Tastiest Street Food Around the World (and Where to Buy Them)

Nothing beats traveling the world. The excitement of experiencing new people, landscapes, sights and sounds—it’s what every jet setter lives for. And every well-versed traveler knows one of the best parts about traveling is getting to taste the best of the best every new place has to offer.

But epic food doesn’t always mean 5-star restaurants that break your bank. Most often than not, travelers simply have to roam cities on foot for mouth-watering STREET FOOD. That’s right. The delectable delights that define cultures and has world travelers scouting for more.

Street food is magic. There’s something enchanting about the on foot search, the smells and smokes breathing out onto crowded streets and the joy of tasting authentic cuisine. Top 5 is here to guide you to the magic, to the tastiest street food around the world. Follow along as we not only countdown the most popular street food but also give you locations for each dish.

Are you reading to plan out your next adventure around arancini, ramen and India’s best? You sure are.

6.) Arancini in Sicily

tastiest street food sicily italy

Instagram: @vittoria_rizza

Where to find the best: Sicily

Specific food vendor: Panificio Ragona

Arancini, also referred to as arancina or arancine, are Italian breaded and deep fried rice balls filled with mozzarella or ragù—usually. Every region seems to have its own take on the “little oranges” (due to the circular shape and color). Other savory fillings include prosciutto, capers and eggplant, all of which are always paired with the best Italian cheese.

On Italy’s off shore land, arancini looks more like little cones than oranges. And Sicily is where it’s at for the fried rice balls. Sure, all Italy, like Milan and Naples, are popular destination spots for the cheesy delights but every 5 star foodie review points to the island below Italy’s “boot”. In Sicily foodies can get Arancino alla Norma (mushroom) or gorgonzola. Food vendors selling arancini are common in southern Italy and they sell special dessert rice balls for special holidays.

For the best reviewed vendor, visit Panificio Ragona in the coastal town Marsala in Sicily. Why? An ubiquitous this is the best arancini in Sicily can be heardon every travel site.

Location:  Via Abele Damiani, 15, 91025 Marsala TP, Italy