10 Hair Trends To Freshen Up Your Look This Spring

Whether you're looking for some timeless classics that will make you feel effortlessly elegant or a fun trend to spice up your look this season, we've got you covered: Here are 10 spring hair trends that will make you feel fresh!

Spring is here and with it comes the undeniable desire for a fresh start. You may have welcomed the New Year in January but now that winter is over you’re ready to really commit to those resolutions you made. Maybe your room needs some intense spring cleaning, maybe you’re determined to lose the last pound before spring break or maybe you have a craving for something to make you feel just a little newer yourself. If you don’t have the extra cash for a brand new wardrobe or a fresh cut and color, trying a few new spring hair trends can do just the trick.

Whether you’re looking for some timeless classics that will make you feel effortlessly elegant or a fun trend to spice up your look this season, we’ve got you covered: Here are 10 spring hair trends that will make you feel fresh this season.

1.) Braids

Not even a decade ago, braids were all the rage and now they’re back. Fishtails, four-strand braids, braided bangs, braided buns, smaller braids peeking out from long, flowy hair — pretty much any way you want to wear a braid, this spring is the time.

If you’re looking to wear a braid to a spring wedding, find a pretty hair comb or clip to dress up your look. In fact, may we suggest …

2.) Flower Clips and Combs

When you see flower clips for sale, they’re often marketed to young girls. And while they are adorable for your favorite niece, they can definitely make you feel pretty, too. A simple flower clip or even (gasp!) a real flower behind the ear can make any blouse or flowy dress suddenly feel a little more special.

If you’re looking for a special occasion, flower combs will make any updo look even more elegant. Prepare to feel like an ethereal goddess.

3.) Hairbands

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If you love your long hair, but can’t stand having it in your face for too long, this spring hair trend is for you: Hairbands are back in style this spring and funkier than ever.

Find a solid color, sweet floral or bold pattern for an easy way to make wearing your hair down a little more fun and practical. Or you can try it with a low ponytail if you want your look to be on the preppier side.

4.) Piecey Waves

Waves are timeless but there’s something about spring that makes their easy bounce feel even fresher than usual. It’s also a style you can try without buying any new accessories, watching hours of YouTube tutorials (ahem, looking at those of you who want to try that fishtail braid) or getting a hair cut.

For piecey waves that give you that just-messy-enough look, make sure you curl small sections of hair at a time — 1/4 to 1/2 an inch is best. And avoid curling with a straightener for this one, even if you’ve finally perfected your technique; straighteners tend to create bigger curls that are harder to comb out. A curling wand will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

5.) Double Barrettes

If you find yourself continually pushing your hair behind your ears, this trend will help kick your bad habit. That’s right. Barrettes are back. Specifically, two of them placed parallel to each other on both sides of your head, just above your temples.

Barrettes are not only easy, but they also look great with all hairstyles and textures. And the best part is you can make this trend as casual or fancy as you want: Just choose between your classic bobby pin or a barrette with pearls.

(Pssst … if you’re feeling super nostalgic, trade your barrette for a ’90s snap clip. They’re making a comeback too.)

6.) Bangs

Bangs of all shapes and sizes are in this spring. You can take your pick between a retro blunt cut, side sweep or peek-a-boo fringe. Micro fringe is even having a bit of a moment this season, even though it looks an awful lot like the tiny bangs you gave yourself when you played hairdresser as a kid. Choose wisely.

Oh, and did we mention they all look great with waves?

7.) Big Curls

big curls
Curls are in this spring in a big way, so if you have them naturally, don’t even try to control them. This is the time to proudly let your curls out to play. No relaxer necessary.

If you’re open to embracing a little frizz, brush out your curls for a bold and romantic look. It may sound crazy, but trust me: It looks good.

If you love your curls but don’t have a ton of time to style them in the morning, check out our favorite spring hairstyles for busy girls with curly hair!

8.) Scrunchies

Barettes may be a subtle ode to the ’90s this season, but scrunchies are undeniably nostalgic. You may even still have one in the back of your bathroom drawer if you’re lucky.

The runway is favoring materials like silk or velvet for scrunchies to secure models’ hair in a low pony at the base of their neck. But honestly? If you want to rock the ’80s side pony, far be it from us to stop you.

The ’80s are back in fashion right now, too. Check out which spring trends made a splash on the runway this year. And no, we’re not talking about florals.

9.) The Bob

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As you may have caught on, retro looks are very in this season in both accessories and cuts. That means bobs are back in, bangs are blunt and ends are often rolled-under or flipped out to pay homage to the style icons that came before us.

And if you’re feeling even more bold, pixie cuts are having a moment right now, too. Add some choppy bangs to get the trendy boyish cut that rocked the runways during spring collection previews last fall.

10.) Bubble Ponytail

bubble ponytail
Okay, no one is trying to tell you the bubble ponytail will be a timeless spring hairstyle — but it’s still kind of fun, isn’t it?

It may be one of the more complex looks trending this spring but it’s still probably easier than that fishtail braid you want to try since it doesn’t have to look pristine. That’s part of what gives it its edge. And don’t let the steps intimidate you from trying. That’s what YouTube tutorials are for.

If switching up your styling isn’t enough, check out which celebrities are rocking this year for some inspiration before your next cut and color.