From Runway To ‘Realway’: How To Wear These Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends

Fashion can be daunting and this year's spring fashion trends are no different. Loved it on the runway but unsure how to wear it in real life? Find out now.

Spring fashion trends — where do we start?

As with most years, the Spring 2018 runway shows shocked and awed but left us with one big question: it looked amazing on the runway but how can I wear that in real life? And do I even want to?

According to Glamour, wearing bike shorts with pretty much everything is “‘90s-Meets-Kardashian”. While exposed shorts may look great on the runway and a few of our favorite Kardashians/Jenners, it’s not one of the spring trends we want to wear to the office or incorporate in our everyday life.

We studied the trends, separated the “hell nos” from the “maybes” and “love its” and then looked to a few of our favorite style experts (otherwise known as our favorite Instagrammers) to see what spring trends they chose to follow and how they wore them. They didn’t fail us when we previously looked to them for advice on outerwear trends, and we have full confidence in them now as well.

Here’s a roundup of our favorite (realistic) spring fashion trends and how to incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe:

5.) Fringe Benefits

Spring Fashion Trends Fringe

What goes around comes around … Fringe adorned the closets of some of our favorite ‘70s style icons and made a slight comeback in the ‘90s, so it should come as no surprise that it’s back with a vengeance this season. We saw hints of its reemergence in 2017 but it is in full force now.

Spring Fashion Trends Fringe

Photo: Salvatore Ferragamo, Dior, Calvin Klein and Marco de Vincenzo. Photos:

Fringe can be found everywhere from earrings to denim to amazing feathery fur, as Aleali of Alealimay shows us:

Not ready to rock out in full fringe? Start small. Add a tasseled accessory to your outfit such as these fun pink earrings:

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Or, add a fringed bag to your everyday look like this great find:

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And yes, fringed denim counts, too (duh), as Lorna of symphonyofsilk showed us back in 2016:

4.) Fanny Packs and Bum Bags (Yes, We’re Serious)

Spring Fashion Trends Fanny Pack

As we’ve already said and as every fashionista knows, what goes around comes around. And this season, the fanny pack has come back around and is one of the hottest spring trends. Although to be honest, we’re still not sure what we think of this one. We appreciate it for its convenience but the jury’s still out on style.

As InStyle showed us, some of our favorite “It girls” including Bella Hadid, Kendal Jenner and Rihanna have been using their fanny packs (or “bum bags” as the Brits call them) as crossbody bags over the past year and the trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Thankfully these stereotypical hip-slung bags have made vast improvements since we first sported them back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, with sporty numbers from Rihanna’s line and more upscale looks like those from Balenciaga and Prada.

Spring Fashion Trends Fanny Pack Balenciaga


The best thing about fanny packs? They’re super easy to rock in real life and go with just about everything as Katie Sturino of the12ishstyle shows us. This is one point we can get behind — and it makes running errands so much easier!

Worried this trend won’t stick around and want to test a few more affordable options before investing in a Balenciaga? Here are a few affordable options for you to try out:

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Want to combine trends? Try out a fanny pack with fringe:

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3.) Lucky In Lavender

Spring Fashion Trends Lavender


With every year comes a new Pantone Color of the Year and with every season a new “it” color. Last season it was Millennial Pink, a dusky shade of pink. This year it’s Ultra-Violet, a rich purple. So it’s no surprise that among the array of pastels seen across the runways this season, one stood out in particular: lavender.

Lavender graced the catwalks for numerous designers, including Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors:

Spring Fashion Trend Lavender Victoria Beckham
Spring Fashion Trends Lavender Michael Kors


This soft purple hue is the latest in it colors and oh-so-easy to wear. Aimee Song of songofstyle agrees in this lust-worthy outfit:

Go full out in a lavender dress:

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Or just add a few lavender accessories to an outfit if you’re not feeling thefull lavender vibe just yet:

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2.) Sheer Leaders

Spring Fashion Trends Sheer

Sheer fabrics are trending this season and they are certainly fun to play with. While we recommend youleave the brief-exposing sheer looks to the catwalks (such as number two above), tulle pieces are fun and easy to play with and therefore one of our absolute favorite spring trends.

Jacey Dupree of Damsel in Dior is also a fan of the sheer spring fashion trend, as evidenced by her vintage Chloe top worn this past January while in Paris for the Chanel show:

Layering sheer and tulle over (or under) basic ready-to-wear pieces or pairing a simple top with a tulle skirt can be a fun way to dress up an otherwise basic outfit, as Elsie of polishedwhimsy shows us:

The best part about the sheer trend? It can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want to make it and perfect for you DIYers out there.

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1.) Modern Romance

Spring fashion trends romance


Romantic florals have always been a thing and they continue to be one of the spring fashion trends this 2018 season.

Billowy sleeves and romantic florals were seen across the runways of designers such as Valentino and Loewe and are a simple trend to incorporate into your everyday attire, no matter what your price range. As InStyle advises, “Whether it’s a dress, a jacket, or a top, you need only one statement piece or pattern for maximum impact. There’s no need for a necklace or intense makeup; accessories should be stark and nails pretty and pale.”

Spring Fashion Trends Modern Romance 2

Photo: Left to Right: Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Louis Vuitton

Modern Romance is likely one of the easiest spring trends to work into your everyday life, and you might already have an old piece or two in the closet. We love how Asiyami Gold incorporated both the modern romance and fringe (earrings) trends into her look below:

If you go for a statement dress, remember to keep your accessories neutral. However, if you keep your dress neutral it’s always fun to liven up your look with a statement piece as Evangelie Smyrniotakelie of styleheroine shows us, making us believe modern romance is one of her favorite spring trends as well:

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Feeling exotic today💁🏻 @loewe @fwrd

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If you’re not ready to embrace full-on floral just yet, start small:

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Don’t forget to check out more of our favorite fashion influencers for style advice on spring trends. 

Did we miss one of your favorite trends? Tell us in the comments! Better yet, share your favorite pieces with us.

Top 5 Spring fashion Trends