5 Refreshing White Wines to Sip on This Summer

Summer is for day drinking. Next time you head to your local wine shop, try one (or two) of the best white wine to drink in the summer!

There are millions of fun activities that you can do in the summer that make it the best season of the year. It can vary from splurging on your dream vacation to barbecuing with friends at the pool. The options are truly endless, but sometimes all it takes is enjoying your favorite drink on a summer day. Any wine lover can tell you that a glass of the best white wine on a warm day hitting your taste buds is what dreams are made of. The sensation is similar to what beer lovers feel when they drink an ice cold beer on a hot day, you feel refreshed, light and every sip carries the free spirit of summer with it.

A glass of white wine on a summer day is a reminder that there is beauty in simplicity of enjoying your favorite beverage. This summer, take your day drinking to the next level with these 5 white wines from all over the world. Whether you enjoy it simply chilled or choose to whip it into a fruity sangria, these delicious wines will give you a reason to head to the nearest wine shop to try them out.

5.) Vinho Verde

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One sip of Vinho Verde and it’ll be like you’re transported to the North of Portugal, enjoying a glass of wine by the river. Vinho Verde is the best white wine to enjoy during the summer because of it’s light and airy taste. The slight bubbly sensation will remind you of a Rosé or a Cava, but the citrusy, green apple flavors are what makesVinho Verde a unique, delightful experience.

This refreshing wine is one of the treasures of the northern region of Minho in Portugal and has been produced there for over 2,000 years. The name Vinho Verde translates to “green wine”, the ‘green’ not referring to its color but to its “young” age. The wine is typically released 3-6 months within its release and best enjoyed 12-18 months after its release.

Vinho Verde is versatile and can be enjoyed a variety of ways, but we recommend enjoying this white wine at a mid day picnic along with some olives.

Origin: Northern Portugal

Wines to try: Gazela Vinho Verde

4.) Ribeiro

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The next wine hails from the luscious green mountainous region of Galicia, Spain. Galicia is known for their bold, delicious wines dating back to over 2,000 years ago. If you know anything about Spanish wine, you probably recognize the Riojas and Ruedas.  Ribeiro wine is loved by the locals, tourists and wine enthusiasts who know that there is more to Spanish wine than Rioja. Galician wine is so good that Ribeiro is one of two best white wines to enjoy during the summer.

You can expect to find a Galician drinking a chilled glass of Ribeiro during the day while sitting on a sunny terraza. Splitting a bottle of Ribeiro could cost you anywhere from 7-14 euros in a Galician city, and in the states a good bottle goes for about $20. The bold, crisp flavors are perfect for a mid-daydrink and pair well with vegetable-based dishes.


Galicia, Spain

Wines to try: 

Vina Costeira Ribeiro

3.) Sauvignon Blanc

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When it comes to California white wines, the two most popular choices are Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. While a Chardonnay is great, Sauvignon Blanc tends be a bit smoother, which makes it perfect for a mid day drink in the summer.

Sauvignon Blanc is a winethat is originally from France, but is one of the most widely produced grapes worldwide. It’s known for its tendency to be fruity and citrusy, yet with some grass notes to balance out the taste. Sauvignon Blancs are perfect for a summer day because of the refreshing flavors that’ll give you a similar feeling to drinking and ice cold beer on a hot day. While a good Sauvignon Blanc can start at the $25-$30 range, there are good bottles in the $10 range as well. To start, try one from an Australian or New Zealand origin.

Wines to try: Sileni Estates Sauvignon Blanc

Origin: France, California, New Zealand

2.) Chenin Blanc

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This summer you need a wine that versatile, fresh and easy to drink. A delicious summer wine option is Chenin Blanc, a wine that originates in the Loire Valley of France that can pair well with just about anything. Although the origins are in France, South Africa is one of the main producers of this wine today.

Chenin Blancs are versatile because they can range in taste depending on the winemaking style. The wines can vary in sweetness and acidity, which means they can range from dessert wines to a light sparkling wine. While Chenin Blanc is wonderful on its own,  they can also be paired with a variety of foods. The drier styles go well with chicken, fish and fresh vegetables while the sweeter styles can be paired with spicier dishes.

Origin: South Africa (New World), Loire Valley, France (Old World)

Wines to try: Raat’s Original Chenin Blanc

1.) Albariño

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Galician wine is so good that we couldn’t only include one on this list. The second notable Galician wine to try is the all-star Albariño (al-ba-reen-yo), a bold, high quality wine. If you like a dry wine with citrus flavors, and a slight saltiness — this is your wine. Best paired with your favorite seafood dishes, it’s especiallydelicious with grilled octopus, shrimp and scallops.

Albariño comes from the Rias Baixas region of Galicia, but is also produced in the Vinho Verder region of Norther Portugal as well. However, it is known as one of the all stars when it comes to the Galician wine domination. This bold wine can be enjoyed however you’d like, but in a perfect world it’d be a late lunch date by the water with fresh ceviche and good company.

Origin: Galicia, Spain

Wines to try: Paco & Lola Albariño

If you are a wine enthusiast, let us know in the comments below what the best white wine to enjoy in the summer time is!

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