Techni Gaming Chairs Review: TS63 Aqua LUXX Series Gaming Chair

A gaming chair that makes for a stunning work chair! The techni gaming chairs review for the TS63 aqus luxx series.

After over a year of working from home, I was overdue on a chair upgrade. My dining room chairs are nice but not quite adequate for long workdays. If, like me, you’ve been putting off the purchase of a new desk chair and are looking to upgrade your current setup, I’m here to help.

Most desk chairs are boring, black on black, super serious and not really something that would bring anybody joy. I had been looking at chairs for a while but had not seen anything too exciting. I wanted something that was different from what you would find in your typical office building, I would never want that in my house. I looked into modern chairs, some were promising, but overall, I find that for the design to be on point visually comfort has to be compromised. This brings me to the TS63 Aqua LUXX Series Gaming Chair, the aqua blue and white color combo is a great balance of modernity with a colorful and joyful twist of color, not your average chair!

I was very intrigued at first sight, but I knew better than to be fooled by colors. The reason I needed a good chair is that I spend long hours sitting every day for work. If you have a desk job or if you are a gamer, I know you can relate. So even though I was very attracted to the colorful TS63 Aqua LUXX Series Gaming Chair, I wanted more than just a pretty piece of furniture.

Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. After extensive research, it checked all the boxes and delivered way more than what I had anticipated.

Techni Sport TS63 Aqua LUXX Series Gaming Chair


Comfort is definitely the most important here. The seat is made of high-quality memory foam, the perfect balance of squishiness and firmness to ensure continued comfort. As you would expect, the seat height is adjustable, going from 18.5” to 22.5” from the floor. The recommended height for this chair is 5’1” to 6’6” and the maximum weight is 300 lbs. Sitting on the chair feels great, it’s fairly wide (21.5”) but has enough depth (21.5”) without overdoing it.

The armrests are also adjustable. You can control both the height and they pivot in and out as well. Lots of flexibility here, very easy to adjust and readjust to your liking. They are also padded for optimal comfort and even though the armrests are white, the top is actually grey. A nice touch, probably a little more forgiving than white would be in the long run.

The backrest is where things get even more exciting. It offers multi-point lumbar back support and reclines 150 degrees! While your typical office chair might recline, I have never experienced anything like the TS63 Aqua LUXX Series Gaming Chair! It reclines to an almost horizontal position, yes that means basically fully lying down. In addition to the extensive lumbar support, the backrest also comes with a neck pillow. The neck pillow is reversible (white or aqua blue) and is strapped to the headrest. Since the headrest has 2 wide openings, it allows you to slide the neck pillow up or down to find the perfect support for your neck. It can also easily be unstrapped. The lumbar pillow is strapless and can be adjusted or removed as you see fit.

This is the most comfortable chair I’ve ever had, it offers great support all around and is super versatile.


Overall, this is a very sturdy chair made of premium material that will last a long time. I already talked about the high-quality memory foam seat, the base is made of heavy-duty white nylon and comes with double wheel non-marking casters. No need to worry about its longevity, this is a heavy-duty steel frame with a lifetime warranty (maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs).


The aqua color is stunning on the pictures and it’s even better in person. It was clear at first sight, as I unboxed the chair and discovered the color, I was extremely pleased. In addition to the pastel color, the seat has a diamond stitching design that adds a luxurious look and feel, a great combo of color and quilted pattern.

I love the matching white base and white highlight throughout the chair. Overall, a premium look and feel with a unique color combination. A stylish piece will bring a unique touch to any room!

If you aren’t a fan of pastel colors and prefer something more classic, Techni Sport offers a variety of color combinations. Every person can find one that matches their style.


The chair comes in a large box and requires assembly. I assembled the chair myself and it took me approximately an hour from start to finish. I like to be organized, so I first laid all the pieces on the floor and religiously followed the instructions. Each step was clearly labelled and easy to follow. All tools were provided which was nice. I took my time and double checked each step to make sure I was good and was very pleased with how simple the entire process was. Once fully assembled the dimensions are: 28” wide x 27.5” deep, and 49.5” tall (note that total height can go up to 53”). The chair still fits through the door sideways, so you can build it in any room and then move it to its final destination.


I highly recommend you give this chair a try. Its unique color and stylish design make it a one of a kind piece that will stand out in any room. Virtually everything on this chair is adjustable, however it manages to remain simple enough so that every adjustment is easily performed without getting overwhelming. It offers the versatility required for anybody to find the perfect combination. At the same time, it supports a great cause, 3% of your purchase goes towards causes that fight hunger.

Techni Sport TS63 Aqua LUXX Series Gaming Chair