10 Hair Trends To Freshen Up Your Look This Spring

Spring is here and with it comes the undeniable desire for a fresh start. You may have welcomed the New Year in January but now that winter is over you’re ready to really commit to those resolutions you made. Maybe your room needs some intense spring cleaning, maybe you’re determined to lose the last pound before spring break or maybe you have a craving for something to make you feel just a little newer yourself. If you don’t have the extra cash for a brand new wardrobe or a fresh cut and color, trying a few new spring hair trends can do just the trick.

Whether you’re looking for some timeless classics that will make you feel effortlessly elegant or a fun trend to spice up your look this season, we’ve got you covered: Here are 10 spring hair trends that will make you feel fresh this season.

1.) Braids

Not even a decade ago, braids were all the rage and now they’re back. Fishtails, four-strand braids, braided bangs, braided buns, smaller braids peaking out from long, flowy hair — pretty much any way you want to wear a braid, this spring is the time.

If you’re looking to wear a braid to a spring wedding, find a pretty hair comb or clip to dress up your look. In fact, may we suggest …