15 Spring Gardening Must-Haves for the Garden of Your Dreams

It's spring gardening season, and you want to add a touch of green to your garden. See all the tools you need to get the garden of your dreams!

It’s spring gardening season, and you want to add a touch of green to your garden. Getting the necessary garden tools to get started can be confusing. There are so many choices out there that you might wonder how to get started. Don’t worry — we’ve got your back. See these 15 spring gardening essentials every gardener or gardener-to-be needs to have.

15. Essential Garden Tools

Whether you’re planning to plant a few seeds or grow the next Versailles Gardens, this spring gardening set is where you will begin.

It has all you need to get started:

  • 3-Tine cultivator, for mixing soils, scratching away surface weeds, and reaching narrow spaces.
  • Forged fork, to loosen and turn the soil in a small batch.
  • Forged trowel, to dig small holes and smoothen the soil.
  • Potting trowel, for easier scooping.
  • Weeder, for taking care of those nasty weeds.

These spring gardening basics are hand-forged in Holland from tough boron steel. The handles are ash hardwood.

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14. Razor Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears

spring gardening 2 prunning shears


Anyone who had tried to cut a branch or a plant at least once knows how critical pruning shears are. However, not all pruning shears are created equal. Those that get the job done have premium materials.

The Garden Elite Razor Sharp Bypass Pruning Sheers are made of sharp high-carbon Japanese SK-5 steel and coated with non-stick Teflon. This way, they can cut through the hardest branches and still not gum up with sap, debris, or rust.

Bonus: they come with a lifetime warranty.

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13. Compound Action Anvil Lopper

spring gardening 3 anvil lopper


For those branches that are too big to cut with shears, gear up with loppers. Generally, they can cut branches that are as thick as your thumb. But there is one that can cut more than that.

The TABOR TOOLS Compound Action Anvil Lopper can cut through two-inch branches without any problem. This ability is thanks to its carbon steel Anvil blades that are ideal for cutting hard, woody stems, in addition to extra leverage and compound action power.

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12. Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

spring gardening 4 metal rake


Anyone with a lawn knows the importance of a rake. The flexible steel makes it easy to separate the yard debris from the grass without damaging it.

Having an expandable 63-inch rake, like with the Gardenite rake, makes it easier to handle. This zinc-plated rake has an adjustable width as well, allowing it to reach smaller areas.

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11. Rose Pruning Gloves

spring gardening 5 pruning gloves


Rose blooming season is upon us, and you can’t take care of them with bare hands.

These thorn-proof gardening gloves are made with 100% natural premium goat grains and an extended split suede cuff to protect the arms too.

The thumbs are ergonomically designed to make grabbing gardening tools easier. Rose bushes won’t be as scary now!

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10. Easy Pour Watering Can

spring gardening watering can


If there is one task that you will find yourself doing in your garden, it will be watering the plants. Because you might even be doing it every day, use a watering can that you (and your garden) can count on.

Bloem’s watering can has an adjustable water spout that rotates, providing two options: light or heavy pouring. Switch between the two depending on your plant’s needs. You can also remove the spout to clean it. The dual handle design eases the stress on the wrist and makes it easier to move.

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9. Auto-Expanding/Contracting Hose

spring gardening 7 expandable hose

If you have a big garden or you use a water sprinkler, having a hose around can make the watering time much faster and more effective.

Because no one likes to have meters of rubber laying around the garden and ruining its aesthetics, opt for the auto-expanding/contracting hose from Big Boss. This tool uses water pressure to automatically expand and contract up to 65% the size of a standard hose. It will save you some much-needed storage space.

We live for spring gardening tools that are both effective and smart.

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8. Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand

spring gardening 8 watering wand


If you want to make gardening time even more effective (and fun), consider a watering wand.

You can’t control the water pressure and distribution when watering your plants directly out of a hose. The Relaxed Gardener’s watering wand, on the other hand, lets you choose between multiple settings depending on the task at hand. Settings include mist, flat, full, stream, shower, soaker, cone, and center.

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7. Flower Bed Perfect Hole Digging Bit

spring gardening 9 flower bed hole digging bit

Hammacher Schlemmer

We thought that digging perfectly-sized holes was a skill mastered by the gardening masters only. Not anymore.

With the Flower Bed Perfect Hole Digging Bit, spring gardening will be a lot more convenient. Attach this tool to any household drill and watch it work its magic. It will dig the ground and extract the soil effortlessly, eliminating the need to shovel out loose dirt by hand.

Use it for flower beds, tiny shrubs, or food gardens.

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6. Lightweight Cordless Power Weeder/Tiller

spring gardening 10 cordless power weeder

Hammacher Schlemmer

No more back and knee pains when weeding and cultivating flower beds. We can’t take our eyes off this cordless power weeder/tiller.

It is easier to handle, requires less muscular effort, and can squeeze between tightly planted rows. You just need to squeeze the tiller’s pistol grip to see it work its magic. It will break up soil and remove unwanted plants instantly.

Your dream flower bed is only one squeeze away!

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5. The Garden Seat and Tool Kit

spring gardening 11 essential seat and tool kit

Food 52

A storage kit that doubles as a detachable tote? Neat. What if we add a small gardening seat to the equation? OK, now we’re hooked.

Comfily sit on the foldable gardening stool and reach underneath it to grab your gardening tools. Gardening has never been easier.

This set comes with:

  • Gardening seat
  • Detachable storage tote
  • Garden tools: large trowel, small trowel, weeder, garden fork, cultivator.
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4. Lightweight Collapsible Wheelbarrow

spring gardening 12 collapsible wheelbarrow

Food 52

This season, all our spring gardening tools will be useful and convenient.

Hauling soil, shrubs, produce, or gravel can be a difficult task. The right tools will make it more bearable. Made from vinyl-coated nylon, this wonder wheel is a gardening miracle. It weighs 15 pounds — yes, you heard that right — and its materials are strong enough to transport up to 150 pounds.

A bonus feature that makes it even more special? It is collapsible. It can lay flat on the ground and take minimum space.

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3. Heavy-Duty Potted Plant Hand Truck

spring gardening 13 plant hand truck

Hammacher Schlemmer

Gardening should heal the soul and not strain the body, and we have the best plant truck to do so.

Use this hand truck to transport potted plants that weigh up to 165 pounds easily. The truck will easily slide underneath the planter, thanks to its steel nose plate. The adjustable height is a nice plus too.

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2. Multi-Purpose Canvas Wall Organizer

spring gardening 14 wall organizer

Food 52

You don’t want to walk in a garage or storage room and spend half-an-hour looking for your tools.

To start your gardening session on the right foot, organize all your tools in this heavy-gauge cotton canvas. You can hang it on the back of a door or a wall and enjoy a mess-free garden and storage space.

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1. Herb and Vegetable Seeds (Set of 15)

Now that you have all your spring gardening tools up and ready, it’s time to plant your first seeds!

This set of 15 herb and vegetable seeds comes with one seed packet of each plant. You will find spinach, carrots, cucumbers, golden tomatoes, beets, basil, parsley, cilantro, scallions, and thyme.

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Now that you have all your gardening essentials, it’s time to start digging and planting. If you want to make your backyard even more fab, head to our next article to discover 10 easy and affordable DIY projects to make your spring/summer days and nights much fancier.

15 spring gardening must-haves for the garden