Tanisha Thomas: 5 Things People Wouldn’t Guess About Me

Viewers have seen the loud, outspoken, in your face side of former “Bad Girls Club” cast member, Tanisha Thomas. But what many don’t know is that this former bad girl has another side of her that is far from what viewers are used to seeing on TV. The 27-year-old reality TV star opens up about what she thinks are some things that fans would never guess about her from watching the show.

5 I’m Honestly a Very Private and Sometimes Shy Person.

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“People don’t realize this and their always like ‘Yeah right, I see you turning up on TV.’ But when those cameras go off I go back to my personal quiet space and I’m in chill mode. I love my down time and my me time, it’s so important.”

4 I’m an Incredible Cook!

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“Oh that’s right! Everything from macaroni pie, to T-bone steak, to potato salad and everything in between! I take pride in keeping bellies happy!”

3 I’m a Hopeless Romantic.

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“Many will be confused by this especially since they witnessed me go down the aisle on my hit show Tanisha gets married. My husband and I have been apart for a year and a half. We are now talking about getting a divorce. I tried dating someone else thereafter but that didn’t work out too well either! Ugh, I just can’t get it right when it comes to the men!”

2 I Absolutely Love My Caribbean Roots!

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“My mom is from the beautiful island of Grenada and my dad was Grenadian and Cuban. I embrace my Caribbean culture every chance I get! I feel like it adds to the wonderful flavor of Tanisha :)”

1 I’m Actually Very Intelligent.

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“I know on television I can be hood and my sense of humor is very brash and silly, but being smart runs in the family. I absolutely love reading all kinds of genres of books, I love discovering and exploring new ventures and I can debate a topic with the country’s top 5 debaters lol.”

“2013 has been a very rough year for me, especially with the passing of my Dad. I’m starting to pick up the pieces and I’m currently in the middle of many projects. A possible new show that’s my own (and you guys are going to love it) writing the script to my life story that will be transformed into a sitcom, thinking about writing a book and, last but not least, getting my long overdue plus size line Plush together. It’s never easy but I believe if you work hard it all becomes worth it.

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