Top 10 ‘Stranger Things’ Gifts That Should be on Every Fan’s Holiday Wish List

If you or a loved one is a hardcore fan of the Upside Down, we've got the perfect guide to must-have Stranger Things gifts this holiday season.

Does your holiday wish list include a trip to Hawkins, Indiana or to the Upside Down? If so, you’ll be disappointed come Christmas morning as both locations are about as real as the Island of Misfit Toys.

But don’t fret, Stranger Things fans, as this holiday season Netflix has churned out a smorgasbord of merchandise allowing you to bring home Eleven, Hopper and the rest of your favorites. Having binge-watched Season 2, chances are you or a loved one are looking to delve deeper into your fandom. Whether you enjoy the show’s ’80s nostalgia or the supernatural element, there’s no shortage of shirts, toys and Eggos to make for the perfect gift.

Here are the top 10 bitchin’ items you don’t want to miss if you’re a stranger things fan.


10.) Stranger Things – Season 1 Collector’s Edition (DVD/Blu-ray)

stranger things season 1 DVD bluray

If you’re longing for the days of the video rental store or messing with tracking on the VCR, then this is your fix. Target is selling their exclusive Collector’s Edition of Stranger Things – Season 1.

You might be asking yourself, can’t I just watch the first season on Netflix without buying a physical copy? Sure you could do that, but then you’d be missing out on the clever, display-worthy, box packaging meant to look like an old VHS tape. From the artwork, to the yellow stick price tag and faux cassette inside, this will bring back all those ’80s feels.

24.99 at Target



9.) Stranger Things – Mugs

 stranger things mornings are for coffee and contemplation mug

When he’s not saving the day and keeping the kids of Hawkins safe, you might find Jim Hopper enjoying a cigarette, a donut or most of all, some coffee. The man enjoys his brew so much so that his quote of “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation” has become a mantra for many.

You can buy a mug with that saying, or maybe you’re more of an Eleven and “Mouth Breather” is the way to go. Thankfully, there’s a slew of mug choices to fit your Stranger Things mood, including the Holiday Lights, the Upside Down and a Hawkins AV Club one.

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8.) Stranger Things – Funko Figures

barb funko pop figure

Just like how those slimy tentacles from the Upside Down have infested Hawkins, Funko products have equally taken over our world. From stores, to offices and homes, you can’t go anywhere without seeing the toys and pop vinyl figures.

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers or want to recreate your favorite scenes, Funko has you covered. You can pick-up the big-headed Pop figures of heroes like Eleven or cult favorite, Barb. Looking for more traditional action figures? Funko has 3-packs featuring the kids and the Demogorgon. Our pick would be the Mystery Mini Collection, small enough to carry in your pocket on your next adventure.

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7.) Stranger Things – Enamel Pins

stranger things eleven pin

Before you head out to that holiday party, add some flair to that jacket or top with a Stranger Things inspired pin. Enamel pins are the latest craze with Etsy stores and Instagram feeds pushing the small pieces of wearable pop art.

Whether you want to proclaim that Eleven is your spirit animal or Joyce Byers’ alphabet wall lights is more your style, these pins are a great conversation starter. With two seasons in the books, there’s no shortage of selections covering most characters, quotes and favorite moments from the series.

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6.) Stranger Things – Eggo Card Game

stranger things eggo card game

The tasty frozen waffle snack known as Eggo has been catapulted onto the pop culture stage thanks to Stranger Things. The marketing and advertising gods shined down on Kellogg the moment Eleven signed off on the waffles being her favorite snack. That money-making combination can now be found on anything from shirts to art prints.

Our favorite pairing of snack and show comes in the form of a card game, similar to UNO. Packaged in that classic Eggo yellow box, this game allows you and your squad to play as characters from the show, as you fend off the Demogorgon reminding it to “L’eggo my Eggo.”

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5.) Stranger Things- Blanket Christmas Lights Alphabet

stranger things blanket with christmas lights alphabet

Need a new blanket for the couch or bed? This is a super soft and warm throw blanket that makes your night in feel so much better.

The blanket has the Christmas lights when Joyce is trying to talk to Will! You never know, you could get a message from someone in the Upside Down!

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4.) Stranger Things- Christmas Tree Ornaments

stranger things ornaments

Do you love Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will? Buy your favorites and hang them on your Christmas tree this holiday season! The ornaments are made of ceramic like resin.

It comes complete with a gold string for hanging. Thankfully, it comes crafted in full color and there are a lot of details to your favorite character like Mike’s walkie talkie or Lucas’s binoculars.

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3.) Stranger Things- Hawkins Middle School

stranger things hawkins middle school av club hoodie

Want to feel like you are part of the Stranger Things crew?

Well, you are in luck! Get a “vintage” stylish hoodie from the AV Club.

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2.) Stranger Things- Monopoly

monopoly game that's stranger things themed

Want to live like the Stranger Things kids?

There is now a Monopoly game that is filled with your favorite characters, scenes, and items. The board game features 80s-inspired tokens and tokens “ripped from the Upside Down.” Players can go to different houses, the Upside Down, and to school all in one sitting.

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1.) Stranger Things- Worlds Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion

behind the scenes of stranger things book

This is the perfect holiday gift if you want to learn about the behind the scenes action! The book will explain the first two seasons and how they were able to create a scene, original commentary from the creators, interviews from the stars of the show, casting calls, and so much more!

The book provides how the creative process of the show works and how the costumes are designed. Yes, please!

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What’s on your Stranger Things wish list? What are your predictions for next season? Let us know in the comments below!

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