Teacher Keeps Girl In Class Longer Than Others Until Janitor Figures Out The Real Situation


A Sad Tale

Sam Roberts knew something was wrong the first day Abigail left class an hour after all the students. But he never believed her situation would be so severe.

It was only when she asked for his help that he discovered the truth. He was the only one who could help her out of her predicament.

And we would do anything to rectify the problem her teacher caused.

Sam Roberts


Sam was supposed to be a retired man, and he did manage to get a few years of peace. But sadly, the joys of retirement were short-lived.

When his daughter came knocking on his door with tears streaming down her cheeks and a newborn baby in her arms, he was forced to change his lifestyle.

He needed a job to feed the extra mouths.

A Navy Man


Before his retirement, Sam was a Navy man through and through.

He joined when he was just 21, and he stayed there until his retirement.

He loved the job because he got to learn so many things. And the department he was in was developing by the hour. It kept him fast, fit, and active.

Tough Retirement


So retirement wasn’t easy to accept. He wanted to stay in the industry and learn more. But sadly, the Navy didn’t have a place for a man his age.

And things took a turn for the worse when his daughter moved in. Before then, Sam was living alone, and his retirement fund could barely cover the cost.

But now… He had to accept the only job available to him. That was how he ended up cleaning floors at the local high school.

Doing What He Can


The job wasn’t a great one, but it did provide Sam with the extra money he needed to take care of his daughter and grandchild.

That was all he wanted at the end of the day.

So he got up early every morning and did what he could. Little did he know that he would need to return to his roots to help a student.

In The Flow Of Things


After a few weeks of working, Sam was starting to enjoy himself. The job itself wasn’t too hectic, which meant that he could focus his attention on other things.

After years of military service, certain things like surveying the area were ingrained in him.

And those skills would lead him to a problem that was hidden from everyone else.

One Afternoon


On this particular afternoon, Sam was busy cleaning up the floors in the main hallway.

All the students had left an hour prior so he could take his time and he didn’t have to worry about them getting dirty again.

But as he was busy shuffling through the hallways, he saw something that caught him completely off guard. A student was still in the building, and she greeted him with a big smile.

A Telling Smile


Being polite, Sam nodded in her direction. But as soon as she took the corner, he looked down at his watch. Why on earth was she still there? All the rooms had been locked already.

There was something about that girl, though. Sam had seen her before, and she never smiled at anyone that way.

What he didn’t know was that the smile was the key to the entire situation.

The Next Day


Sam thought the girl’s departure was a one-time thing, but the next day exactly the same thing happened. The only difference was that Sam saw her coming out of a classroom this time around.

Sam found the entire situation odd. He couldn’t help but wonder why the girl was there so late.

So he introduced himself, hoping to get some information. But all he got was a name, Abigail Dylan.

An Entire Week


For the rest of the week, the same thing kept happening. Every single day, Abigail would leave the classroom an hour later than the rest of the students.

She went from giving Sam a smile to having short conversations with him.

But she never revealed why she was there so long after everyone else left. And Sam was starting to get suspicious.

Something Wasn’t Right


Sam’s gut was telling him that something was wrong with this whole situation. And that urged him to dig even deeper.

He had no idea that he would uncover an international plot.

From that day on, Sam kept a close eye on Abigail, and he picked up on quite a few things. But he would only learn more once he followed her.

Following Her


One afternoon, just as the school bell rang, Sam followed Abigail. She had left the class she was in and walked to the one he’d seen her leaving from on multiple occasions.

As she closed the door behind her, he snuck closer, hoping to hear what was going on.

That was when he heard the voice of one of her male teachers.

No Clues


Sam hung around the area, pretending to clean, while he waited for Abigail to come out. Exactly an hour later, she left. But that wasn’t the thing that surprised Sam the most.

Almost immediately after Abigail hit the road, Mr. Thompson, her mathematics teacher, left as well.

Sam snuck into the classroom, looking for clues. But there was nothing there.

Was He Mistaken?


The only thing Sam saw while he was in the classroom was that there were some mathematical equations written on the blackboard.

And there were a few crunched-up papers in the bin.

That had Sam wondering. Was he making a mistake by assuming the worst? Was Abigail just coming there for extra lessons? The answer to both those questions was no.

Deciding To Back Off


Thinking that his military training was getting the better of him, Sam decided to back off.

He had been on friendly grounds with Abigail, and he was sure she would turn to him or any other adult if she were in any kind of trouble.

And that was exactly what she did a few days later.

One Fateful Day


Sam had ignored all the nagging urges to continue his investigation and continued doing his job as he always did.

Every day, when she left, he spoke to Abigail and pretended that the rest didn’t matter.

But this day was different. When Abigail walked out of that room, she wasn’t smiling, and that could only mean trouble.

Maintaining Eye Contact


Abigail didn’t say a word to Sam. She just walked up to him, maintaining eye contact the entire time.

And he saw something in her gaze. There were tears threatening to spill over.

Sam took a step closer to the girl, but she shook her head as she walked right past him. But even then, the eye contact remained.

A Little Smile


As Abigail reached the corner, she stopped. She gave Sam such a sad smile that he wanted to drop everything and find out what was wrong.

And that was when she did something that would change everything.

Abigail reached into her back pocket and pulled out a folded paper. What was she trying to do?

A Definite Sign


Abigail lifted the paper and mouthed, “It’s for you.” After that, she rested it on the rim of the trash can and left.

This time, Sam knew that there was no mistake.

She made sure that he knew the letter was for him, and he needed to find out what it said before it was too late.

Searching The Bag


Sam rushed to the trash can, but the letter had fallen into the bag. He didn’t care, though.

If there was trouble, he wasn’t going to let a little trash stop him from finding a solution.

Sam pulled the bag out of the bin and looked inside. Luckily, he had already replaced it earlier that day, so there wasn’t much in it.

A Note


Sam saw the piece of neatly folded paper and quickly pulled it out. What he saw next would change everything he thought he knew.

His eyes kept going over the two little words that were written on it. “Please help.”

That was all she said, but Sam knew how much it truly meant. He could only guess what kind of trouble she was in.

Forced To Act


At that point, Sam knew that the girl was in trouble, and for some unknown reason, she had turned to him for help.

He didn’t know what was going on or how he could help, but he knew that, whatever it was, it was happening in room 309.

And when the next day came, he’d put an end to it once and for all.

The Next Day


The next day, Sam stayed outside the classroom where Abigail was having her last lesson.

When the last bell rang, and the students rushed out, he followed her to her next stop.

Before she went into the room, she looked at him with big pleading eyes. Sam nodded, knowing that she just wanted to know if he was on her side or not.

An Interrupted Session


Sam waited a few minutes before bursting into the room, broom at the ready. But he didn’t find what he was expecting.

Abigail was sitting next to her mathematics teacher, and the man was showing her something on his tablet.

The two of them were arguing, but Sam didn’t know why. What had he just walked in on?

The Whole Story


“What’s he doing here?” Mr. Thompson asked. “You wanted help, I got it,” Abigail spat. Sam was at a loss for words. How could he possibly help the two of them?

That was when Abigail started explaining. Her mother had passed away a few months ago, and Mr. Thompson convinced her to give him her inheritance, so he could trade it using cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, he had been scammed, and Abigail lost everything.

Right Man For The Job


Abigail knew Sam. Her father had joined the Navy a few months before Sam retired, and he was working in Sam’s division.

He’d told Abigail a lot of stories about the man who could crack any code on the planet. So she knew he could help her get her money back.

Sam was an expert in all things related to computers and the Internet. If there was anyone who had a way, it was him.

Tech Expert


Fortunately, everything Abigail’s father told her was true.

When Sam was with the Navy, he was the head of telecommunications which included everything from fixing the hardware to building software that most people still didn’t know existed.

Even though there weren’t many people who knew his name, he was a beast in the computer world.

Tracking The Funds


Sam invited Abigail and Mr. Thompson to his home, where he had the tools that were needed for this kind of investigation.

Once they arrived, he got all the information Mr. Thompson had about the money and the people who swindled him.

Using that, he started tracking the funds. There was an endless list of transfers. It was a trick scam artists used when trying to cover their tracks. But no one could hide from Sam.

Forced Reversal


When Sam completed his virtual journey across the world and located the funds, he set up a forced reversal.

In a matter of hours, Abigail would have all her money back in her bank account, where it belonged.

But Sam was doing something else at the same time. Something neither Abigail nor Mr. Thompson knew about.

Not Done Yet


Sam was furious with the scam artists for taking advantage of a girl and her innocent teacher, and he wanted to teach them a lesson. So he secretly copied all the information he found.

And after Abigail and her teacher left, he sent it to the FBI. What the scammers didn’t know was that he could track their exact locations. And they weren’t in another country.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.