Sustainable Style: 5 Best Workout Clothes

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A lot of us want to connect more with our bodies, while also becoming more in tune with what’s best for the environment. Eco-friendly clothes tend to have few harmful bleaches and pesticides within their fibers and are better for the skin, as well as the earth. By purchasing eco-friendly clothes grown in a sustainable fashion we are demanding better company practices while reducing our support for non-eco-friendly, non-sustainable, toxic clothing manufacture. Provide the demand for higher quality, more natural products, and the supply will follow! Here are a few favorite companies that are open about the quality of their clothing:

5 Me to We Style

Advocates of sweatshop-free apparel, Me to We Style is a new company that donates 50 percent of their profits to Free the Children organization. All of their clothing is US-made in factories that pay adult workers a fair wage, and they only use organic cotton or sustainably grown fabrics. Another fun fact is that for every piece of clothing purchased, Me To We Style plants a tree. They offer fairly basic clothing as well as cute modern graphic tees centered on their message (i.e. Be the Change).


With community-based projects that focus on creating independence, PACT is vocal about the good that they’re doing and simplistic in their goals: good design, good fabric, and good cause. They have men and women’s tops, bottoms, and socks and provide simple, generally solid-colored items that are worn by realistic models. Nothing too fancy, so this is for those of you looking for fairly basic workout clothes.

3 Nau

Nau makes clothes you can wear without feeling the flower power in ways beyond simply knowing that they are eco-friendly and sustainable. You won’t be feeling the need to get dreads to match your new clothes, in other words. Nau’s clothing is modern, clean, simple and sleek, with no logos, and because they provide their employees with free public transportation, donate 2 percent to charity, use no virgin petroleum products, and source their fabrics in a sustainable manner, they’re a company to be loved by those looking to reduce their impact on the environment.

2 Patagonia

Patagonia is a large company, selling not only yoga and sport clothing, but regular day clothing, sports gear, and even luggage. Everything here has different levels of eco-friendliness and fabric quality, so look at each item you’re interested in for what you’re looking for, whether it’ s hemp, organic cotton, recycled fabrics, or well-sourced wool.

1 Alo

If you’re a fan of yoga, Alo may be your new favorite label. The company uses bamboo, a sustainable crop, as well as organic cotton, and the clothes don’t look much different than traditional yoga wear. Rather than sporting mandalas and flowing edges, the clothes feature contemporary, functional design much like the yoga wear you might find at places like Old Navy, Target, and even Lululemon – but they are very affordable, on a level akin to Target. The company also utilizes solar power for its headquarters in Los Angeles and is serious about recycling.
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