Teachers Share The Ups And Downs Of The Classroom With Kids


The Warning Signs

One young child accidentally threw a pair of scissors at their teacher.

The little girl said they had somehow slipped from her hands, and she wasn’t expelled because of this. Thankfully, the teacher didn’t get injured.

But the next day, the same little girl brought a pair of nunchucks to school. She was expelled immediately.

Surely her parents must’ve seen the signs, right?

Bullied By The Bigger Boy


I was a second-grade teacher, and there was this one kid I felt really sorry for. She was a little girl, constantly getting annoyed by the bigger boy in front of her.

He would always push her desk back when she tried moving her chair, and he would drop her stationary bag onto the floor.

One day, the girl had enough and decided to get her revenge. She harshly shoved her desk back into his just as he leaned over and smashed his little fingers.

He never bothered her again.

Twin Alibi


Being a twin can be super helpful, especially when they have an alibi in the classroom with them. There was this one pair of twins in one of my classes. They were always over-active, disrupting the class with their antics.

One day, one of them got their head stuck in a chair and cried, “Call my brother!”

When his brother ran to his rescue, he almost worsened the entire situation.

Thank goodness I was on duty. I arrived just in time and managed to get him out unscathed.

A Biter


One time, this kid bit me so hard that my hand started bleeding. When the teacher came over, he told them I’d first bit him.

The school told my mom, and she was furious. I was grounded for an entire week.

But luckily, the kid hadn’t had enough and did it again in class. This time, the teacher saw.

I will always remember the principal coming to my class and apologizing to me in front of everyone. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

Homophobic Mean Girl


There was this mean girl in my class, and she was completely against me being gay. She refused to touch anything I’d touched before her, making me feel really embarrassed.

I tried to relate to her many times, but she wasn’t raised well. She had no respect for anyone, not even our educators.

At the time, she was running for class rep and had a massive ego about herself.

Thanks to her homophobic behavior, she lost the vote. I hope she’s worked on herself since then.

Stubborn Girl


I work as a Life Sciences high school teacher. There was this stubborn girl that had a problem with my teaching methods. One day, she screamed at me and told me I was an incompetent teacher and stormed out of the class.

I kept telling her to calm down, but it was too late.

She was so angry that she didn’t realize the force she used to pull the door, and she ended up hitting herself hard on the back as she stormed out.

I felt kind of bad for her, but her classmates couldn’t stop themselves from laughing hysterically.

Always Fighting


This senior student had a reputation for causing fights with other students.

One day, he got into a pretty big fight in the school’s parking lot. They were throwing punches at one another, and all the students didn’t return to class.
Somehow, the other kid managed to bust his head through a car window. There was shattered glass all over the place. His injuries were pretty bad.

He finished his senior year online.

Mr. Know-It-All


One of my brother’s friends was naturally really smart. He was a know-it-all, and he loved bragging about his intelligence.

He didn’t have to open a single book to study. He needed one English course to pass the year during the final term.

One of our teachers overheard him asking a friend why he should study for a 90% when he could just slack off and pass with a 50%.

They expelled him for his negative thinking.

Egotistical Boy


There was this popular boy who was really smart and athletic. He was very aware of how great he was. He had a massive ego for a thirteen-year-old and always annoyed the girls in his class.

He always took their stationary and pulled their hair. One day, he broke a leg and had to walk around with crutches. He hated this because he couldn’t play sports.

One boy had his birthday and bought ice popsicles for the entire class. His classmates seized the opportunity. The girls took his crutches, and he was forced to sit in the class while everyone else enjoyed ice popsicles outside.

He changed when his cast came off.

Recommendation Letter


I tough seniors, and one had the audacity to ask me for a recommendation letter.

He wasn’t bad, but he was awfully lazy. He never did his assignments on time.

I used this as a teaching opportunity. I wrote him the best recommendation letter, describing that he often volunteered at homeless shelters and old age homes. I said he read to blind children and offered all his free time to help the needy.

When he saw it, he was so shocked that he could only say ‘thank you.’ I really hope he didn’t try to use it in the real world.

First Timers


The first year of school is always the most exciting, but we always get some overactive kids. One such 7-year-old was always playing and fighting with the other boys in his class.

When I spoke to his parents, they denied such aggressive behavior and said that he was quiet at home.

During lunchtime, he was annoying one of our usually well-mannered little boys; the little boy got tired of the bullying and decided to fight back. He punched him so hard that he wet himself. When I confronted the children about it, all their mouths were closed.

We couldn’t pin the blame on anyone and had to let it go.

Gory Details


Science class was one little boy’s favorite time. He enjoyed the dissection parts and was always the first one to grab live animals.

We had an incident with him where he was dissecting a squid, and before he could receive
instructions from the teacher, he had already started cutting the animal open.

He caused squid juice to be sprayed over several students, and we all stank like fish the whole day.

We had to call his parents in about his over-eagerness to learn, and his parents found it fishy.

Out In The Real World

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As a college professor teaching education, I take my work and my students very seriously. I believe that teaching is the profession that gives birth to all other professions.

I had one student who didn’t seem to have the same interest. He would always show up late to class, and his assignments were always half done.

I told him to improve his attitude, or he would never survive in the real world.

The next year, I heard that he got fired from his first teaching job. I felt sorry for him but laughed at his stupidity for not putting in the effort at school.

Class Act

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In the Tenth grade, we moved house, so we stayed a few miles further from my school. I tried to be on time, but I’m also not really a morning person.

I was usually late for my Biology class which was the first period on a Monday morning. This particular Monday, I walked in a few minutes late to see that my class was preparing for a spot quiz.

I excused myself and sat down at my desk to read the quiz paper. I was shocked to find that I didn’t understand any of the questions, and nothing made sense to me. I was sweating bricks and about to raise my hand to ask our teacher if it was the right quiz when I saw everyone looking at me.

All my friends were laughing because it was a prank test they had all played on me for always being late. I laughed at myself and promised that I would always be on time.

Triple Times


Working with undergraduates in college has its fair share of drama. I was once a TA for first-year Sociology, and I caught one of the students for plagiarising.

I asked the boy to withdraw from the course, fearing that he might get in trouble, but the obstinate lad wouldn’t heed.

During exam time, he was caught for plagiarism, exceeding absences, and not completing the final.

He didn’t return to our college after that.

A Little Diva

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I was teaching 9th-grade music, and I loved my job. We had a new child transfer from a posh school in the suburbs, and he struggled to fit in. However, my kids were warm and friendly toward him.

They felt he was a showoff and always tried to pretend to be better than the rest. This boy was a great flutist, but unfortunately, he also had an ego that didn’t match his sweet music style.

He would pick on the other flutist, who was a girl, and he refused to play next to her at the school concert because he claimed he was a professional and deserved a solo act. The little girl was in tears, and he ruined the school concert night.

I failed him at music and told him that musicians require discipline to succeed, not attitude.

The Wind Beneath My Wings

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Keeping kids in order is no joke, especially after lunchtime when they are full of energy. We had one boy who always had ants in his pants.

He could never sit still and had a problem obeying rules. Our school had a large deck outside, and it would get quite slippery when wet. That day it was raining, and this little tyrant decided to slide across the deck on the damp wood.

He skids straight over the railing and onto the grass. He was airborne for a good few seconds.

Although the class found it amusing, thank God he didn’t get badly hurt.

Nosy Kids

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Our 8th-grade class was a rowdy bunch. One boy was caught rifling through his classmate’s
bag who was a girl. The girl was furious and called me to assist.

The naughty boy tried to cause problems by saying that the girl had brought weapons to school.

He tried to get her into trouble, but the teacher had the perfect response “Don’t you think girls carry weapons to defend themselves from thieves who take their bags without asking?”

The little troublemaker stared at the teacher wide-eyed and handed the girl’s bag back to her.”

Public Indecency

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Our school was the largest in the district because we shared premises with the center for the mentally ill. We also had an Olympic size swimming pool which the students thoroughly enjoyed.

Swimming was the favorite extracurricular of most of the children as we are a warm city all year around. The kids from the center and school shared the swimming pool, and sometimes, there was a clash of classes.

One day one of our top swimmers decided he didn’t want to practice with the center kids around, so he decided to fool around with them. He started growling and barking like a dog at one of the center kids, who was immediately scared and intimidated.

The kid reported the incident to his support worker, who immediately contacted the school principal. Of course, the brazen boy was suspended, and he failed gym class too.

A Little Party Pooper


We were on our Fourth-grade environment excursion, and I knew I was in for a busy day. Our chatterbox Marco was a boy who couldn’t stop asking unnecessary questions and pretending like she knew it all.

He would often have arguments with me as though he knew more than I did. This little chatterbox had a knack for getting on my wrong side, and this particular day he wouldn’t stop asking if everything was animal droppings. To the amusement of his friends because he kept singing different words for feces.

I had just about had it when the little boy got into an argument with a classmate about the kind of plant they had just found. The class boffin warned the class that there was Poison Ivy around, but the little know it disagreed with him and was convinced that it was something else.

Luckily I stepped into the conversation just as he was going to pick some leaves. Marco was never so embarrassed, and he kept quiet for the rest of the trip.

Last Chance To Pass


A teenage girl named Lily was a rebellious soul who always thought of herself as a misfit. She never cared about studies and believed that math was not for her.

In her math class, she refused to pay attention or participate in any way. She would doodle in her notebook, gaze out the window, or daydream about her future as a famous artist.

Despite numerous warnings from her teacher, Lily refused to study. As a result, she failed her math exams and realized the hard way that her actions had consequences.

She finally realized the importance of education and made a promise to herself never to give up on her studies again.

Won’t Listen To Rules


We once had a naughty five-year-old who loved to jump off tables. One day, he was wearing flat sandals and jumped off a wooden table onto the pavement. As he felt the rush of excitement, he
closed his eyes and jumped.

When he opened his eyes, he was lying on the pavement, holding his ankle. His mother ran to him, and he knew he was in trouble. He had always been a curious and adventurous little boy, but jumping off tables was prohibited.

He looked up at his mother with tears in his eyes, and he knew he was going to be scolded. She scooped him up in her arms and hugged him tightly, telling him that he would be okay.

From that moment on, he promised himself never to jump off tables again. But he couldn’t help but feel a little sadness for his adventurous spirit.

Reigning Champ Vs New Kid On The Block


I am all for body positivity, but once we had a big-sized, fat bully who would torture other kids. He would pick girls and boys smaller than him. One day we got a transfer from another boy who
was just as big. The two heads clashed, and it looked like the bully had finally met his match.

The new boy stood up to the bully, and the two engaged in a physical fight. The other kids gathered around to witness the showdown. The bully, who was used to having the upper hand, was no match for the new boy.

The transfer student was quick and agile, dodging the bully’s punches and landing his own. The bully was defeated, and for the first time, the other kids saw him cower and run away. The new boy had established himself as the new king of the playground, and the kids no longer had to fear the big-sized, fat bully who used to torture them.

The other kids were now free to play and have fun without the fear of being picked on.

Chemical Clash

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The disobedient student refused to put his phone away during a chemistry lab. He was too busy texting and scrolling through social media to pay attention to the dangerous chemicals surrounding him.

Suddenly, his phone slipped out of his hand and slid under the door of the chemical storage room. The student was left in a panic, realizing he could not retrieve his beloved phone.

He was forced to wait until the next day when the teacher would return with the key. Meanwhile, the student was left to ponder the consequences of his actions and the importance of paying attention during lab.

The next day, he retrieved his phone with a newfound appreciation for safety protocols in the laboratory.

Payback Time

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Mike was the notorious troublemaker in school, always getting into trouble and scaring the other students with his infamous prank of pretending to pull the emergency shower.

But one day, I decided to teach him a lesson. I waited for him to be under the shower and called, “Hey Mike, look up!” As he gazed up, I pulled the emergency lever, drenching him with water.

The shock and embarrassment on his face were priceless and worth every moment of the suspension I received for it.

From that day on, Mike learned to think twice before pulling his childish stunts, and the other students felt a sense of relief knowing they no longer had to be scared of him.

Final Substitution

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Maxwell was a troublesome student who lacked respect for authority, especially towards his substitute teacher Mrs. Vegara. He believed that he was above her, constantly interrupting her lessons with his outbursts and disregarding her instructions.

However, things took a turn when Mrs. Vegara became the full-time teacher for his class. Maxwell was taken aback as he realized that he was now required to follow her rules.

Mrs. Vegara’s strict demeanor quickly put Maxwell in line, as he learned the hard way that he could no longer disrupt her lessons or yell at her.

Maxwell soon realized the importance of respect and obedience in the classroom and became a model student under Mrs. Vegara’s guidance.

Lunchtime Shenanigans

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The no-nonsense 10th-grade science teacher, Mrs. Smith, had had enough. The students were usually rambunctious after lunchtime, but today they wouldn’t shut up.

A fight broke out between the smartest boy and the school jock, and they locked heads, refusing to budge. Mrs. Smith, with her quick thinking, grabbed a cup of cold coffee and threw it on their faces.

The coffee jolted the boys out of their fight, and they stopped immediately. Mrs. Smith gave them both a stern look, letting them know that this behavior wouldn’t be tolerated.

She handed out detention for a month and continued her lesson, proving once again that she was a teacher who meant business.

Mind Your Language

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I was a teacher’s aide for a group of fourth-grade special needs students; there was a boy who frequently used words like “gay” or “retarded” to describe things he didn’t like or understand.

One day, he confidently told me he was allowed to use the word “retarded” since he was in special needs. I took the opportunity to ask him what his excuse was for calling everything “gay.”

The boy was taken aback and realized the impact of his words.

It was a valuable lesson on the importance of word usage and the impact it has on others.

Always A Solution

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I came up with a unique solution for students who often needed more time to complete their homework. I introduced a “homework excuse” form that needed to be filled out as a reason for not completing the assignment.

However, one student with an attitude problem wrote some inappropriate things like “This class sucks” and “I had better things to do” on the forms.

As a result, her grades took a dive, and her parent came for a teacher-parent conference.

The mother tried to defend her daughter’s grades, blaming the difficulty of the homework and lack of clarity. However, I showed the forms filled out by the student, and the truth was revealed.

Gaseous Exchange


One particularly chubby student was always eating. He was constantly eating and always had to keep his sugar levels up. His constant eating meant that he was constantly passing gas. At first, it was funny to some of his friends, but his little farts made a big problem.
After a morning of having boiled eggs and spinach for breakfast, he was too gassy to control his bowels.

He let himself loose in the middle of the school hall while the exam was going on. All the students had to vacate the hall as the smell was thick In the air.
The exam was canceled for the next day. He learned his lesson and tried to control his diet during exam time with other learners around.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.