Kid Stuff: 5 Surprise Ideas for Your Lover That Bring Back the Nostalgia of Childhood

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Being an adult is tough work. Sometimes the serious nature of being responsible can make your loved one grumpy or strain your relationship. Get back to innocence and surprise your partner with simple childhood loves. Making new memories from an old attachment. A little thought can go a long way.

5 Game Night

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Borrow, buy, rummage through that closet of old stuff you barely look at and get some board games together. Not video games, though — shut off all screens and put on your favorite tunes. Even better, make a mixed tape (or playlist) of your favorite songs from middle school for evenings sound track. Set up on your kitchen table with some snacks and get out the scoreboard. Make it a little interesting and bet on doing the dishes or laundry for week. Watch your playful competitive sides come out and see who wins the most games. Playfully talk trash and laugh about the heated games of the past. When was the last time you played Shoots and Ladders or Monopoly or Life? Blast into the past with vintage games and a soundtrack of memories.

4 Swimming

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No, not the lap pool. Taking a dip together is not only romantic, but playful. Nothing like little racing, splashing, Marco Polo, and a cannonball to keep your mind off your missed calls and put it back on enjoying time together. No electronics in the pool! Even better, get to the beach and ride some waves. Get playful and forget that you have an email address!

3 Cupcakes

A muffin with a fancy hat. Customarily brought in for grammar school birthday parties, these single serving cakes can bring up some whimsical thoughts of the past. How do you eat a cupcake? Icing first? What’s your favorite kind? Bake a batch of their favorite flavor after a particularly tough week, or pick up some at your grocer’s bakery. Just a little surprise treat for your sweet.

2 Playground Picnic

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You might bring your kids, or nieces and nephews to the park, but when is the last time you were on a tire swing? Take a Saturday afternoon and leave housekeeping and financial planning for another day. Pack a couple PB&J’s to lead your lover down memory lane. See who can swing the highest, or try to make it across the monkey bars, boys chase girls for a kiss. Climb to the top of a structure and watch the sunset. Try to go at dusk, when it’s a bit cooler out, there will be less kids around to disrupt the moment.

1 Blanket Fort

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The home base for any rainy afternoon or snow day. While you’re significant other is out of the house, set up your finest fort in the living room. Chairs, ottoman, couch, comforters, sleeping bags, pillows — get creative and don’t forget to tuck in or anchor down loose corners. The key to making a good fort is that it won’t cave in at the slightest movement. Now, give the blanket fort an adult twist. Supplies like flashlights, soft music, wine, finger snacks create an oasis in the middle of your house. When they get home, invite them in to escape any troubles. No kids allowed.

These are the moments you remember, not paying the bills on time, but playing around with your loved ones. Make habits of these little surprises. No matter how long you’ve been with someone there will always be something you might not know about him or her. Childhood is a good place to start.

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