As Soon As She Was Named Homecoming Queen, The King Took Off His Crown



She made her way to the podium with a large smile filling her face. He could not help but feel proud of her as she walked past him. Her happiness was contagious. However, deep down, he felt concerned.

He knew he did not act right, and he needed to fix things. With his crown in hand, he headed down the stairwell. The rest of the hall fell silent when he did what he did next.

Everybody Envied Him

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There was nothing special about Thad Hemsworth. He was a senior in Los Angeles. He worked hard to get good grades and partook in after-school activities such as band and football.

On the outside, it appeared as if Thad had a wonderful life. He had everything people his age could only dream of. However, he could not help but feel as if something was missing in his life. Things changed when he met Kerry.

New Girl

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Kerry transferred to Thad’s school in their sophomore year. She had a charming smile, but unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which prevented her from speaking without assistance.

Thad learned of her condition while they were in the school lab. The students had to work in pairs, and everybody grabbed their friends as soon as possible. However, as Kerry was the new girl, nobody partnered up with her.

Making New Friends

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Thad felt sorry for guilty, so he walked over to her. When class commenced, he realized that she had a text-to-speech device. Thad was perplexed and did not know what this gadget was.

The teacher proceeded to give the students information on the project, and Kerry grabbed the device so that she could communicate with Thad. He was very interested in her device. He realized he had to be her friend.

Best Friends

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Thad and Kerry’s bond grew stronger over time, and they were best friends near the end of high school. They were always spending time together at school and even after school. Kerry showed Thad a different perspective on life.

However, as their senior year progressed, Thad noticed something about Kerry’s life. His discovery could jeopardize their friendship.

Another Friend

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Thad and Kerry had a strong bond and they both loved each other dearly, Thad noticed that there was another friend in Kerry’s life that meant a lot to her too.

It was a difficult thing to accept, but Thad decided to rise above and focus on the only thing that mattered; his friendship with Kerry. However, one morning, something would happen that threatened to demolish all they’d worked so hard to create.


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Thad felt confused when he learned of Kerry’s other friend. He did not feel comfortable with the fact that he had to share Kerry with other people, but he did not want to tell her that she could only have him as a friend.

But the more he knew about her friend, the more he grasped the significance of his involvement in Kerry’s life.

The Movies

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As he discovered Kerry’s friend’s identity, Thad’s heart began to quake inside him. The mysterious friend was called Ali, and they had been friends since the age of five.

One morning, she asked if Thad wanted to spend some time with her and Ali, and Thad immediately agreed. But what was intended to be a relaxing evening at the cinema ended up demonstrating to Thad that he had no shot of winning Kerry’s heart.

Meeting Ali

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Ali was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but he was able to talk. He was a hilarious guy who was very pleasant to be around. Thad kept a close watch on how Kerry acted around Ali, and he noticed that she laughed way more with Ali than with him.

They had private jokes that Thad didn’t get and the funniest retorts to each other’s statements. Thad felt honored that he could witness their relationship, but then something occurred that wiped the smile off of his face.


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Kerry revealed through her text-to-speech device, “Ali just transferred to our school for his final year.” “He just asked me to homecoming!” she said with a wide smile on her face.

“Homecoming,” Thad said with a grim expression. The idea of asking Kerry out for homecoming had been on his mind for quite some time. He had even registered their names for homecoming king and queen as a surprise for her.

Her News

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“I am happy for you,” Thad said, trembling hands in his pockets. “I am happy for you, Kere,” He made an excuse about needing to be somewhere and left even though he knew he was doing wrong by his friend.

The weeks flew by fast, and before Thad knew it, homecoming was here. He stood by his lonesome as the announcer got ready to call out their year’s homecoming royalty. He still couldn’t believe Kerry had chosen Ali over him.

A King With A Painting Heart

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“Homecoming King,” called out the announcer, “Thad Hemsworth!” the crowds cheered as the spotlight shone on Thad. His gut clenched as he knew what this meant.

Thad had already seen Kerry and Ali walking into the hall and remembered he hadn’t shared that he’d entered his and Kerry’s names into the contest. The announcer took a deep breath before calling out the homecoming queen, and Thad ate back a gulp of air.

All Hail The Queen

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“Kerry Arivett!” the spotlight shone on Kerry, and Thad, who was already on the podium, saw as she shifted from utterly surprised to instantly graceful with one swift motion.

As she walked to the podium, Thad’s eyes connected with her, and he noticed she’d glanced back at Ali severally. He rubbed a hand down his throat as she reached the stairs. What he did next left the hall in silence.

A New Development

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Thad helped Kerry to receive her crown and then rushed off the podium. He wended through the dumbfounded crowd to Ali with his crown.

Thad looked at Ali with a smile. He knew Ali had done so much for Kerry while he’d only been there for two years of her life. He was glad such a person was in her life and knew he’d do anything to be his friend. But right now, there was only one thing he could do.

Long Live The King

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Thad presented his crown, placing it on Ali’s head. He dusted his shoulders and shook his hand, turning to the crowd and presenting Ali as their homecoming king.

Thad saw Kerry wipe a tear from her gleaming eyes on the podium as everyone cheered. “Go get her, tiger,” he whispered into Ali’s ear.