Smashing Spring Fashion Trends That Have Nothing To Do With Florals

Spring has sprung again - and so has spring fashion! This year, designers showed us jaw-dropping ways to look hot and of-the-moment for spring, sans florals. Try on these five trends for this season.

2.) Sheer

This season, the runway skipped sheer shirts and jumped straight to sheer skirts and dresses meaning (yes) everyone can see your underwear … so it better be your coolest-looking pair.

While some designers incorporated coverage for the models’ (ahem) more private body parts into their sheer pieces, others left bras and high-waisted briefs exposed underneath the translucent material. The one thing designers all have in common with this trend? They do not leave a lot to the imagination.

Spoiler alert: You probably (no, definitely) can’t wear this look to work, so maybe save it for the beach. Or you can pay your respects to the trend by wearing a slip under your transparent skirt or a tastefully appropriate sheer blouse.