Top 5 Stocking Stuffers to Satisfy the Bookworm in Your Life

Want to get your favorite book lover a special trinket this holiday season? We've got some perfect stocking stuffer ideas!

In most cases, stocking stuffers are the add on gift — a ceremonial afterthought of chocolate Santa Clauses, gift cards and all kinds of holiday detritus found in the dollar bins at your favorite store. But when you’re able to really hone in on your loved one’s greatest hobbies and passions, a stocking stuffer can become a personalized trinket that lets that person know you’re really thinking about them.

So what do you get for the avid reader in your family? Like your super angsty teenage brother that can’t get enough Kafka. Or your sister that has enough Emily and Charlotte Brontë swag to open up her own Wuthering Heights gift shop. What about Mom and her weird romance novel book club? Luckily we have you covered, with our Top 5 stocking stuffers to satisfy the ultimate bookworm in your family.


5.) Energizer Lightweight Clip Lamp

When it comes to gifts, sometimes the most practical items are the way to go. Take Energizer’s Lightweight LED Clip Lamp, for example. Anyone with a significant other that spends time reading late into the night knows how destructive the light from the bedside lamp can be to your sleep. Even worse, your boyfriend has just started to read Infinite Jest every night in bed, which could equate to infinitely sleepless nights for the next year as he tries to finish the notoriously lengthy book.

Luckily we care about your sanity and sleep. This compact and flexible LED light clip will provide all the light (11 Lumens to be exact) he needs to keep reading into the night and provide you with some much needed zzz’s.



4.) Novel Teas

British novelist C.S. Lewis once said that he couldn’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit him. The man loved his tea and literature, and who are we to judge?

Most bookworms are tea fiends, and Novel Teas has come to satisfy their cravings for the black stuff. One Novel Teas set comes with 25 different tea bags, each uniquely tagged with a literary quote. Lewis’ famous tea and book quote is here, along with many other inspirational quotes from authors the world over. The Victorian aesthetic of the packaging could also appeal to the anglophile in your family. You know, your aunt that can’t stop raving about Downton Abby and has commemorative Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana plates. Pinkies up!



3.) “It’s Lit” Enamel Pin

High quality enamel pins are all the rage these days, with an enamel pin for every obscure pop culture relic and artifact to be found via Etsy or some other independent merch store.

We dug through all the kitschy enamel literary pins we could find and settled on this beaut. The “It’s Lit” enamel pin is the perfect stuffer for your annoyingly punny friend. The pin is also the perfect size for your favorite bookworm’s satchel, messenger bag, courier bag, or other chic/European style book bag. We’re also confident the phrase “It’s Lit” will continue to survive the usual colloquial trends, which is great news for your eternally hip bookworm bestie! 



2.) Romantic Poets Bookmark Set

Here’s probably the most common sense and functional gift you could give to your favorite avid book reader. Bookworms are forever on the lookout for long rectangular pieces of high quality stock paper to shove between the pages and keep their place.

This Romantic Poets bookmark set features quotes from some of the more famous poets of the Romantic period like Wordsworth, Keats, and Blake. The Romantics were all about nature, imagination and creativity, and are very much the cliche representation of the poet reciting poetry under a tree. These beautifully rendered bookmarks feature quotes from some of the aforementioned poets, along with some really eye-popping floral prints. These will definitely add color and style to the crease of any book!



1.) Literary Necklaces 

The literature accessory experts over at Out of Print have the perfect stocking stuffer add-on for your literary girlfriend. Is she super into Kurt Vonnegut and custom jewelry? What about Sylvia Plath? Of course she is!

Out of Print Clothing have made the perfect brass literary necklaces with phrases from Vonnegut, Plath and George Orwell. Now your girlfriend can wear her favorite quotes from her favorite authors, and explain to anyone who asks for the meaning of “So It Goes.” For each necklace you purchase from Out of Print Clothing, they donate one book to a community in need, which undeniably rules. 


Which of these stocking stuffers do you think the bookworm in your life would love the most? Let us know in the comments below!