Teacher Refuses To Let Girl Eat, Mom Makes Them Pay


Taking Action

It was so cold that her knuckles turned white as she gripped the lunch bag tightly.

As she stood in the kitchen, her body was frozen.

The mother watched her daughter cry as she ate a snack at the counter after school.

Her mind was blown by the idea that the school could do something like that.

In order to prevent this from happening again, she knew she had to take action.

Frantic Rushing

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Leeza Pearson knew she had to hurry and get her daughter’s lunch ready but needed her cup of coffee first.

Every day started with a frantic rush to leave the house and everything else throughout the day was a mad rush too.

As busy as it was, there was one reason why she wouldn’t change a thing.

Her Children

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Leeza adored her kids and had no idea where in life she would be without them.

They were the best part of her life.

She would do anything for her children, no matter how rushed it made her feel.

She knew that things were different now from when she was younger, but her awareness of the fact would only make what was to come a lot more challenging to face.

The School To Be In

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They lived in a small town called Aurora in Colorado and she felt lucky to have her kids in Aurora’s Children’s Academy.

It was the school every parent hoped to have their kids attend.

Leeza was a single mom and tried to live as modestly as she could.

Every penny she made went towards Natalee’s education despite how hard she was studying at a school for law enforcement.

As happy as she was that her daughter was in the elite school, there was something that she didn’t like.

The Importance Of Health


She found that the staff was health orientated.

It seemed like everything came down to the point where Leeza felt like they were nagging.

But Leeza could see where they were coming from, with statistics showing an increase in childhood obesity.

But that morning would become a problem because they didn’t have a specific type of food.

An Alternative

Facebook/Leeza Pearson

Leeza had a busy schedule, so she hadn’t been able to go to the shops the day before.

Amid the morning rush, she popped an alternative snack into her daughter’s lunch bag before rushing her off to school.

But when she picked her daughter up from school, she was not expecting Natalee to be so upset.

Upon seeing her mom, the little girl held up her lunch bag and her bottom lip wobbled before she started wailing.



Leeze was confused and took the lunch bag her daughter was holding out to her.

What she found when she opened, it left her in shock.

Everything she had packed in that morning was left untouched.

Her daughter hadn’t even nibbled at her favorite ham and cheese sandwich.

But that’s when Leeze spotted the note the teacher had tucked away inside.

A Letter From The Teacher

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Leeza read the part reminding her about the school’s healthy lunch policy, but she couldn’t help noticing that the note had a condescending tone.

But the letter had more to it that would fuel the anger she felt.

The letter went on about how her daughter didn’t have any fruit in her lunchbox and instead had Oreo cookies which were considered unhealthy.

But there was more.


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As she read, she realized that the teacher had taken Natalee’s lunch away and could only describe it as punishment. Her heart broke when she realized how hungry her little girl must have been by the time she fetched her.

Leeza was beyond angry that someone could do something so cruel.

There was no way she would sit by and let this happen to her daughter.

Taking Action

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The school was no match for her and her love for her children.

They had no right to do what they did to her baby.

She raged with anger as she posted about what had happened on every social media app she could think of.

She didn’t hesitate to voice her opinion on why the school was hypocritical in its actions.

Just Two Cookies


“It’s not like I was offering cookies to the entire class, and it’s not like that was the only thing in her lunch,” Leeza said.

And she wasn’t the kind of mom to shove junk food in every day.

On top of it all, her daughter was a healthy weight.

But it was the school’s candies that tipped Leeza over the edge.

Teachers Do It Too

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More than once, the preschool teachers had handed out little candies, such as jellybeans.

They were rewards for winning games or being good.

So, why could a school hand out candy at their discretion (and without telling the parents) but putting in a cookie was ground for making a kid starve?!

Worldwide Support

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Messages came pouring in and her story spread through the internet like wildfire.

Some agreed with the school, but most agreed with her – and they sent their own angry responses directly to the Academy.

But when the news outlets got wind, that’s when the preschool finally said something.

Finally An Answer

Facebook/Leeza Pearson

It was the standard PR nonsense that anyone would expect.

But they did state that the notes were not part of the school’s policy, and denying food altogether was deplorable.

They would “look into things immediately.”

Trying To Move On

Facebook/Leeza Pearson

Even though the months passed, and it was time to send her daughter to grade school, the issue stills at heavy with Leeza.

Still, it was a fresh start.

She would continue to pack healthy things.

But if anyone tried to pull a stunt like that again, they would regret it.

A Different Girl


Leeza’s daughter, Sarah, was always excited to go to school.

She loved learning new things and making friends with her classmates.

However, this whole ordeal had badly affected her and she wasn’t a happy little girl anymore.

Sarah told her mother that her teacher had taken away her packed lunch because she deemed it to be unhealthy. 

Badly Affected


Leeza couldn’t believe it.

She had worked hard to prepare a nutritious and delicious lunch for her daughter, and now she was still being judged as a bad mother.

She couldn’t believe that someone would have the audacity to do such a thing, especially when it came to something as important as her child’s food.

Leeza wasa losing hope in the principal, who promised to look into the matter.

Weeks went by, and Leeza heard nothing back from the principal, leaving her to wonder what was happening and if her daughter was safe at school.

Not Looking Forward To It


Leeza’s concerns grew as she prepared to send her daughter back to school.

She knew the same teacher was still working there and couldn’t shake the feeling that the teacher was targeting her daughter. 

Her daughter confirmed her suspicions when she came home from school one day and told her that the teacher had taken her lunch away again.

No Change


Leeza couldn’t believe it.

She pays for her daughter’s lunch on her own, and she doesn’t think it is fair for her daughter to be punished in such a way. 

The teacher had no right to take the child’s lunch away or to address the parents about it.

Leeza knew she had to take action and fast.

It Gets Worse


Sarah’s experience with the teacher only worsened Leeza even more.

She said the teacher was picking on her, and she took her lunch away again. 

The obstinate teacher said that she was worried that Sarah was overeating sugar and took her doughnut away.

Personal Security Measures


With her daughter’s permission, Leeza decided to place a hidden camera on her daughter’s necklace.

She wanted to see what was happening in the classroom and if her daughter was being targeted. 

The camera captured everything, and it was clear that the manipulative teacher was jealous of the delicious lunches her daughter brought to school. 

A Nasty Teacher


The other children were also jealous, and the teacher used this to her advantage.

She confiscated the lunch, hoping the other children would keep quiet. 

How could a grown woman be so childish and immature?

A teacher should be putting the needs of the children first.

This was at her daughter’s expense, and Leeza couldn’t believe someone would do this to a child.

Drastic Measures


That’s when Leeza put a hidden camera on her daughter’s necklace.

She wanted to see what was happening in the classroom and find the truth behind the teacher’s actions.

The camera doesn’t lie, and what it revealed was shocking. 

The teacher was jealous of Sarah’s delicious lunches, and the other children were jealous too.

What the teacher did is unforgivable.

No decent human would confiscate a child’s lunch goodies and let them go hungry all day.

Real Proof


Leeza presented the footage to the principal and demanded that the teacher be fired.

The principal was shocked and couldn’t believe someone would stoop so low. 

He immediately took action, and the teacher was fired.

Leeza felt relieved knowing her daughter was safe and she wouldn’t have to worry about her lunch anymore.

Finally Some Consideration


The principal called Leeza in for a meeting to discuss the situation.

She showed him the footage from the hidden camera, and he was shocked.

He apologized to Leeza and her daughter for how they had been treated.

He assured her that the teacher would be dealt with and that her daughter would not be bullied anymore.

Feeling relieved, Leeza hugged her daughter and promised to always be there for her.

She realized that she had to stand up for what was right, even if it meant going against authority.

She was proud of her daughter for being strong and not letting the teacher get the best of her.

Justice Is Served


The teacher was fired, and the class was given a new teacher.

Leeza’s daughter was happy to be back in school and was excited to see what the new teacher was like.

She was grateful for her mother’s support and knew that she would always be there to protect her.

The other mothers in the class also noticed a change in how their children were treated.

They were no longer picked on or bullied, and the class was happier.

They thanked Leeza for her bravery and for standing up for what was right.

News Spreads


The revelation of the teacher’s actions caused quite a stir among the other mothers in the school.

Some were against Leeza for spying on the class, but others were glad that the truth was out. Some good mothers even reprimanded their children for causing problems in the class.

Leeza was scared at first, but she knew she had the support of some real caring mothers.

Thanks to the hidden camera, the principal could see the teacher’s actions, and he took action.

The teacher was fired and moved to a far-off town, and she was never seen again.

Leeza felt a sense of relief that her daughter was safe and that the teacher was no longer in a position to harm her or any other children.

There Is Still More


But Leeza couldn’t shake off the feeling of injustice.

Why should her daughter be punished because the other children were greedy?

She knew this problem went beyond her daughter’s school, so she decided to speak about it.

Leeza started a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of healthy food in schools and the adverse effects of denying children their lunch. 

Her campaign gained momentum, and soon, many schools across the country were implementing healthier food options for their students.

My Daughter Is Back


Leeza’s daughter was overjoyed and proud of her mother.

She was no longer the target of jealousy and could enjoy her delicious lunches without repercussions.

Leeza felt a sense of satisfaction knowing she had made a difference in her daughter’s and many other children’s lives.

She knew that her daughter’s story had a happy ending, but she also knew that many other children were still facing the same problem.

She promised to keep fighting for them, too.

From then on, Leeza packed her daughter a healthy and delicious lunch daily.

She also checked in with her daughter’s teacher regularly to ensure she was doing well in class.

She was determined to ensure that her daughter would have a happy and successful school experience.

A Happy Pre-School Life


Leeza’s experience with the teacher had taught her an important lesson.

She realized that sometimes it’s necessary to stand up for yourself and your rights, even if it means going against the norm.

She was proud of herself for taking action and protecting her daughter. From that day on, Sarah’s packed lunches were never taken away again, and she was free to enjoy her nutritious and delicious meals at school.

In the end, Leeza’s determination and bravery paid off. Her daughter was happy and healthy, and the class was a better place for all the children.

She had shown that one person can make a difference and that standing up for what is right is always the right thing to do.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.