Top 5 Sunken Cities You Need to See to Believe

Humankind has created some amazing inventions: machines for flying through the air at 40,000 feet; gear for breathing underwater at a depth of 100 feet; and gadgets for racing down the side of a mountain at 100 mph. There’s one achievement still missing: time travel. Or is there?

The beauty is, you can go back in time with the help of one of those previously mentioned inventions: scuba gear. Hidden beneath the deep dark blue are sunken cities from antiquity just waiting to be explored.

Many of these ancient cities were found quite recently, thanks to modern technology and, for the most part, sheer dumb luck. The stories of these ancient civilizations flood our mythology books, movies and television, but how much of these were actually true? Uncovering these sunken cities could be the key to unraveling some of the mysteries, especially why they were lost in the first place. Although the displaced inhabitants shared their stories for us to enjoy, as they were passed down from generation to generation, some truths were undoubtedly lost.

Now is the time to dive a little deeper into antiquity, no pun intended. We’re not promising to share the secret location of the Lost City of Atlantis, but if you’re a mythology buff or simply a purveyor of beauty from a long, long time ago, then this one’s for you. Feel free to play around with the maps on each page to see where each one is located.


5.) The Sunken City Of Shi Cheng, China

As you sink to the bottom of Qiandao Lake, you’ll go back in time almost 2,000 years. Lion City was immaculately preserved under 130 feet of water when it was submerged more than 50 years ago. This was the result of a newly built power plant in 1959 that needed to dam a nearby river causing it to flood the Thousand Islands area. The result: a time capsule effect on the city that has kept everything intact. As you explore this ancient city, you’ll find wooden beams, stairs in ancient houses, walls and marvelous arches that have been shielded by erosion, wind, rain and sun. You might not be able to find the famed Atlantis, but China’s version is a close second — and we know this one actually exists.