Kid Stuff: 5 Surprise Ideas for Your Lover that Bring Back the Nostalgia of Childhood

Being an adult is tough work, but surprise ideas that bring back the nostalgia of childhood sometimes help to ease the pressure of life that can put a strain on your relationships. Get back to innocence and surprise your partner with their simple childhood loves. Make new memories from an old attachment. A little thought can go a long way.

Here are five surprise ideas to bring back the nostalgia of childhood for your lover:

5.) Game Night

Checkers & Dominoes - Game Night with your lover is one of the surprise ideas to help the nostalgia of childhood in your lover


One of the surprise ideas that could ignite the playfulness of childhood is game night. You can make a list of childhood activities you and your spouse both enjoyed, then pick the top favorite activities.

You can borrow or buy games or rummage through that closet of old stuff you barely look at and get some board games together. Not video games, though — shut off all screens and put on your favorite tunes. Even better, make a mixed tape (or playlist) of your favorite songs from middle school for the evening’s soundtrack.

Nothing is sweeter than the gift of nostalgia. Old toys and board games like Legos and others could stir the child in your partner, and romantic music from the past played anywhere in the car or bedroom could make them surprised and happy, keeping them in high spirits.

Also, apart from the romantic songs, old theme tunes are some of the best surprise ideas to spark nostalgia in your inner child.

This is not necessarily because they are better songs, but because they would remind your lover of the feelings of excitement that were felt when watching their favorite shows. Modern TV doesn’t give us that same rush.

Set up your kitchen table with some quick and healthy snacks and get out the scoreboard. Make it a little interesting and bet on doing the dishes or laundry for a week.

Watch your playful, competitive sides come out and see who wins the most games. Playfully talk trash and laugh about the heated games of the past. When was the last time you played Shoots and Ladders or Monopoly or Life? Blast into the past with vintage games and a soundtrack of memories.