Smashing Spring Fashion Trends That Have Nothing To Do With Florals

Spring is here once again, meaning that everyone in climates that actually change season to season (ahem, not you, SoCal) is trading their cozy sweaters and gloves for lighter coats and ankle boots. Spring fashion has sprung!

Some spring fashion will always be in style, like pastel colors (which are unsurprisingly one of the many trends all over the runway this season) and variations of the ever-appropriate and reliable floral print.

But this spring, runway previews gave us a taste of some new (and decades-old) styles you can rock if you’re bored with the tried-and-true spring staples … plus, they won’t be hard to find in any of your favorite stores.

Here are five easy runway trends that will set you apart from all of your floral-wearing peers this spring – and if you’re feeling extra bold, you can even mix and match.

5.) Rubber, Plastic and Other Types of Rainwear

We all know April showers bring May flowers, but this feels like it’s taking the expectation of spring rain to a whole new level. Forget raincoats and boots: This season, you could wear dresses, pantsuits and blazers made of plastic or rubber. Designers from Calvin Klein to Fendi to Chanel have molded your typical rainwear materials into flattering silhouettes you wouldn’t expect in their spring 2018 lines.

Synthetic materials also made a splash in footwear this season. Balenciaga sold out of their new platform Crocs before they could even release them after they hit the runway during Paris Fashion Week … which really just proves that all fashionistas ever wanted was a widely accepted way to wear the notoriouscomfortable shoes. (If this is you, your time is now. Wear your Crocs with dignity. The moment may never present itself again!)