Step Dad Won’t Knock Before Entering So Teen Plants A Camera


Her Scheme

Across the hall, she heard the front door scrape open. As her stepdad always did, she removed her robe when she saw he was coming home early.

She’d been plotting her scheme for a long, and the stars aligned perfectly that day. She shut the door to her room, knowing that he wouldn’t be capable of resisting. She was going to show him something today.

A New Normal

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Nicky had her first run-in with her stepfather when she was sixteen years old. Her parents had separated a few years before. Nicky was relieved that they had found true love, but she had struggled to embrace the new era of her life.

Life had thrown her into two distinct households, each headed by a different parent who expected her to adjust to the new environment.

Things Were Falling In Place

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Her father was the first to enter the dating pool. When he relayed the news to Nicky’s mother, his friendly bond with her remained intact.

Nicky was able to see past the ache in her heart that persisted after the separation after seeing him being flustered as he spoke about his new girlfriend. Her mother soon found romance as well. Nicky prayed that their bad days were finally coming to an end.

Meet Steve

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It took a few months for Nicky’s mother to meet Steve, a leading games developer from Silicon Valley who owned a company in New Orleans.

Steve was every bit as good as Nicky’s mother had depicted him while they were preparing dinner. Nicky noticed how her mother’s eyes gleamed as she greeted Steve. She had no idea how meeting Steve would alter the dynamics of their household.

Moving In Together

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Steve and Nicky’s mother dated for two years before marrying. Nicky and her mother then moved into his home in one of New Orleans’ most desirable districts.

Despite their close connection, Steve and Nicky would quickly clash, leaving Nicky with no choice but to intervene in the only manner she knew how to stop their conflict.

She Valued Her Privacy

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Nicky’s feud with her stepfather began when she was sixteen years old. Nicky cherished her privacy more than anything else in her life. Whatever she did, she wanted her bedroom door locked under all circumstances.

She’d return home from class or hockey practice and close the door to her room. But, unbeknownst to her, this act was fueling her stepfather’s rage.

A New House

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Nicky’s mother was pregnant at the time, so the family had to move into a larger house. Although the residence was a step up from the old one, its doors lacked the capability to lock.

To make things right, Nicky respectfully requested that her mother and stepfather always knock before coming into her room. She didn’t want any uncomfortable situations with her parents. Her stepfather’s retort would make her jaw drop.

What He Said

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Nicky’s stepfather asserted, “I’m your parent.” “I won’t knock.” He stepped back, looking proud. “Can you tell us what you’re hiding as it so imperative for us to knock?”

Nicky’s brows furrowed as she felt a flash of rage. But she couldn’t do or say anything because she was still a kid living in his house. She glanced to her mother for assistance, but she remained silent. Nicky whirled around, furious. She understood exactly what she needed to do.

Opening Up

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Nicky spent the weekend with her father. Her mom and stepdad felt she was fine with their answer because she hid her rage quite well.

She confided in her father. She expressed her gratitude for her solitude and expressed her wish for her mother and stepfather to honor her choices. What her father said next stunned her.

Formulating A Plan

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Nicky’s father advised, “If you don’t want your stepfather to enter your room without knocking, make him never want to enter your chamber without knocking again.” He gripped Nicky’s hands in his own.

“You can do it,” he said. “You’re a clever cookie.” Nicky grinned and kissed her on the forehead, unaware that she was already plotting a strategy in her head.


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Nicky got home that Sunday evening and immediately went through the logistics of her plan. She’d noted that her stepdad usually came home an hour earlier than her mom.

She also knew he usually passed by her room to tell her to take out the trash if she forgot to do it in the morning. A broad smile took Nicky’s face. It was time for revenge.

The Plan

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On Monday, Nicky got home from school, removing all her clothes and covering herself in a robe. As expected, she didn’t take out the trash.

The front door creaked open, and Nicky removed her robe, taking out one of her favorite books to skim through. And as if on cue, her stepdad barged into her room.

He Comes Home

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“Hey,” he began, “I need you to take out the—what is happening?” he screamed, jumping out before he slammed the door shut. “Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?” he yelled in the corridor.

A smirk bloomed over Nicky’s face. “Well,” she said. “It’s very hot in here.” She reached out for her robe, adding, “And I did ask that you knock.” Her stepdad’s response would wrench a smile on her face.

It Works

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“You’re in so much trouble, young lady!” Nicky’s stepdad growled, but he was using his defeated voice. “I’m telling your mom about this.”

When Nicky’s mom got home that evening, her stepdad told her everything. Although Nicky was not in the room, she could tell her mom was shocked by her actions. She called for Nicky, and Nicky walked in casually. Would her parents take her seriously now?

A Happy Ever After

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Nicky’s mom told her they’d be getting a lock for her door. Of course, knocking became frequent in their home afterward.

Although Nicky knew she’d gone to extremes then, she was glad she’d gotten the response she wanted. Maybe if her parents had listened to her or tried to hear her out, she wouldn’t have been forced to take such drastic measures.

Across States

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Lisa was your everyday sixteen-year-old who, like Nicky, lived with her loving mom. Her life was a normal one as far as she was concerned, and for the most part, she loved everything in it.

She had her grades in order, a long list of good friends, and the best relationship with her mom. But her everything would soon change.

New Beginnings

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Lisa was a week from turning sixteen when her mom told her about this guy who’d asked her out for a coffee date.

Given that her mom had been single for almost five years after Lisa’s dad passed away in a car accident, Lisa was glad to see her finally taking an interest in dating again. She had no clue how such a harmless wish would turn her life upside down.

Moving On With Life

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Lisa lived with her mom in the suburbs of Chicago. Although losing her dad had taken a toll on them, she and her mom managed to drag themselves out of that terrible time and heal.

Lisa would grow into a fun and equally respectable daughter while her mom would make a name for herself as one of their neighborhood’s best nurses. Since her mom rarely talked about falling in love again, Lisa ruled the idea of a stepdad out of her mind. But that was until she met Matt.

Meeting Him

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Lisa’s mom introduced Matt as a real estate agent she’d met at work. They explained that Matt had taken his nine-year-old daughter for a check-up and ran into Lisa’s mom.

After a few attempts to get her to go out with him, he finally took her for a coffee date. It wouldn’t be long till he and Lisa collided because of privacy.

The Family Grows

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Lisa’s mom and Matt spent about a year together before finally going to the altar. Lisa was more than happy for them, thankful that she now had a little sister, Kayla, from Matt’s first marriage.

But as soon as her mom’s honeymoon was over, one thing would seemingly crop out of nowhere and threaten to tear Lisa’s life apart.

A Universal Problem

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Like Nicky’s issue, Lisa’s problem with her stepdad revolved around him budging into her bedroom without knocking. Lisa was deeply bothered by the occurrence even after her stepdad apologized.

Although he didn’t find her in any compromising situations, she couldn’t get past the incident. What was supposed to be a one-time thing would quickly devolve into disaster.

It Happens

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It was a Tuesday morning in the deep of Summer when the first incident took place. It’d been about a month since Lisa’s stepdad barged into her room without knocking.

He was waking her up for a summer job interview her mom had organized for her, and walked into her room without knocking. What he found would set the dominoes falling for the catastrophe that was to come.

A Warm Night

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The night had been a warm one, and Lisa had gone to bed with nothing but a pair of shorts. Knowing that no one ever walked into her room in the morning, she comfortably slipped into bed.

Her eyes dragged shut only for the booming sound of her stepdad to wake her up. She sat with a jump, both her and her stepdad realizing she was half-naked. Confused, she did the only thing she could do.

What To Do Now

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Lisa scrambled for her covers as her stepdad rushed out. “You need to get up,” he said awkwardly. “You’ll be late for your interview.” As innocent as it was, the incident would send Lisa into a constant state of worry.

She’d never seen a reason to lock her door before, but then she’d never had a male figure in the house too. She knew she had to do something about the situation or have a scarring teenage life.

It Happens Again

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Lisa was still pondering over the matter when it happened again. She was hanging out with her friends this time when her stepdad barged into the room.

He found Lisa and her friends on her bed with make-up kits before them, talking about their teenage issues. He quickly turned away, seemingly regretting his action. Lisa thought he’d be careful now and at least knock, but it only got worse.

When Will It Stop?

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Lisa’s stepdad would now barge into her room whenever he felt like it. He’d come at any moment’s notice, just pushing the door open and waltzing right through.

Although Lisa had ignored him for the past two weeks, the whole idea of her privacy having flown out of the window was getting to her. If she’d planned to do something before, now she’d ensure this behavior stopped.

Raising The Issue

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Lisa decided to raise the issue at the dinner table that night, requesting that if anybody apart from little Kayla wanted to come into her room, they’d have to knock.

Her stepdad raised a brow at the request and said he wouldn’t be knocking on any doors under his roof. Lisa tried to argue her case, but her stepdad declared a new open-door policy. Lisa walked away defeated, but then she had a brilliant idea.

The Best Way Forward

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Lisa sat in her room that night thinking about her stepdad’s policy. She’d closed her door out of anger, but as she thought about her plan, she knew it’d have to be unlocked for everything to work.

The plan was extreme, but she would have to do it. If her stepdad weren’t going to give her any more privacy, she’d make sure he wished he did.

Setting Things In Motion

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Lisa made sure her door was shut when she went to bed. But instead of donning her nightgown, she stripped naked and slipped into her sheets.

She woke up early the following day, hoping her closed-door would trigger her stepdad, who usually woke up well before sunrise for work. Sure enough, her stepdad threw her door open. He wasn’t ready for what was waiting for him.

It Works

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Lisa’s stepdad stormed through the door only to turn away that instant. He found Lisa naked, walking around her room as she pretended to get ready for the day.
Although she felt awkward, she turned to him and kindly asked him to leave, reminding him to not close the door. That would be the last time her stepdad ever barged into her room again.