Tara Stiles: 5 Things I’ve Learned Since Creating Strala Yoga

Tara Stiles
Since opening her Strala Yoga studio in New York in 2008, Tara Stiles has been something of a rebel in the yoga world. Stiles opts out of elitist Yogi ideology and has simplified her approach to yoga to make it more inclusive and attractive to yoga newbies. Her Noho space has become something of a “no judgements” getaway from the city, allowing all who enter to feel comfortable within their own practice. However for Stiles, an Illinois native and former Ford model, building a yoga empire from scratch wasn’t an effortless endeavor by any means. Here she discusses her process, her entrepreneurial intentions, and how she stays focused on her goals for Strala.

5 Don’t Lose Sight of Your Purpose

“Be open about your mission and ideas. I want people to leave class feeling connected to themselves and expansive. Essentially I want people to leave feeling great. It usually happens.”

4 Foster An Environment of Communication and Support

“Keep the lines of communication and support wide open for people working for your brand. Find ways to empower and reward individual success and create paths toward opportunity and growth that people can work toward if they choose.”

3 Be Open To Learning More

“Look for mentors who have had success in different field from yours. Be open to learn about leadership, structure, and team building from people who have done it well for long periods of time. I have lots of people I admire and I have had the great luck of being around – Deepak Chopra and his family, Jane Fonda, Tia Mowry, Jeremy Moon and others.”

2 Create Community

“Allow your intention and feeling of the brand to be the experience. Allow people to be a part and co-creator of that feeling.”

1 Business is About Focus

“Consider your intention in your business. It makes choices clear. If a direction falls into your intention move towards it, it if doesn’t, move away from it. My intention with Strala is to connect and expand. To help myself and others connect to themselves and expand outward with ease; same intention with my company.”

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