Coachella Alternatives: 2018 Summer Music Festivals You Won’t Want to Miss

Coachella is arguably one of the most talked about, anticipated events of every year. Just ask anyone between the ages of tween and “forever young at heart.” The fact that the music and arts festival stays at the forefront of music lovers’ minds is not shocking. Every annual performance seems to outdo the year before, but, although good for entertainment’s sake, this larger-than-life factor does have its downsides. Ticket costs are so high, monthly payment plans are common, and festival goers no longer have the luxury of feeling like they’ve discovered something magical.


The good news is that in the wake of Coachella madness, many other music festivals have sprung to life. Many of thesealternative fests are cheaper, with similarly amazing headliners as the Indio, Calif., fest. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best 2018 music festivals you’ve gotta attend. This list includes hip hop, dance, rock and everything you wanna dance to.


If you do love Coachella, don’t fear. This list will also include 2018 music festivals that feel as grandiose. The only difference is that they are a teeny bit less popular — but the magic of feeling like you discovered something special is all the more present. File these all under: Music Festivals 2018 …



10.) Shaky Beats Music Festival 

music festivals 2018



Date: May 11-13, 2018


Location: Central Park, Atlanta, Ga.


2018 Headliners: Kygo • Marshmello • Zedd • Dillion Francis • Ludacris • Louis The Child • Phantoms • Unlike Pluto • Manic Focus • Excision • Seven Lions • Playboi Carti • San Hold


Why you should go:


Love to get down? Down to get funky? If your knees get shaky for hip-hop and electronic music, this music fest has your name written all over it. This year the three-day event is primarily focused on electronic, electro-funk and rap – a noticeable difference from last year, when the fest felt more like a rave than anything, blasting drum and bass, dubstep and the like.


That get-down mood is still in the air, however. AND Shaky has something else anyone can get jiggy with: FOOD. Not just normal concert food like hot dogs; we’re talking about Indian cuisine and Belgian-style waffle fries.



9.) Hangout Music Festival

music festivals 2018

Hangout Music Festival


Date: May 17-20, 2018


Location: Gulf Shores Public Beach, Gulf Shores, Ala.


2018 Headliners: Kendrick Lamar • The Killers • Zedd • Portugal. The Man • Cold War Kids • The Chainnsmokers • Halsey • Logic • St. Vincent • Grouplove • T-Pain


Why you should go:


Bro. Broski. Bruh. Hangout Music Festival is for those who enjoy the chillest of things in life. You know, like,the hang loose emoji, flip flops in winter and working on that killer year-round tan. The latter is 100 percent likely to happen if you get your hands on a ticket, because this 2018 musical festival is on the beach. Not near, around or 3 miles from it, but quite literally on the sand. What else do you need to know to understand that this fest is totally tubular?


Make time for the gnarly beach concert. It’ll include Rock, Alternative, EDM, Indie and Hip-hop.