit patch of the driveway. George’s breath caught in his throat, his pulse racing like a locomotive.

Every instinct screamed at him to run, to escape this inexplicable nightmare. But his feet remained rooted to the spot, curiosity and terror locking him in place. What was he looking at?

Right In Front Of Me


A spine-chilling realization dawned upon him, unraveling the threads of reason. The girl before him, the ethereal whisper, the shower curtain—were they all fragments of a haunting manifestation?

His thoughts collided in a whirlwind of terror, and before he could comprehend, a blood-curdling scream tore from his lips, reverberating through the stillness of the night.

What Is That


The figure slowly came into view, illuminated by the pale light. George’s eyes widened in shock. He had a few drinks earlier and thought that he was seeing things.

A frail girl, clad in tattered garments, her face obscured by shadows, stood before him. A maelstrom of emotions churned within George—fear, disbelief, and an overwhelming sense of otherworldly presence.

My Eyes Deceive Me


Panic surged as the figure let out a piercing scream, a cry that mingled with George’s own guttural shout. “Who are you?” he demanded, voice quaking, his trembling light casting uncertain shadows.

In a quivering voice, he stammered, “Wh-who are you?” The woman’s reply was a mere whisper, a barely audible murmur that carried a weight of sorrow.

A Strange Girl


George’s mind raced, his thoughts spiraling into a vortex of confusion. Was she a lost soul, a specter from the past, or an elaborate illusion conjured by his frayed nerves?

He was afraid to get close to her. He didn’t want to touch her. The tipsy man wasn’t sure if he was seeing things. Should he call the authorities?

I Won’t Hurt You


The property owner tried to catch his breath. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief. “Hi there, are you ok?” The girl retreated slowly back into the garage.

“I am the property owner, I’m not going to hurt you, you can come out,” he tried to coax her out of the darkness of the dirty garage. Would she respond?

She Has A Name


George heard some rusting in the garage. Slowly he saw the female figure step forward into the shadows of the light. “I don’t have anywhere else to go, help me,” she whispered.

The stranger’s voice, though trembling, answered him, revealing a woman’s tones. A name—Barbara—whispered like a phantom. Fear clung to every word as they danced between them.

Stepping Up


With a flutter of bravery, George crept closer, revealing the mystery’s core. He stepped into the garage. The girl had set up a makeshift bed for herself.

The white fabric transformed from spectral to mundane—a discarded shower curtain— used to block the entrance. But the focus shifted to the figure before him.

Nowhere To Go


A young woman, disheveled and haunted, stood before him, her eyes mirroring the fear that had gripped him moments before. She wrung her hands nervously and she couldn’t stand still.

She stood next to a bag and a small suitcase, probably her only possessions in the world. She looked nervously at George; “can I stay here?” she asked him.

A Helpless Squatter


The tired father took sympathy on the girl, she looked to be about 18 years old. “Well, I can’t let you go out in this weather,” he said, “Come in for something to eat,” he coaxed her.

Barbara’s story unfolded—a shelter escapee left stranded, with nowhere to turn. Sympathy softened George’s heart as he remembered his own humanity amidst the turmoil.

Being Nice


He led her inside, offering solace in the form of a hastily prepared meal, the aroma of grilled cheese and tomato soup mingling with their shared trepidation.

The teenager didn’t take her eyes off him while he cooked, she looked as though she hadn’t eaten in days. “There’s some cold pizza leftover,” he offered. What was the girl’s real story? How did she end up in George’s garage?

Starved Child


Hunger devoured her as much as the food, and George listened as Barbara shared her harrowing journey. She munched on her sandwich greedily. Dipping the toasted bread into the red soup.

“I was in the hospital,” she said between bites, cheese sticking to the side of her lips. She didn’t seem to be conscious of any manners or table etiquette.

The Problem With The World


Efforts to reach shelters proved fruitless, their lack of space a cruel reminder of society’s indifference. George tried several but nobody would take her in.

As evening deepened, George’s compassion outweighed his unease, granting Barbara the offer of shelter for the night. A tenuous truce formed between them as the hours ticked on, a quiet understanding bridging the gaps between their worlds.

A Good Man


While Barbara made her way back to the garage. George grabbed his cell phone. He had to tell somebody about this girl.

With trembling fingers, George dialed his wife’s number, recounting the strange events that had transpired. His wife, a nurse experienced in navigating the labyrinthine corridors of mental health, gasped upon hearing Barbara’s name. Did she know her?

Calling Back Up


39-year-old Larissa asked George a few questions about the girl’s appearance. And they all matched her description of a teenager she had worked with a few weeks before.

She revealed that Barbara was one of her own patients, an escaped soul desperately in need of rehabilitation. Urgency laced her words, demanding Barbara’s return to the safety of the hospital’s care.

Somebody Is Coming


Just as George’s fingers grazed the numbers on the phone, a shiver slithered down his spine, his attention yanked towards the window.

There was something walking up from the road. As the figures reached the house, George got a good view of two rugged-looking men. Who were they coming there in the middle of the night?

Lurking In The Dark


Two shadowy figures emerged from the inky night, advancing with unwavering purpose. George’s heart was pounding as he redialed the hospital’s emergency ambulance number. The line was busy.

His heart thudded anew as icy tendrils of dread gripped him—strangers encroaching upon his newfound, fragile sanctuary. Did the homeless Barbara call them there?

The Mystery Continues


Without warning, the men bypassed the front entrance, their steps determined as they headed directly to the garage’s rear. Suspicion tangled with apprehension, urging George to action. He had delved into an enigma, and its ripples were reaching far beyond his understanding.

With courage and uncertainty interwoven, George prepared to unveil the secrets these strangers bore, the suspenseful tale of his night of reckoning far from its final chapter.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.