Woman Gets Pregnant With Her Own Baby While Carrying Surrogate Child


Emergency Ward

The couple were in the emergency ward. The pregnant mother was writhing in pain. Something was wrong with the baby and the nurses ran some tests.

Her husband held her hand as he waited for the doctor to return. They had taken a big risk with the pregnancy and it was between her life and the babies.



In the quiet suburban town of Greenfield Illinois, Kerry Davids was known as a kind-hearted woman with a heart of gold. They both worked hard and lived a normal life

She lived with her husband and son, a smart and energetic boy who brought immense joy to her life. But little did she know, her life was about to take a dramatic turn.

A Choice


38-year-old Kerry lived a life that had always been defined by her strong sense of compassion. She had already given birth to a wonderful son, Benny, who was now eight years old and the light of her life.

He suggested that Kerry become a surrogate mother. At first, Kerry was hesitant. She had already experienced the miracle of childbirth once and cherished the bond she shared with Benny. However, Carter’s persuasion eventually convinced her that this was the best decision for their family’s future.

No Other Option


Kerry and her husband Carter sat down for a serious conversation. Money had been tight lately, and Carter had an idea that he believed could solve their financial woes.

However, circumstances had changed since then. Her husband, Carter, had managed to convince her that becoming a surrogate for an older couple in China was the right decision – a decision driven by the allure of money. Kerry’s heart was torn, as she felt the weight of her husband’s wishes press against her own reservations.

Going Through It All


After weeks of anticipation and medical procedures, the IVF process proved to be a success. The IVF procedure went smoothly, and the news came in that Kerry was pregnant.

The embryos had implanted successfully, and Kerry’s body was now nurturing the precious lives that were growing within her. She was glad that things went well but something else was worrying her.

A Mother Again


At first, she felt a mix of excitement and apprehension, wondering how her body would handle the challenges of pregnancy.

She had her first and only child at the age of 30, and now she was about to enter what was known as a geriatric pregnancy. She had to take a continuous supply of supplements and hormones to keep healthy.

All Is Well


The doctor contacted the Chang’s with news of the successful procedure. The couple were in their late fifties and had been trying to conceive for almost 20 years without success.

The news that the Chang’s would finally have the children they so desperately longed for was heartwarming. Mrs. Chang already had the nursery decorated and was anxiously awaiting her new baby.

Successful Procedure


Kerry’s heart swelled with a mix of emotions, both for the Chang’s and for the life growing within her. She knew that she was a part of something great.

Yet, as the weeks went on, a wave of unrelenting sickness swept over Kerry, sapping her strength and clouding her joy. She had terrible morning sickness and couldn’t keep any food down.

Another Issue


Feeling sicker by the day, she knew something wasn’t right. Kerry made an emergency doctor’s appointment and rushed to the hospital with Carter speeding on the highway.

Concerned, they made their way to the doctor’s office, their hearts pounding. “It’s painful Carter, I can’t manage, please, hurry!” she screamed. Was everything okay with the baby?

Double Trouble


The test results were both shocking and unexpected – Kerry was pregnant, not with just one child, but with twins. The realization hung in the air like a dense fog, obscuring her thoughts.

How could this happen? The doctor suspected that one of the IVF eggs might have fertilized at a slower rate, leading to a delayed pregnancy confirmation. It was a strange medical phenomenon.

Playing Along


Kerry’s smile, as she thanked the doctor and left the office, felt mechanical and brittle. She clung to the facade of happiness, not daring to look angry in front of the doctor or her husband just yet.

The weight of the secret pressed upon her chest as she made her way home. What was she doing with her life?

A Serious Matter


They arrived home late, Kerry sat on the couch in silence. “Can I get you something to drink?” Carter offered as he put his keys down. But Kerry didn’t hear him.

As he closed the door behind them, Kerry turned to Carter, her voice trembling with a mixture of anger and desperation. “Carter, we need to talk.”

A Good Man


Carter wasn’t an emotional man. He was an honest construction worker. It was hard for him to show his feelings. But he was a good provider and he respected Kerry.

The tired husband knew that he had to support his wife. He glanced at her, his brow furrowing slightly. “What’s on your mind, Kerry?”

Lost For Words


Kerry lost it. Her eyes flashed with frustration, the dam of her emotions finally bursting. “You pushed me into this, Carter. I didn’t want to be a surrogate, and now I’m carrying twins! Do you have any idea what this means? My body is going through double the trauma, and all for what? Money?”

Carter just stared at her. He was scared and didn’t know how to respond.

On The Spot


Carter’s expression shifted from confusion to realization, his eyes widening with a mixture of guilt and understanding. “Kerry, I thought this was what we needed to do… for us, for Benny, for the future.”

Carter tried to calm her down and relax. But his wife didn’t care about him, she was finally speaking her mind.

Our Choice


“For the future?” Kerry’s voice rose, her frustration boiling over. “What about my future, Carter? What about my well-being? Did you even stop to think about the toll this would take on me?”

His shoulders slumped, and he lowered his gaze. “I didn’t think it would turn out like this. I’m sorry, Kerry.” What could he do?

A Couple In Trouble


The room seemed to shrink around them, the silence stretching out like an unbridgeable chasm.

Kerry’s anger mingled with her fear, her heart torn between the love she felt for her husband and the resentment that had been festering within her. She had already sacrificed so much, but this… this was a breaking point.

Being There


Carter tried to hold his wife, he tried to console her. With a deep breath, Kerry met Carter’s eyes once more. “I need some time to think, Carter. I can’t pretend to be happy about this anymore.”

He was hurt at the position his family was in. Tears glistened in his eyes as he nodded, his voice barely a whisper. “I understand.” What would his wife decide to do about their marriage?

What Will It Be


The tension in the room was palpable, emotions simmering just beneath the surface. Kerry turned away, needing space to process the whirlwind of thoughts and feelings that threatened to overwhelm her. She walked towards the window, gazing out at the world beyond, her heart heavy with uncertainty.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the room, Kerry’s mind raced. She had always been a compassionate woman, putting others before herself, but at what cost?

Not The Right Time


Kerry was overcome with a whirlwind of emotions. She had been living a facade of contentment to keep Carter happy, but deep down, resentment was building. She had never truly wanted to be a surrogate, and now her body was enduring twice the strain she had anticipated.

The weight of her choices had finally caught up to her, and the path forward was shrouded in fog. She had a son to consider, a husband whose intentions were now painfully clear, and the lives of the innocent children she carried.

A Big Decision


Divorce wasn’t a decision to be taken lightly, but the truth was undeniable – she couldn’t keep sacrificing her own happiness for the sake of others. Kerry wiped away a tear, her resolve hardening with each passing moment. She needed to find her voice, to assert her own desires and needs, even if it meant facing the unknown alone.

The sound of footsteps behind her drew Kerry’s attention, and she turned to find Carter standing there, his face etched with remorse. “Kerry, I’ve been thinking… I was so blinded by my own ambitions that I didn’t consider how this would affect you. I’m truly sorry.”

A Life Well Made


Kerry met his gaze, the storm of emotions still raging within her. “Carter, I need time to figure things out. This isn’t just about us anymore; it’s about me, the twins, and Benny. I won’t make hasty decisions, but I can’t ignore my own feelings any longer.”

Carter reached out, his hand hovering uncertainly between them. “I understand. Whatever you decide, I’ll support you.” The once-solid foundation of their marriage now seemed fragile, and Kerry found herself contemplating the unthinkable – divorce.

Sitting In Silence


A tense silence settled over them once again, the room feeling like a battleground of emotions. Kerry’s heart ached, torn between the love she had for her family and the need to assert her own autonomy.

As the night deepened, the moon casting a soft glow through the window, Kerry knew that her journey was just beginning – a journey towards self-discovery, resilience, and the realization that sometimes, the hardest battles are the ones we wage within ourselves.

No Other Way


Despite the emotional turmoil, Kerry pressed forward, determined to provide the best possible care for the twins growing within her.

She endured the physical challenges and emotional turmoil, reminding herself that these babies were not responsible for the circumstances of their conception.

Delivery Day


And when the day finally arrived, she delivered two healthy baby boys, Christopher and Charles, into the world. They were healthy and perfect.

Thousands of miles away, Mr. and Mrs. Chang in China were overjoyed to welcome their twin boys into their lives. The boys were a blessing beyond their wildest dreams, and they couldn’t be happier.

Growing Up


However, three months later, an unexpected phone call shattered the newfound happiness. The Chang’s had noticed subtle differences between the twins and felt compelled to reach out to Kerry and Carter.

Mrs. Chang said that baby Charles, had Caucasian features, his hair was also lighter and softer. Although they looked similar, they didn’t look identical to Christopher.

A Rare Happening


The Chang’s were honest people. They suggested a DNA test to put their concerns to rest. They made travel arrangements to return to the U.S.A. with the twins. What would the results be?

Anxious and uncertain, the Davids couple agreed, and the truth was revealed: Charles was indeed Kerry’s biological son, a result of the rare superfetation phenomenon.

Mom Of Two


Shock reverberated through both families, but amidst the chaos, a silver lining emerged. The Chang’s were incredibly understanding and compassionate.

They recognized the bond that had formed between Kerry and Charles during those months of pregnancy, and rather than tearing them apart, the truth brought the two families even closer together.

Bigger Family


Through tears and laughter, Kerry and Carter navigated the complexities of their relationship. The revelation had forced them to confront their differences and reassess their priorities.

As for Benny, he welcomed his new brothers with open arms, embracing the chaos and joy that twins brought into their lives. They were a complete happy family now.

The Power Of Life


In the end, it was Mrs. Wong’s courage to speak the truth that set a series of events in motion that forever changed the lives of two families. Kerry’s journey from reluctant surrogate to a mother of three had been an arduous one, but the love that blossomed within her heart was immeasurable.

With the past behind them and the future ahead, the Davids family and the Chang’s embarked on a new chapter of their intertwined story, bound together by love, honesty, and the unbreakable ties of family.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.