Message Found On Statue Of Liberty’s Foot


Calling Help

He felt his stomach tie into a knot as he flipped through all the letters in front of him.

How could he have missed them? Had they been there the entire time? He knew at that moment that he would have to take action and call 911.

Great Job

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For more than a decade Larry McDern worked security at the Statue of Liberty.

A lot of people may think that it’s a boring job looking after the oxidizing statue every day. But Larry felt very different, he got a few perks and insights with the job.

Like Any Other Day

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It started like any other day, it was just a Wednesday afternoon.

It was around autumn, which meant that it was easier for Larry to make his rounds. He loved looking up at the beautiful lady that he protected. He remembered hearing what the child the day earlier had said about the statue. He loved the attention she got.

Common Favorites

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The key features of the statue that everyone noticed the most were the book, the torch, and the crown.

But if only they knew about the secrets hidden in the base. One foot symbolized breaking free from slavery and service while the other held much more important secrets.

So Much More

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The foot was raised slightly as if the lady was about to take a huge step forwards.

But there was more to this than just a symbolic gesture. There was something very special in her step. When Larry was admiring her like he always did, he suddenly noticed something he hadn’t seen before.

Something New

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The raised heel looked a little different from the rest of the statue. It was very subtle but Larry noticed it.

After working there for ten years he was so surprised that he hadn’t noticed it before. He felt excited, but he was also very nervous, what was it?

New Message?

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Could this really be possible?

Larry started theorized who could have left this symbol or message. Perhaps the engineer that had built the Eiffel Tower – Alexander Gustaf Eiffel – had left this for him to discover.

Looking Closer

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It was lettering!

The different shade of green was actually a word hidden on the foot. He could make out an “A” and then an “M”. He needed to consult an expert immediately.

Quite Angry

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“Ken, get your stuff ready. We need you at one of the feet.”

A voice crackled on the other end. “Why. What happened?” Larry squinted down at the letters. “The cops will have to tell us that. Don’t go up there until they arrive.” He knew that someone would have to answer to this.

Faint Hope, Gone

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“You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Ken. “How did they managed to get up here?!”

Larry shrugged, feeling the same frustration as they stared at it up-close. It had been an intense moment of child-like hope – that there was something new to be found within the monument. But the truth left a sour taste in his mouth.


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The message had been left with spray paint – “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves – Abraham Lincoln. – From, your French neighbors.”

At the bottom a dripping peace sign capped off the act of vandalism. It wasn’t just the mess that was the problem.

Sneaky Painter

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Someone had managed to sneak up to the foot and leave the note – all without ever been spotted by cameras or staff.

It was a huge breach of security. But the message itself had a gaping problem that would fall apart after a quick internet search.

Wrong Person

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Historians have all agreed that although the former President had mentioned similar sentiments throughout many of his speeches, he hadn’t actually said those words.

The misquote had been going for decades. For Larry, it was infuriating.

Why The Foot?

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There was nothing to stop whoever had done this from just writing a sign and sitting on the grass in peaceful protest.

It was his right. Hiding it like that not only made sure no one would see it, but gave the cleaning specialists extra, frustrating work.

Still An Amazing Lady

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In the end, it would be a matter for the police.

All he and his team could do was adjust their cameras and be more vigilant. It was disappointing that there was nothing new to be found, but he could take solace in the fact there were still many other wonderful secrets hiding in Lady Liberty.