Smashing Spring Fashion Trends That Have Nothing To Do With Florals

Spring has sprung again - and so has spring fashion! This year, designers showed us jaw-dropping ways to look hot and of-the-moment for spring, sans florals. Try on these five trends for this season.

Spring is here once again, meaning that everyone in climates that actually change season to season (ahem, not you, SoCal) is trading their cozy sweaters and gloves for lighter coats and ankle boots. Spring fashion has sprung!

Some spring fashion will always be in style, like pastel colors (which are unsurprisingly one of the many trends all over the runway this season) and variations of the ever-appropriate and reliable floral print.

But this spring, runway previews gave us a taste of some new (and decades-old) styles you can rock if you’re bored with the tried-and-true spring staples … plus, they won’t be hard to find in any of your favorite stores.

Here are five easy runway trends that will set you apart from all of your floral-wearing peers this spring – and if you’re feeling extra bold, you can even mix and match.

5.) Rubber, Plastic and Other Types of Rainwear

We all know April showers bring May flowers, but this feels like it’s taking the expectation of spring rain to a whole new level. Forget raincoats and boots: This season, you could wear dresses, pantsuits and blazers made of plastic or rubber. Designers from Calvin Klein to Fendi to Chanel have molded your typical rainwear materials into flattering silhouettes you wouldn’t expect in their spring 2018 lines.

Synthetic materials also made a splash in footwear this season. Balenciaga sold out of their new platform Crocs before they could even release them after they hit the runway during Paris Fashion Week … which really just proves that all fashionistas ever wanted was a widely accepted way to wear the notoriouscomfortable shoes. (If this is you, your time is now. Wear your Crocs with dignity. The moment may never present itself again!)

4.) Fringe

Fringe has been around for a while, especially on bags andshoes, but this spring there are options to wear fringe for any occasion. Earrings, tops, dresses, jackets … you name it, fringe can make it better.

If your spring fashion wardrobe budget is a little shot, you can even make your own fringe clothing by cutting the bottom of a T-shirt or dress into little strips. And before you go judging me for pulling out a DIY trend most commonly used by pre-teens to make school spirit shirts, know that it was literally a runway look from designer Loewe. I know, it’s almost too good to be true. Rock it proudly.

(Pssst … if you want more DIY ideas to upgrade your wardrobe this spring, check out our secrets to nailing your next no-sew DIY project.)

3.) ’80s Everything

Vibrant colors, puffy sleeves, sequins and ruffles? Scrunchies?! Sorry, I thought I was in a John Hughes movie for a second.

Not everyone is happy that some signature ’80s looks are making a comeback on the runway, but it’s not a exactly a shock, with the popularity of TV shows like Stranger Things and GLOW that play on viewers’ nostalgia for the decade. Plus, who can turn down an excuse to wear hot pink leggings on a normal day?

Not to mention that this trend means you can finally wear a fanny pack in public. Just like I said with Crocs, this season is your chance to come out of the shadows as a proud lover of the socially unacceptable (yet incredibly convenient) bag that straps around your waist. Go. Be free. Live your best life — with a fanny pack.

2.) Sheer

This season, the runway skipped sheer shirts and jumped straight to sheer skirts and dresses meaning (yes) everyone can see your underwear … so it better be your coolest-looking pair.

While some designers incorporated coverage for the models’ (ahem) more private body parts into their sheer pieces, others left bras and high-waisted briefs exposed underneath the translucent material. The one thing designers all have in common with this trend? They do not leave a lot to the imagination.

Spoiler alert: You probably (no, definitely) can’t wear this look to work, so maybe save it for the beach. Or you can pay your respects to the trend by wearing a slip under your transparent skirt or a tastefully appropriate sheer blouse.

1.) Checkered Print

Clueless fans, this is for you: Checkered print is back in a big way this spring — so big you could even get away with wearing two different patterns and colors of checkered print at the same time.

The good news is that if mixing and matching your checkers feels a little too bold for you (understandable), this trend means plaid is still in this spring. That’s right: You don’t have to stow away your favorite flannels even though fall and winter are long gone. Suddenly staying fashionable seems a little simpler … and more cozy.

Come on, you don’t really still think florals are the easiest spring fashion trend you can follow this season, do you?

What unexpected spring styles are you seeing in your favorite stores? Let us know in the comments below!

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