Takes Uber, Doesn’t Know Boyfriend’s Wife Is The Driver


Airport Rush

The driver was waiting for the passenger. They couldn’t see anybody yet and the airport was busy with traveling passengers.

Suddenly a woman appeared from the back. She had the latest trolley case and designer sunglasses.

She looked like she was in a rush and typed furiously on her phone. When she reached the car, she tapped on the glass with her long acrylic nails.

A Part Time Thing


Sammy’s night started like any other as an Uber driver. The streets were dimly lit by the glow of streetlights, and a crisp autumn breeze brushed against his face. Her car pulled up to the airport, awaiting her next passenger.

As the minutes ticked by, she saw a figure emerging from the Atlanta terminal.

A woman, dressed in exquisite attire that shimmered under the fluorescent lights, stepped into the backseat.

Busy Hour


34-year-old Sammy’s heart raced as she pulled up to the airport, waiting for her next passenger. The rain tapped rhythmically on her windshield, creating a soothing backdrop to her thoughts.

She watched as people rushed in and out of the terminal, their lives intersecting briefly before moving on.

As her phone pinged with a new ride request, Sammy’s thoughts shifted to the familiar routine that had become her life as an Uber driver.

A Strange Women


A figure appeared out of the corner of her eye, dressed in a stunning outfit that seemed out of place in the dimly lit terminal.

Sammy’s eyes widened as the girl approached, her high heels clicking against the cold floor.

The girl’s name was Keisha, and she smiled warmly as she climbed into the backseat of Sammy’s car.

Out Of Place


The driver was a bit nervous to see such a beautiful girl.

“Hi there,” Sammy greeted with a smile, her eyes taking in her elegant appearance. “headed somewhere special?” she asked, glancing at Keisha through the rearview mirror.

“Hey,” she replied softly, her voice as delicate as a whisper. “Yeah, it’s a new address, I’m not sure, can you check the screen?” She seemed to be new in town.

New Here


“Let’s just check where you’re going tonight?” Sammy said as she glanced at her through the rearview mirror.

“That’s a 30-minute drive away, I know the place well.”

“To 47 Redwood Avenue,” she replied, her tone distant, as if lost in thought. There was something else on the traveler’s mind. She seemed to be in an off mood.

Stranger In Town


Sammy’s brows furrowed slightly as she entered the address into her navigation app.

Who was this new girl in town? Where was she heading on her own in the big city?

The destination popped up, and her heart skipped a beat. 47 Redwood Avenue was her own apartment building. She found it strange that she was going to that area.

A Big World


Curiosity mingled with a growing sense of unease, but Sammy pushed it aside, thinking it was merely a strange coincidence.

She was known to be a paranoid person, but always for good reason.

She turned his attention back to the girl, trying to engage her in conversation. Maybe she could try to befriend her and find out more about her.

The Same Place


Sammy cleared her throat, “Can I turn the Air conditioner on for you?” The girl shook her head saying no.

“So, where are you from?” she inquired, attempting to break the silence.

The girl looked up and frowned at Sammy through the mirror, “Well, if you must know, I’m a pharmaceutical sales rep from Pasadena,” she replied, her gaze fixed on something beyond the window.

Nothing To Say


Keisha’s smile faltered for a moment before she replied, “Just back home from a work trip. I’ve been a pharmaceutical sales rep from Sacramento for a year now, it’s been great, but I’m hardly ever at home.”

Sammy nodded in agreement. “So, is it your first time in Atlanta?” she asked in a questioning manner.

The girl nodded again; she wasn’t a chatty Cathy at all. How could she get her to talk more?

A Quiet Person


Sammy nodded, and tried making polite conversation as she started the ride.

She noticed that Keisha seemed preoccupied, her gaze fixated on the passing scenery outside the window.

Attempting to break the silence, Sammy asked, “So, visiting family or friends?” Her question seemed to hit a nerve and jolted the tired passenger out of her daydream.

None Of Your Business


Keisha’s lips pressed into a thin line, and her eyes grew distant. “Actually, I’m visiting my new friend.” She didn’t seem very happy about it.

Sammy breathed a sigh of relief. Ok so she was visiting a girl, she had nothing to worry about.

She knew that she was being paranoid for nothing. She just liked living on her own and didn’t want any problems or stories going back home.

Nosy Driver


Sammy’s heart sank as she tried to ignore the unease that crept into her thoughts. “Oh, that’s nice. How did you two meet up?”

She was nervous and just wanted to make sure that the passenger and her didn’t know the same people.

Keisha obviously didn’t know that Sammy was originally from Pasadena. She had run away from home 3 years ago to live with her boyfriend in Atlanta.

Not Letting On


Keisha’s response was curt, and Sammy sensed that there was more beneath the surface. “Just through mutual friends. I met a lot of clients and they were part of the same company I was working for.”

Sammy nodded her head at the girl. She seemed like an interesting person.

She wondered whether she knew any of her friends and family back home, but she wouldn’t dare give her secret up.

A Message


As they approached an intersection, Sammy’s phone buzzed with a new message.

She glanced at the screen, her eyes widening as she read the message. It was her own boyfriend, he said that he wouldn’t be at home that evening.

She turned to Keisha, a mixture of confusion and disbelief on her face. “Hey, I know someone that lives in that building too. What unit are you headed to?”

We All Know Each other


The girl looked shocked to be asked the question.

“It’s a small community, we all know each other,” Sammy laughed trying to lighten the mood.

Keisha’s response was immediate, her voice devoid of emotion. ” Um, I’m not sure what apartment it is…So you have a friend who lives there too hey? What a coincidence.”

Sneaky Suspicions


Sammy’s heart raced as she processed the words. She had her own unit, the place she had called home for the past two years.

Panic surged through her veins, her mind racing to comprehend the impossible coincidence.

She took a deep breath, attempting to steady her nerves as she focused on the road ahead. She had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Being Nice


Sammy continued the drive, attempting to keep the conversation alive, but Keisha remained distant and reserved.

Her lack of words only intensified the growing tension in the car.

As they neared the apartment building, Sammy’s palms began to sweat. She wanted to find out where Keisha was going but she couldn’t follow her up. That would be too obvious.

Here We Are


Sammy pulled up next to the sidewalk. There was never really parking available and they were lucky to find a spot out front.

“Here we are,” she announced, the apprehension evident in her voice.

Keisha looked up from her phone. “Oh, is this it? I thought it would be bigger.” She looked disappointed. What was she expecting?

Not Impressed


Keisha stepped out of the car without a word, and Sammy followed suit, her heart pounding in her chest.

She couldn’t shake the eerie feeling that something was amiss.

She watched Keisha take her luggage out. She didn’t help her. She wanted to just ask her what apartment it was again. But would she answer her this time?

Not Much Time


“Hey,” she called out, her voice tinged with urgency, “I couldn’t help but notice…when you said you’re from Pasadena? That’s where I’m from.”

Keisha turned to face her, their eyes meeting with an unsettling calmness. “Coincidences happen, don’t they?”

What did she mean by that? Did she know who she was? Was this some set up by her family?

Pestering Questions


Sammy’s skepticism grew, and she pressed further. She wanted to find out if they knew the same people. “So, where in Sacramento do you live?”

The tired Uber driver listened to Sammys describe her neighborhood. It was a few streets away from her own parents’ home.

Her lips curved into a faint, enigmatic smile. Something was fishy.

Looking For Clues


A cold shiver ran down Sammy’s spine.

The pieces of the puzzle were falling into place, but the picture they painted was far from comforting. “You’re saying you live on Birch Street Sacramento? Wow girl, I know that place well.”

“Well, it’s a small world isn’t it! I knew I liked you from the first time I saw you, you’re my home girl!” Keisha threw her arms around Sammy which surprised her.

A Word Of Home


Sammy was feeling uncomfortable. Ever since she ran away from home, her parents stopped speaking to her.

The relationship was weird between them.

So, she was trying to find out information about her family from a stranger. “Do you know the old Church on Main street?” Sammy enquired. Keisha’s gaze never wavered as she nodded slowly. “Yes, that’s right.”

A Sign


Sammy’s mind raced her thoughts into a whirlwind of confusion and suspicion. She was curious about this girl.

Was she originally from Sacramento or just pretending to be?

“Listen, Keisha, I’ve lived in that area for years. I know most of the residents. I find it hard to believe that you’re from there. I’ve never seen you around before.” What was she trying to prove?

Do I Know You


Keisha’s smile faded, and her demeanor turned icy. “Believe what you want, Sammy. Some things are better left undiscovered.”

Sammy laughed, “What does that mean? Are you born there or not?” she was pressing for the exact information.

It may cost her job, but she was ready to take the risk. Her instincts were never wrong.

Looking Into It


Her heart raced as she stared at her, trying to decipher the meaning behind her words.

There was something about this girl Keisha that was too familiar for her liking.

She felt like she knew her somehow, Like they had some sort of connection. Something about her seemed otherworldly as if she held secrets that transcended reality.

Old Life


Sammy tried to find out if she knew anybody else in her old neighborhood.

But before Sammy could say anything more, Keisha turned away and walked toward the entrance of the building.

She watched her, torn between the instinct to follow and the fear of what she might uncover. The wind howled around her, carrying with it a sense of foreboding.

Negative Thoughts


As she parked at the apartment building, Sammy’s hands trembled on the steering wheel.

She wanted to follow her, but waited until she couldn’t see her do so.

She turned to look at Keisha, her voice barely above a whisper. “This can’t be right. This is my apartment.” She hoped that she was wrong about it.

Turning Around


Suddenly, something weird happened. Before Keisha could reach the door, she turned in her heel and marched back to the car.

She knocked on the window, “There are no numbers on the security camera, can you help me?”

Keisha’s expression remained unchanged, her eyes meeting Sammy’s with an intensity that sent a shiver down her spine. ” Apartment 34, that’s where I’m headed.”

A Little Help


Sammy’s breath caught in her throat as the pieces began to fall into place.

She turned to Keisha, her voice quivering. “Really? What’s going on girl? Who is this friend that you are visiting?”

The girl looked confused “Why does it matter to you? Look, can you help me or not? I’m new here and I came to surprise my boyfriend.”

It’s Strange


Sammy stopped in her tracks. “Boyfriend? I thought you said friend?” The girl looked confused and annoyed.

Why was the uber driver so nosy?

Keisha’s gaze wavered for a moment before she spoke, her voice cold and calculated. “I told you, I’m here to visit my boyfriend.” She walked up to the intercom and tried to figure out which one it was.

Withholding Information


Sammy’s frustration boiled over, her instincts telling her that something was terribly wrong. “Are you sure that it’s apartment 34?” she asked the young girl.

“Yes, that’s what he told me!” she said loudly!

“I’m sure of it! I came all the way here to surprise him and now I can’t even get in! Some romantic weekend this turned out to be!”

The People That Live Here


Sammy’s heart was pounding in her chest. She knew all the single men that lived in the building, there were only two of them.

One was a middle-aged high school teacher and the other was an elder government official, she doubted that it was either of them

“Is he tall with good hair?” Sammy asked. Keisha’s eyes widened in surprise, and Sammy felt a surge of triumph as her suspicions were confirmed. “Yes, how did you know?”

A Missing Clue


Sammy’s heart raced as she watched Keisha try to enter her building, her eyes narrowing in determination. She figured it out.

There must have been some sort of other explanation.

But she knew for a fact that something was wrong because old Mrs. Benjamins has been living in Apartment 34 for the last 30 years now.

It Doesn’t Add Up


As Keisha made her way toward the entrance of the building, Sammy’s world spun out of control.

Was she really ready for this?

The brave Uber driver walked up to the intercom and said, “Here, you have to count in twos, this is number 34. Shall I press it for you?” Keisha nodded in confirmation.

Suspecting The Worst


Sammy’s blood boiled as suspicion took over. She waited for somebody to answer. Her boyfriend told her he wasn’t going to be at home.

Then her worst nightmare came true, a man answered, “Who’s there?” The buzzer sounded and the gate unlocked. Sammy’s mind was racing with a mixture of anger and confusion.

Sammy stood nearby. She saw a man appear at the elevator of the building, walking towards Keisha. She watched in disbelief as Lawrence appeared at the entrance, his arms wrapping around Keisha in a loving embrace.



As Lawrence reached her, he pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her passionately.

Sammy’s heart shattered as she realized that the man was Lawrence, her own boyfriend. Without thinking, she jumped out and stormed towards them.

Without a second thought, Sammy leaped out and stormed toward them, her voice laced with a mixture of anger and hurt. “Lawrence, how could you?”

They Know Each Other


Rage and hurt surged through Sammy’s veins as she saw them kiss, her mind unable to comprehend the betrayal that was unfolding before her.

Lawrence’s eyes widened in shock as he pulled away from Keisha, his face turning pale.

He stammered for words; his guilt evident in his every movement. “Sammy, it’s not what it looks like. Keisha is my cousin.”

Sammy Was Right


Sammy’s laughter was bitter as she held up her phone, the ride history from the airport flashing on the screen.

“Cousins don’t arrive at the airport in the middle of the night, Lawrence.”

Keisha’s face remained impassive as she turned to Lawrence, her voice ice cold. “You never mentioned a girlfriend. What’s going on Lawrence? Who is this uber driver?”

A Hunch


Lawrence’s attempts to explain himself fell on deaf ears as Sammy’s heartache turned into a fiery determination.

“How could you? All those business trips to Pasadena were for her?”

She grabbed the spare keys from his pocket, her voice filled with a newfound strength. “Get out, Lawrence. Get out and don’t ever come back.”

No Time For This


As Lawrence slinked away in shame, Sammy turned to Keisha with a mix of exhaustion and defiance. “You can leave too. I have no interest in being a part of your twisted games.”

Keisha’s gaze held a hint of regret as she met Sammy’s eyes.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know about you.” But Sammy was fuming, “Just get away from me, don’t talk to me!”

Fighting Back


Sammy ran after Larence who was holding his head in shame. “Lawrence! What the hell is going on?” Sammy shouted; her voice filled with rage.

She hit him on his back and his arms demanding an answer.

Lawrence’s eyes widened in shock, his face turning pale. “Sammy…I can explain.” Sammy shook her head, her voice firm. “It doesn’t matter. Just go.”

How Could You


Lawrence tried to speak but Sammy couldn’t stop screaming.

Keisha just stood there in the middle of the road, watching the fight. She was stuck in the middle.

Sammy’s chest heaved as she stared at the man she thought she knew, the man she had trusted with her heart. “Explain? You’re cheating on me?”

A Liar


Lawrence claimed that it only happened a few times. But Sammy didn’t believe him.

Keisha looked between Sammy and Lawrence, her lips trembling. “I didn’t know he had a girlfriend.”

“That’s no excuse, he did!” Sammy screamed. Lawrence’s eyes darted between the two women; his voice desperate. “Keisha, please, don’t go. Let me explain.”

Being Played


Sammy’s anger flared as she glared at Lawrence. “Explain? You lied to me! You’ve been cheating on me with her!”

Lawrence was trying to convince Keisha to stay too which only made Sammy more upset.

“How dare you still talk to her in front of me?” But Lawrence didn’t care, his mood changed all of a sudden.

A Stupid Suggestion


A small crowd had gathered on the street, bystanders stopping to stare at the unfolding drama. “Where did you meet him? Did my sister send you?” Sammy accused the terrified Keisha.

Keisha’s face turned red with anger, and she raised her voice, her sunglasses slipping down her nose.

“You’re the one who should be mad at him, not me! I’m going to give you a bad review”, but Sammy wasn’t going to back down just yet.

Rising Anger


Sammy’s hands clenched into fists as she fought back tears of anger and betrayal.

She wanted to hit Keisha so badly. Who did she think she was?

She couldn’t believe the situation she had found herself in, the web of lies that Lawrence had spun around her. She wanted to find out the truth once and for all and then never see them again.

What’s Going On


Sammy walked up to Lawrence and pulled his shirt, “ What’s going on? Why did you do this to me? We’ve been together for four years now, come on man.” She cried and Keisha snarked in the corner.

“Stay out of this, Keisha. This is between me and him,” Sammy spat, her voice dripping with venom.

Would he choose to stay with her?

Violence On The Road


Keisha’s face contorted with rage, and she suddenly grabbed her suitcase and hurled it towards Sammy’s car.

Lawrence screamed and pulled Sammy out of the way.

The luggage slammed against the window with a loud thud, causing a few onlookers to gasp in horror. The windscreen glass shattered into a million pieces. Sammy screamed out in shock, “My car!”

Not Worth It


Sammy’s heart pounded in her chest as she watched the luggage bounce off her car.

She took a deep breath, her anger still burning bright. “You both deserve each other.”

Lawrence ran after her, “Sammy waits, listen! I don’t see you anymore, you’re always driving and doing deliveries, I’m all alone at home most of the time.”

It’s Over Now


Sammy scoffed at him. She jerked her hand out of his.

“That’s no excuse, Lawrence!” I’m working hard to provide for us, I wanted to start a family” she yelled.

Lawrence hung his head down. “I even got you this sales rep job and you use it to cheat on me?” Sammy burst into tears. It was all too much for her.

A Sad Woman


Sammy fell down onto the pavement and cried. Her whole life had fallen apart in the space of an hour.

All it took was one wrong passenger to ruin her life.

“I’m sorry Sammy” Lawrence tried to comfort her “I didn’t want to hurt you, but you don’t love me anymore.” Sammy started crying even harder. How could he be so mean after so many years?

The Audacity


Just then, Keisha walked up to them, “Well what’s it going to be Lawrence? Me or her?” she said slyly.

Sammy stopped crying and waited for Lawrence’s response. He looked at both women, whom he cared for deeply.

One was a great part of his past but the other was a new future. Who would it be?

Leaving Him Behind


Sammy wiped her face on her sleeve. She got up off the floor. She checked that she had the spare keys in her pocket.

Without another word, Sammy turned on her heel and walked back to her car.

She climbed inside, her hands trembling as she started the engine. She wasn’t going to wait for him to choose.

A Big Girl


Sammy was strong enough to make the decision for herself. She knew that she was worth so much more. She was hurt but felt a sense of self-respect.

As she pulled away from the scene, the sound of Lawrence’s desperate pleas and Keisha’s angry screams echoed in her ears.

He would have to find another place to stay tonight.

Her Own Road


As the night swallowed her car, Sammy’s heartache mingled with a newfound sense of freedom.

She had finally escaped a toxic relationship, and although the pain was raw, she knew that she deserved better.

With tears streaming down her face, she drove into the night, leaving behind the lies and betrayal that had once held her captive.

Making Her Way


As Keisha disappeared from her view, Sammy was left driving in the darkness, wrestling with her thoughts.

The truth seemed just out of reach, hidden in the shadows of that mysterious encounter.

She knew one thing for certain – this ordinary night had taken an unexpected turn into a realm of uncertainty and intrigue. There were still many questions left unanswered.

Taking Control Back


The puzzle of Keisha and her connection to her apartment building had become her obsession, and she was determined to unravel its enigma, no matter the risks that lay ahead.

She planned to fix her windshield and take a long-awaited trip back down to Sacramento to visit her family.

Maybe they knew who Keisha really was.

No More Miss Uber


Sammy drove off into the night. The rain had stopped, and the city lights illuminated the streets as she navigated the winding roads ahead.

Her heart was heavy with the weight of betrayal, but her spirit was unbreakable.

At that moment, Sammy knew she had taken control of her own story, steering her life in a new direction.


Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.