Top 5 Stunning Performances From The Voice Kids

By Youmn February 15, 2018 View all posts (79)

Any The Voice Kids addicts in the room? We’re huge fans of the musical auditions-in-the-blind!

One thing’s for sure, The Voice Kids has been a revelation throughout the years for some exceptional talents that we want to cheer for for many years to come. These children and teens are naturals: They know exactly how to win the crowd with their passionate and pure singing, and we can’t help but feel impressed by the guts it takes to perform in front of a large audience at such a young age! Could you imagine yourself being judged on camera, in front of the whole world, at that age?

The bundle of joy and amazement they generate for the public and spectators seldom fall short of that of their adult counterparts, and the judges sometimes feel speechless at the sheer amount of professionalism these kids prove to be capable of. They definitely have what it takes to be stars!

We gathered five exceptional The Voices Kids performances that you will want to watch again and again! These heavenly musical snippets come from different editions from around the world and from different years, proving yet again that music is boundless and timeless!

Give these clips your full attention, you’re about to be blown away!


5.) Xylein | Selah Sue – Raggamuffin

The Voice Kids Philippines, 2016 

Ragga has a new face, and it’s Xylein (pronounced ‘zayleen‘)!

Everyone was jamming to his cover of Raggamuffin, his innocently clear voice and awesome guitar skills instantly conquered the hearts of the judges and the public.

It was only a matter of time before all three judges turned their seats, and from the bits of conversation we understood, the judges were battling fiercely to have Xylein on their team. This is a blind audition that will be remembered, and we so wish there were an encore!